Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

okay so i know i wrote only two days ago. i dont know what to say... ha only that we are still okay, and my companion hasnt gotten sick again : ) he is resting, the doctor said he needs to relax and not go out and work, so he has been here. Things are well, we just got done buyin a whole bunch of healthy food,. so that should help him out even more. we have hardly been in our area, sunday we had stake conference, and it went very well, in the priesthood session, i learned a lot, and it was really spiritual, It was all about the mission work, and how the leaders are really trying to put a transformation in the minds of the members, to help the missioanries more. Thats what it was focused on, that now is the time to be united as one, and our mission president talked, and he was saying that now is the time to start doing things together to work as one whole , instead of just missionaries, and members out of the picture... now it should be both, and we should have a different vision, of what we need to do as members. I feel lik it really motivated them to do even more to help us out. and little by little they will understand more and more that they are the ones that really help us receive investigators. I felt bad that they didnt give our president a lot of time to speak... i dont know why they didnt but everyone is different i guess.. but he had time to bear his testimony and that was about it , i feel like the main focus was the priesthood because he got to talk a long time there. I am so happy to be able to see the work move forward, and that the members are starting to see the importance of who they really are. Also what there role is in helping new people into the church. My testimony i feel like is even stronger than when i first started, every day it just grows and grows, every little thing that happens that our heavenly father gives us is a miracle whether they are small or big. I lied we have changes in two weeks. This area has been one of the harder ones for me, because its the area where i havent found people that want the gospel. Lots of the people,.. well the people in ranches live a different life style than others, and they are definitly more hard skinned.... and lots have not wanted anything to do with us while we have been here, but thats okay, there time will come, where some missionary will be able to touch there heart with the gospel. I am also kind of excited, because i think i might leave this area, and if i leave, i hope i get sent somewhere where i dont get sick... Mazatlan is just full of sicknesses..... and i dont like it. i hope everyone is doing well. The mission is doing well, we are really growing, this next month is the month known for lots of missionaries to get here, lots of people are saying that they are going to start sending girls from the united states here to serve, that should be interesting. It will be something new, and kind of weird. I dont know why,. but yeah we will see, we are almost about to finish this month, and then christmas is around the corner. The mexicans arealways sooo festive, i swear all they live for is to party. . . . haha, lots of them already have there christmas lights up, and it is weird to see christmas lights without snow.... but its all good. I want to wsh everyone a happy thanksgiving, just want you to all know that i am soo grateful for all of you, and everything that you have done for me. it really means a lot that you all support me on my mission, and that i always feel that i am loved. Everyone always makes me happy when they write me, ad when i get the chance to be able to see how everyone is doing. Thank you for being my brother and sisters, my nephews and nieces y grandma, cousins and my mom and dad, and my best friend. i wish all of you a happy thanksgiving. Love Elder Fellingham

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013

Sorry i didnt write monday, I feel bad, but the reason why is because yeahhh........... another week in the hospital. but good news is that we just got out today, we went in last sunday because my companion got dengue. Its like the mexican flu. Dengue is when you get bit by mosquitos and you get a virus. But it hit my comp hard, i feel really bad for him, he just got over bronchitis, and now this,. yeah i felt really bad. I think his immune system is just a little week, but!!! okay so this is what happened, he started feeling worse, so i was like were going back to the hospital. We left after the second class of church, my poor companion was sweating like crazy, he just looked horrible... We got to the hospital and the doctor checked him, they `` said`` they did test, but they didnt do anything, This doctor was different.... and to tell everyone the truth he was a bit of a jerk. This doctor said well i am just going to give your companion medicine and you can go home.... And then i was like NO!!!!! i got upset with him, and i was like okay, me and my companion came in here two weeks ago, and you put him in the hospital for four days, no if my companion feels worse,,,, worse than he did last time you are not just going to give him medicine,... and send him home. Plus our apartment and our area is an hour away from mazatlan, i said there is no way we are going back. This doctor alled our last doctor, and then that doctor came, and he said well you can stay in the hospital, So this past week i was with my ompanion again in the hospital. , I got to go out and go back to my area one day during the week with one of our zone leaders. It kind of felt pointless, but i was actually really happy to go out and see people and teach the gospel. I was in the hospital for three days and then i got a break of being their. and then we stayed their for two more days. Got to listen to music, read, and sleep. One thing that i will really miss is the high powered showers that are in the hospital: ) Those were really nice, My companion improved every day little by little, and now we are in this computer place waiting to go to stake conference. We will go to the priesthood session and then go home. My companion told me that thats what he wanted to do, so he feels good and is ready to get back to work. So this past week was basically just another chance to see all our hospital friends, haha, It was all the same people and they are all really nice and awesome. we helped some with english, and lots of the doctors speak english. so everything went well. and everything is better now. We will have changes in a week... i feel like a bad trainer........... but i havent had any time to be able to teach my companion... all the time in the hospital we did some things, but not a lot. all in all, i feel like he has learned a lot, but also with the training no. . But he knows a lot of doctrine, he knows how to teach, he feels like the only thing that stops him is his ability to speak. But he does speak spanish a lot better then when he started. : ) so i am happy to be able to see him improve. I want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought it had already past.... hah but no it hasnt. Someone told me that, and i was like oh man..... i missed telling my family. and then he told me oh just kiding its in a week. So i am happy for all of you and your support. And i love you. I am very thank ful for lots of things. For life, for happiness, and my awesome family and friends. I am also very thankful for the gospel. and my Heavenly Father. Mom and dad how was LA what were you doing their, what happened. Im well and healthy. Sorry i didnt write. : / but here it is, we are still alive. : ) well the top pretty much explains everything. But hey im happy that there is snow in Utah, I know you wouldnt agree with that dad.... but i think you would if you lived in mexico for a year and a half, haha. I too am grateful for music, whenever we sing hymns here the spirit is automatically received! It is an amazing tool that the lord has given us, I feel like when i get home i am going to be practicing a lot more music. Its one of my dreams to be able to play the guitar better. Here in mexico I hear the guitar all the time., i really like acoustic music. Thanks for all your love and support!!! i miss you guys. Just remembered something mom , my companion told me that his mom has your book, haha. He saw your picure on your global womens thing and he said MY mom has our moms book haha, i was like thats awesome. : ) he is going to ask if she liked it. JAckie and david i am happy you got your new baby!!!!!!!! he has sparkly eyes, ha but tj i like that name, its a good one. I hope everything is going well with you and your family!!!!!!! love you guys. I received the package that you sent mom, thank you for everything, !!!!!!!! I couldnt wait to open it up... so yeh i opened all of it up... I dont even remember when the holidays are when i am here o i just figured i would open it....... haha but thank you very much!!!!! They are verynice books, and i am already almost done with the henry b eyring. Had lots of time to read in the hospital. ha its a good book. ! The candy has already been eaten, thanks for donating to the cavities for kids foundation..... but it was all very good. Now more kids in mexico have even whiter smiles. anyways, i love everyone!!! Miss you guys, hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

