Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hey!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing well : ) Its fun to see all the halloween things being sold here in this little ranchito, although they dont have that many trees and the leaves dont change like they do in Utah, They still have the halloween spirit. Lots of little children buying things for halloween, Also we live on top of a huge candy store, Il send pictures next week, but lots of people are buying candy. We had changes today, but me and my companion are still here together, we werent changed. I have lots of new people in my district though, and i am excited to meet them, I think i am the oldest of all of them : / it will be kind of interesting. I have to set a good example : ) There are lots of new missionaries coming in to the mission, There are also lots more hermanas also! in two months we should be back to a good 200 missionaries. There are lots of missionaries leaving in december, a good twenty five. I feel like im a grandpa in the mission haha... were getting up there me and my generation... but anyways i am excited to see all these new 18 yer old missionaries come in, There is a lot of difference between us hah, some are really immature, and some are pretty mature to be 18. It is fun to see how all of them are and the light they bring into the mission. Lots of them are really funny, but they also learn really fast also, They make mistakes and they get right back up, and try again. : ) its awesome. My companion is really improving with his spanish, We really try to talk during the day a lot. Our investigators are doing well, We found one lady, and she is awesome, her name is lidia, She came to church with us this past sunday, and she felt really good!!!! and i was like yes!!! this is what we want, and i explained to her that what she felt is the holy ghost, and she was like oh well i want to have more of that feeling, and she is progressing well, we have tought her a little bit, but she will definitly progress a lot. She is our main investigator, Blanca is also still progressing, we put another date for her, it is just really hard to schedule around her work, but she said that she will be baptized in this month, We are really still hoping that she is reading and praying, its because she works in culiacan, and we dont have daily contact.... and its really hard, But we figured out that she doesnt have a testimony about joseph smith, she doesnt really know if he was a true prophet or not... sooo that was really good, and they promised me, her sister lidia and blanca that they would look up more about Joseph smth to find out more about him and what he did as a person. I am she thats just what she is missing in her testimony. She was a little bit iffy on it when we talked about it. She is more of a quiet person and it is really hard to get things out of her. She is one of the ones that she says its good, its going good, and that all she says. This past week we tought lots of people. Fransisco still hasnt shown us any progression..... so we might have to drop him... i feel bad though, he has a really good family. These are the people we are teaching, Im excited to start a new change though, It will be fun, and we now know the things and people that dont want anything here, and we know the ones that do, I really hope we start finding more people that are willing to listen, we kind of falt that. But all in all, were doing well here. My companion woke up a little sick this morning,,,, One of my goals this change is to not get sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am relly hoping that the sun starts dying down, and hat it gets colder. I told my companion this morning that we get to spend thanksgiving together!!! whoooo !!! Pavo. I love these months beacuse of the seasons, and all the holidays. Hope you love the snow in Utah because i miss it. Here me and my companion dig snow balls out of our refrigerator and throw them off our balcony... haha no thats not true, but thats the closest we get too with snow here... I love everyone and i hope all of you have a good week, Try to help out someone that needs to be helped this week, do service, Love the people around you: ) my goals that i give t you, : ) Have a good week every one Love Elder Fellingham

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Okay this past week went well. We are finally starting to find more people to teach, we now know basically everyone in villa uñion that is a member or has been a member. There are lots of funny stories from this past week, with peopl that we have found that used to be a member of the church. . . Some are for little reasons and some are for big, but what matters is that usually the incedents, or the things that happened are from arguments, or little things that people just get bugged or offended and then they stop coming to church. but in all... in the end really, they should not take it out on the church, The church hs nothing to do with the incedent or the problem they had with another person or something silly that happened. Ha we met one lady that she came walking out to the door when we got their with a big smile and she sayed the other elders came like amonth ago and is there anyway that you can erase my name from your church and take away like the thing that keeps making the missionaries come, and we were like hah we kind of laughed well i did, i dont know if my companion understood, but i was like yes, but what happened, why dont you go to church anymore, and she said well i was the girlfriend of one of the missionaries when he was here, but 20 years have passed now, and he left, ??? but