Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 28, 2013 with GOOGLE Translate

English translation by google translate: - ENJOY!!! Okay wow. . . i cant beleive last week? hmm last week you didnt get a letter from me?? I think i sent a letter. I am not sure. Last week we had interviews with our president early in the morning and then that took til 12 and then after we went and ate pizza in Los Mochis our district. It was fun. I'm trying to remember if I wrote? I can not remember. No manchis: / but I'm writing this week, then all is well! I have a lot more health and I feel better. I can still feel something in my throat and my chest. But other than those things I'm good. I'm sorry that you did not receive a letter from me. . . No letter in my drafts. ? Not that way! Maybe not remember writing. . . worse. Sorry. We had a lot to do last week. That's all I remember. But all is well. We had changes today!! I cant beleive it. My new company is called Elder Smalley! He is well chaka:) and I'm happy, and we have much in common. We are still in Ruiz Cortinez!! I'm happy about that. There are many people who are making great progress, and I think we will have other baptisms close. We still have the same family that the other week! some are progressing faster than others, but tadavia are very good. Moya family, came to the conference with us this past week. It was only the wife and daughter but as good them. and liked. There was a great experience that we had, well it was a really espiritual experince for me. There is a man named federico that elder casimiro and another elder had been seeing. not frecuently but sometimes. and they could never really find him, he wasnt really ever home or in his house,. The last week we saw him in the night and we past by and said hi, i was really nice to him when i saw him and then we left after because we had an appointment. Then this week saturday night, we were teaching and we had finished our teaching for the day. . . and the last family was the family Moya, we finished teaching and we started walking home, we were talking about other things, and talking about what we were going to do after we planned in the night for the next day. All the time when we were walking i had a feeling that we had something else that we needed to do. My companion was feeling the same. . . and when we were more closer to our house we looked at the time, and we were like ahh. . . we have like twenty minutes. . . . what do we do,?. . . . and rĂ¡pidamente federico popped into my head, and i said well Elder casimiro do you remember the man we saw the other night and just passed by and said hi? and he said yes, federico? and i was like yeah i would like to go see him. Elder casimiro was like oh well he is never really home, or he doesnt open his door usually. And i said pues vamanos and so we started walking to his house, and when we got closer Elder Casimiro was like he said something about the spirit to me, he was like god blessed you with the spirit Elder fellingham, and he was like look, and Federico was sitting outside of his house in a chair, he was just sitting there, and I just saw it more of an oppurtunity that we were really supposed to be there. We walked right up to him and started talking to him, Como esta! muy bien he said. : ) and we started talking about everything and his experience with the missionaries before and I asked him what his feelings were with the missionaries before and he said well my feelings were different with them, I feel more comfortable and more peacefull. I then stopped and looked at him, and i started to bare my testimony with him, . The spirit was very felt this night, and it was really special and extraordinary to me. When i was ending my testimony i said what do you have in the morning, and he said well nothing. I dont have anything to do. . . And i said federico how about you come with us to the conference tomorrow, and by this time his wife was outside with us also. She pulled up a chair and started listening. She is very catholic though and Elder casimiro told me that one of the reasons his wife is really well she doesnt have any interes en la iglesia. Federico then answered me and said well, yes! i will go with you tomorrow., I want to! , and he said i will be there at the church ready at 9 in the morning. And Elder Casimiro then said well can we pass by for you tomorrow in the morning, and he said no no. . . i am fine i can make it there. and he was like seguro? are you sure, and the he said yes i will be ther! and then i said federico well we have confidence in you! we'll see you tomorrow in front of the church The next morning, we woke up and started walking to the investigators houses, we went to family arroyo, and Monica y victor. . . they both werent ready and victor and monica had left earlier to try and avoid us, La familia Moya came when we were at the church, and then after we saw federico! he really came by himself and he was ready! I was so happy to see him, i had sooo much faith in him, and i felt something sooo different with him when we were with him. I know that he will be baptized in the church someday, he is ready now. and i think he knows its true , its only his wife that is holding him back. But we are going to start teaching them again. This was my experience for the week. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss everyone, i am sorry about last week. . . please forgive me. It was just busy and, wow. . the truth I can not believe I forgot to write my family. . . you are always in my heart, but in the work of the Lord is different. . . I feel like I'm completely in the work, and I've spent paret where are worried about other things. I'm learning a lot and really never want to take. I love being in the hands of the Lord. Momma Fellingham I hope you had such a great Event! You were in my prayers this whole past week, to have such a good event, and that you would be able to find new people to help you with the win, I was thinking about you and your event a lot. and i hope it went really well. I hope you are doing well with the cold, i love you and dad, i miss you guys. I hope you are doing well dad. Hopefully it will clear up soon enough that you can play golf! You can always paint your Golf ball black and still have a will to go out and play in the snow.. You are very diligent with your playing!. : ) I know the Church is true, and I am so greatfull that you guys had the oppurtunity to go with Melanie to the temple. What a wonderful experience. !!!! Mel i hope you loved it. and i hope you received feelings and a little knowledge you need to do with your work that is beginning. My love is very important, you need to find the way it will work with the spirit and God, I love you WAMH Please give everyone my love. Love you all my family! Stay in tune with the spirit also. Love Elder Fellingham

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