No puedo creer que ya vamos a terminar el año................ I cant beleive we are almost going to finish this year....... wow : ) Heyyy I hope everyone is doing well, Mi and my companion are. No sickness, this whole past week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo These past week went really well, i was really happy to be able to see all of our investigators and the members, the members thought that we had left... ha but no, we tought a lot of people this last week, andso did my district, they were awesome this week. we feel so great and i feel like my companions are really working hard. Theya are really trying to do there best, and thats what i like to see. It makes me happy when i can see there efforts grow, and when i can see things change, and i feel like to be able to watch them just gives me more happiness to be able to see others grow in the gospel, i not only see mine and my companions, but also all of them in my district. Lidia is one of our investigators, she is progressing really fast, the only problem she has is drinking coffee..... Yesterday i gave her a calender and she really has a desire to stop drinking it, she knows its bad for her body, and i am really hoping this calender trick will help her out. To see her progress, and to stop drinking it, I told her to put another beverage or other drink every day that she can have other than drinking coffee. She is doing everything else, going to church, reading and praying. she is awesome, then another investigator named francisco came to church this last sunday, it made me soooo happy to see him their. The president of the branch pointed to the back, and i was like what? and then i saw francisko and his bald head in the back, and i was like YES!!!! and i went back and sat by him. He really liked it, and i know he felt the spirit. !!! Blanca is another investigator. She is progressing but slowly, all she has to do is make the decision to get baptized, and we will fill up the font........... ahhhhhhh it is soooo stressfull for me to see her not taking advantage of it. All of her family are members except her. She is more shy and quiet, and she told me when she was little she had problems with having friends, but she is really nice and sweet.... she is 22? i think but she just doesnt have a testimony about joseph smith.... she is waiting still to receive an answer. but she said she will study about joseph smith this week on her cell phone. thats the only thing she laks. Jackie i hope everything went well with your baby, he looks like he will have blonde hair also. I hope everything went well he has a little grandpa face. : ) all babies do, but he will grow into himself. love you guys miss you. Angela, I am happy your taking lots of pictures of people, It sounds interesting to me photography, i need to learn more about it when i get home so i can take better pictures for mom. Tell your kids i miss em, i love them. I cant wait to play soccer with them. Joy i am suprised that caitlyn got stitches, carving pumkins can do that, i wish i could of carved a pumpkin , i would have but they dont even have them down here.... pfff. now thanksgiving is coming and for sure we will have a turkey. We are going to have a dinner with all the members in the church, we just started planning it. Missy how is the oil thing coming along, Miss you guys, and i cant wait to see all your kids and how grown up they are. Danny how was your cruise, ??? I want to go on one when i get back.Love you guys, miss hazel. how is your motorcycle, keep it in good shape for me when i get back. , ) Dad i am happy that you had your personel best!!!!!!!!! for golf, its super good you got it before the snow hits,,, well???? Have you even had snow yet, has utah had snow, i miss it. Iwant someone to send me a picture of it so i can see it. I am going to take my shirt off and go roll in it the next time i see it. Mom i am soo happy to hear that your trip went really well. It mademe really happy to hear that you will be someone to help grow the gospel in china throughout your books andwhatyou teach. Ihad areally good impressin about it mom after you and dad told me about that, i feel like i received a spiritual impression. I think you should look into that more. on how you can teach the people of chine with using the gospel. I am happy your trip went well, And did you get any pictres while you were on the wall of china?????? i want to see. I love you guys, hope you have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay healthy, keep smiling. share the gospel with others! Love elder fellingham. Fun fact i will complete 17 months in 2 days. month marker whoooo!!!!!!! or 18?? im not sure ithink 17 but time is moving by fast, ....