its like why were you baptized in the church then, she was baptized and everything when this missionary was here, but what a horrible story. ha? i thought it was kind of funny. But yes the rules have now changed, but i asked so hermana you dont like the church? and she said well no i am really strong in the catholic church right now, and she basically doesnt want anything to do with the church now, but we received a lot of bizarre stories this week, some touched my heart and some not sooo much. But the good thing about finding all of these people who dont want the church ever again in there lives is that we found new people on the way that do want to hear about the church, and this past week we found like 10 new people to start teaching. Some of them are really cool . but i am excited, We have changes in a week, and i am excited to see what happenes. I am sure we are just going to stay the same. but i really hope we dont, i like it here, I havent really seen that much progress with the people here.... lots have very interesting stories, but we are helping them. I am feeling very healthy, back on top f things, the only thing is my skin,,, i put the cream on and everything and the red dots still come back, im going to go to the doctors again, Its not like they hurt me or anything, it is just something that i see, that probably shouldnt be on the skin,,,, but im fine. I had a cold for the last two weeks, even though it is like 99 degrees here. It is starting to get really cold at night, I bought a blanket, its green and blue and very warm, I am happy to be working again with full health. I can definitly feel the difference. Mom im eating well, dont worry about that, the ranchitos are always full of yummy healthy food. Very rich food. Thats why i love the ranchitos sooo much, its delicious. I finally started getting in the habit of taking missys vitamins again haha its a habit, they are nice and i really do feel a difference when i take them. but mom and dad.... no they dont change the mission address... and if it changes i will tell you guys. glad the traveling is going well, and golf, and school, and fall. . . . Thats one thing i miss so dont mention it, hah I miss all the fall leaves and the different colors, the red cheeks joy told me that, and the cold nip... i miss it alll very very much, its too hott here I swear there is a trail of water wherever we go. anybody could track us for just how much we sweat. . . . I am super happy though that it is coming winter. It helps me and i feel like it helps me more with sicknesses and diseases that infet skin.... so i will be far away from those things. We are still teaching the same people, blanca and fransisco, They are progressing slowly, but we found new people so we will be focusing on them also. The first week of nevember we will be doing an activity for dia de los muertos. Day of the dead. We will hand out plan of salvation foyetos to all the people that go and visit their loved ones that have died and we are hoping to get more references and investigators. we did it last year also . and all of the youth in our ward is excited to do it again. My companion is doing well, he is speaking a lot more spanish than he did when he first came, he is growing up.... as mom would say ha, but he is actually doing a really good job, i hope he keeps is excitement up, he gets discouraged sometimes, but i get it out of him when he does, he is a good guy. Dont worry about our new ward it grows like crack cocaine whenever we split. It will be exciting to watch it again, I am excited to be able to see everyone in lil bit, WHAT? ......... ha but no it makes me happy to here that the church is also growing where we live, Thats amazing. It is growing sooooo fast in all the world. We get closer and closer to the time, and it is coming, so for sure we better be prepared. I love you all my family and friends, and i hope everything is going well in your lives. keep on doing the things that you know are true, I love you all, Thanks for your support, and love that you give to me, just remember that it is equal from me to you. Love you guys have a great week.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Okay, So This last week ha we didnt do anything... Well we did do some things, but not alot, The reason why is because i received a sickness... yeah I dont know why. But we went to the doctor, and he told me i have something called ongo... ongo in spanish is mushroom... ?? but it is not as bad as it sounds. The doctor told me that it is something people get when they are out in the sun too much. I am definitly one of those people. Ha every missionary is. but he gave me medicine, and creme that i had to take! and he gave me a list of food that i cant eat, He said i also needed to be in doors all week. This whole past week,,, we never went outside, and i got permission and we stayed in .. I took the medicine, i put the cream on, and i stayed inside, and i didnt eat the food that i shouldnt eat. This last week, felt like the longest week in all my mission. but the good thing is, is that we could go outside at night time and get a good two to three hours in of work. The things tht i had on my skin have now almost all gone away, but there are still a few. but everything is fine. i also have an infection in my throat, and i dont feel good, but i am just happy to be able to go outside again and start teaching. I dont really have any stories to tell, but we found and met someone that lives right next to the president of our branch, and his name is pablo, and he has a lot of disires to change his bad habits. He is very nice, father of two, has a wife. and