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Me and the abominable church...the sunset from our house.
mi compañero en the hospital and w the hermanas, he had to put on the oxygen mask.... and everytime he did i told him he loked like he was high.... smoking
the rainstorm outside nd elder guiterrez putting the towel on his head like after women take a shower.......
Okaay this past week was interesting, we worked and then my companion said he was sick, so we stayed in tuesday?? i think it was. Then we took him to the hospital the next day. We go all the way to the hospital in mazatlan because thats where the insurance covers, and its free. He got a check up, and he told the doctor he has heart problems, and they start doing all this stuff x rays and take his blood, study it, and then they come back and say he has bronchitis, and then the doctor sayed that he will stay in the hospital for a couple of days, and a couple of days means more than just two days. This whole past week we were in the hospital because my companion has bronchitis, he was really week, and really sick for like three days straight. But he is well now, we were just told this morning that we are free to go. We are now in our area again. ha My companion still says he has a lot of junk in his chest, but he feels a lot better, But yeah i slept in the hospital for three in a half days, Missionaries brought me food every day so that i could eat also. It was mostly the hermanas that were in that area where the hospital is. They brought us food, and then our zone leaders brought us food. They were all very nice to us and helped us out. It was the most boring week i have ever had in my mission of doing basically nothing. I read in the scriptures, like i told everyone last week, that i finished the book of mormon. sooo i started the bible while i was in the hospital, and its going well, i feel like i am reading at a descent pace, and i am understanding a lot. Im like twenty six chapters in, Learning about abraham, and isaac. rainbows, and noah and the ark. sara, and everything. It is going very well. I have always wanted to say, YES i have read the bible. ha its a big book. My companion is doing a lot better, he looks better than he did before. I feel bad though, it takes a lot away from his training, we didnt have anything in those four days to be able to study. No books, not anything, just our scriptures. and he was sleeping a lot of the time. we had a pretty good time together though, it was fun. We have lots of pictures. But there is not going to be much for this week, because there just arent that many things to tell. Yesterday a cyclone hit a little pueblo next to us, we had missionaries their. I dont know if they got evacuated or not, i dont know how bad it hit, i hope it wasnt too bad. I dont think it was. It was just a lot of rain. It rained a lot here yesterday. I can slowly feel the temparature going down, it makes me super happy. It just means we wont be out working in the super hot sun... I swear everything that every body talks about around here is hey que dice el sol..... ahhhhhhh well waht do you think im in it also.. ? its like us saying hey whats the weather like.... and being outside. I feel like sometimes the sun has fried some people down here... a little bit too much. : D ha but no they all are really good people, i just feel bad for these changes right now, because we have been sick a lot. and we havent been able to help our investigators progress how we want them too in these moments. I hope for the rest of the change nothing happens again. Free from sickness por favor. We had a cool experience in the hospital, we talked to a cleaning lady, and she accepted the missioneras to go to her house, and we shared her a few things from the scriptures, and she was very interesting, but also wants to know more. So that was good that we could talk with her. I feel like every moment is a contacting opurtunity, i have trained myself to just open my mouth and just start talking in the moment and i know that god will always give us an oppurtunity to put the gospel in the conversation. I have seen it all throughout my mission, and it is true. There are moments in my mission and the same with everyone elses where you dont open your mouth and then the question comes up later in the mind..... ahh why didnt i talk when i had that impression. Its difficult to think that sometimes, but we cant punish ourselves for a simple mistake like that. we need to remember that our heavenly father has a moment place and time for everyone of his children. Thats what makes me love the gospel soooo much is that one day everyone will know, whether there heart is hard or not. I know this is the truth. Sometimes we forget that we are sons and daughters of someone who is called the almighty, i sure do sometimes, but we need to remember that, two sundays ago thats what i talked about with the youth, is who we really are, and where we really come from, i would just like to leave with a scripture that i really like its in Mosiah 27:25. Remember always Of who we are, and where we really come from. What would the world be like if we all remembered that of every minute and every second. As my family i would like that you all remember this week and forever, of who you are and who the people are around you, when it comes to a hard time, or a difficult time, or a happy time. It doesnt matter, but what does matter is that we are all sons and doughters of our great heavenly father. Love you guys have a good week. love elder fellingham