we are teaching him, I have a good feeling about him. he is cool. also we are teaching the sister of lidia, the one who was just baptized, and she might be baptized this next week, depending on her answer. She is awesome. Also People that we found me and elder pardo from the last change were baptized this past week, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooo happy to find that out, So it has been a good week. My message will be short this week, My companion is well, and he is speaking more spanish, and he is the funniest companion that i have ever had. He used to be in alot of school plays, and he is really funny. Mom that is awesome that you did all those things haha, I never would have imagined you doing those typeof things but there ya go, Thats what happens when you go to wyoming. hah. Im glad that your trip went well. Dad that makes me soo sad that, that happened. I wish the best for there family, and i hope they are doing well. I love everyone, and i will for sure write more next week. I know this is short, but there is just not that much to write about. District leader is going well, I gave a talk about obedience and diligence the last time i was with all the elders, but they are all good elders. I feel like it helped them. There are also a few of my good friends that are going home this next week... They are done with there missions.... and i cant beleive that i wont see them again for a long time or never... ha but these people have really been good examples to me, and i am happy to be able to see them leave there missions strong. they are awesome. I love everyone, and i hope you all have a good week. !!!! Love Elder Fellingham

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

this past week was good, we made progress!!!!!!! It was better than the last week, : ) There are lots of less actives where we are, and there are few that come to the church, i feel like for our work right now is to get organized, and find new people to teach... We mostly just need to strengthen our branch, there are new people that have just been baptized and we need to do everything possible to strengthen them so they dont becaome like the rest which ahave kind of fallen a little bit..... but we are working on them also. We got chewy to go to general conference, he is a son of one of the sisters, and he put a million pre textos before we actually got him to come with us... His name is Jesus... and i dont know what it is, but there is like a disease with all the men in our rama, hey have been like plagued with lazy fever or blindness to not know the importance of things, or to teach there children. My President gave me some advice that i can help them with and i am going to try and do it. I have faith and patience with this ramita, usually the ranchitos have always been the hardest, and i think that is why i love them sooo much, They are very humble but they can sting you in the butt with there laziness, but It is going well. I have had lots of time to help my companion, I wish i had even more, sometimes i feel like i am not even giving him all my attention, but its usually because i am trying to do other things that are also important, He is starting to speak more spanish, and I am giving him more oppurtunities to talk in spanish, he is doing well, and learning lots of new words each day. The district is doing well, I am still studying about what my duty is and what i need to be doing to be more effective in what i have been called to do. I feel like its coming a long.. but its sure not that easy. But i like it, I love the challenges that we are faced with everyday, and the questions that we get asked. Its sooo fun!!! We are progressing little by little and thatsd what our heavenly Father wants from us. So we are all good. !!!! I am happy, everything is going great, We dont really have any investigators, just blanca, the sister of lidia who was just baptized. But we tought her last night, I made a huge importance to her that she needs to be reading prayng and meditating about the book of mormon, we put the 20th as a baptisdmal date, and she agreed to it, If she feels good and she feels ready. She isnt stubburn, but one of her main questions was that if she can be baptised more than one time,,,, and i explained to her that yes, but it isnt something that we do regularly haha, just its important that she knows what are the foundations for baptism. 1. We first need to have an age or knowledge of what we are doing to accept being baptised, 2. water, water is important we need a place to fully submerge in the water, 3. Power and authority, we need to have someone that has the power and authority of god to act in his name! Those are the qualifications of a true baptism, and i explained her these things. and she said okay and she said she will continue praying about it! She is very awesome just like her sister, and we are hoping that she will just add to her testimony and baptize the 20th, she is the only one we are teaching, and yeah that basically it. Everything is going well, This letter will be a little short, but i love everyone and i am glad you are all well. Speaking of short Jackie and elise with the short hair. wow : ) just look different but i like it, still like long hair better, but what i have always said, only some girls can pull off short hair, and you guys look good with it, so dont worry about it. Mom dad love you guys. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! mucho, I will get on later today and try and write more, I just didnt have a lot of time to write today. But love everyone family and friends!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham