Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

This past week was really good, we had a lot of improvements and we worked hard, i feel like it was a pay of week from others, but i feel like i personally have grown a lot stronger personally this change. Im well and healthy, I hope everything went really well with singing and Melanies farewell, I am grateful to hear that everything turned out really well. I am so grateful that everyone loves melanie, : ) This past week we have just been working with a lot of investigators. . . We have a lot right now, and it is kind of hard to teach all of them, We have Ruben, Roberto, Angelika y su hijas, America, Sylvestre, Marina, Toñito. These are the most hmmmm favored,,,,,? hah no only that they are the people that we have been teaching most lately. Ruben is about 40 years, and he is very interested in the doctrine of the church and he is very smart, we have only tought him one time. He finally gave in to let the missionaries come in and teach him, before he was a little bit un easy... and he works a lot. He is a carpenter. He has been to the church 6 times in a row, he didnt come these past two weeks, but it was because of work, he has the book of mormon, and now we are just giving him lessons, He is progressing quickly, and we are hoping to give him a baptismal date soon. Roberto, is very talkative, his wife is a member, they have about six weeks here, they just moved in. They are developing new houses in parts of our area, and he is progressing a lot because of the help of his wife, He sells bonice, in the streets, popsicles.. and he is very cool, he has christian backround so he is very talkative and he asks a lot of questions about the bible, He just needs to get married with his wife, and we have problems with the other elders, because they just barely told us that he lives in their area.... so they are frustrated that we have been teaching there investigator.... . . . . . . . ( anyways, Angelika and ehr daughters are really nice, Her smallest daughter is a friend of some less actives that live next to them, they are pretty poor, and they came to the church last week, angelika needs medicine to remember things? she says she got hit by a car,,, or something. But we are teaching her and her daughters, they have baptismal dates... This sunday they did not come to the church because members did not go pick them up.... we didnt ask if they could go pick them up,,, but i mean really,,,, if they are willing to come to the church,,, when we bring an investigator to the church the ward needs to do there part.. Our ward has been really bad at helping us this change also,,, that is why i have felt a little overwhelmed this change,.. But yeah our other investigators are good, and these are the main ones that we have been teaching lately, They are all progressing. America is a lady that when we walked past her in the street she had just barely gotten off of a bus, and she had a lot of bags in her hands, so i asked her if she would like help to carry her bags and she smiled, and said yes, we took most of the bags from her and we walked with her to her house. We got everything into her fridge, and then she was very nice and gave us water, and cookies,,, and tried to offer us things. She is from a little ranch far away from culiacan, and her husband bought them a house in culiacan while he works out on their little ranchito, and we started giving her the first lesson!!! and she was soooo interested, and we had just found an escogido, she is very ready for the gospel, and she said she wants to come to the church, the only problem is that she goes to the ranch on weekends,,,, and so we have only given her one lesson but we have another appointment with her this next week. She is very awesome though. We have a couple more weeks, this change we will have seven weeks i heard instead of six, because Elder holland is coming. So we will have it in a couple more weeks i think. I am not sure, I got a haircut today it looks pretty good : ) random hah,,, but everything is well,, were still just working a long here, and trying to do our best, I love everyone, and i am happy everyone is well, Mom im always hoping for the win to do its thing!! : ) hah and i love you and miss you, right now you are taking melanie out. : ) thank you I was thinking about grandma yesterday and i want to know how she is doing ??? i miss her tell her i love her,!!! she told me she would still be their for when i get home so i am counting on that!! Tell her i love her very much!! Dad im happy that the golf is good, and that the school is good. The weather here is just heating right up!!!!!!!!! My lips are really dry,, and chapped, luckily i have chapstick that heidi sent me!!!!!!! i actually thought that when the family goes to melanies ward you guys are always bound to see someone that you know,,, haha, it is the luck of the fellingham family, because we tend to get around ; ) no hah but im glad you saw your friend. I hope the volleyball does well, and rugby, i miss watching sports with ya dad, I love you and mom, and i hope your bothe very well. Give the family my love, and that your all in my prayers.I started reading the book of mormon otra vez, i have this paper that says if you read three chapters a night or in the day that you can finish the book of mormon in four months, or something like that i cant remember, but i challenge everyone to start reading ONLY three chapters a day. Love you all, De Elder Fellingham!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

I have a question, i am wondering if someone has been saving my letters, well of course they are saved in your emails, but i mean if they are organized, in one spot, are you still putting things on my mission blog??? joy, or angela, i dont know who made it, but i think it was joy joy, Anyways, just a pregunta!!! (question) But everything is well!!!! i am doing well, my companion is good, WE found out that we are going to have a member of the seventy coming in may, and we will have Elder Holland at the end of may come. He will speak to the people and all the missionaries!!! It is something very exciting!!!! We have organized a choir, for when they come.We will be singing to them, My companion will be playing the piano because of all his music abilities, but only 15 were chosen out of all the missionaries here in the city of culiacan, and we tried out like 60, i felt kind of bad because a lot of the mexicans dont know how to sing,,,, hah,,,,, : / and so there are more Americans that are singing in the choir, I am one of those 15 missionaries ; / i have never ever been in a choir before, hahhaghh .... wish me luck and my companion. but we all meet with each other mondays and fridays to practice before they come, elder h}olland and i dont know the other. But its very awesome, and i hope they like our singing. My companion has put a bunch of songs together that we will be singing, It is pretty cool. I swear all my companion did before his mission was listen to music and play it. His dad is a teacher through the army somehow and he works in south korea teaching choir and band. His son Elder Morrise is very learned though, and talented, But sometimes it can be a distraction when it comes to the work. But he is good, we have talked about some things, and we are just trying to do better and better every week. !!! I miss everyone, mom i hope you had a good time at missy s, I hope she isnt struggling as much anymore and her baby also with eating!!! and speaking of pills i finished them all last week. i finished your herbs, !!! Everyone knows i am not big into pills,,,, but herbs are fine with me. I dont know if they helped me or if they did anything to me, i couldnt see a difference, but i am still healthy and fine, so im sure they helped me out missy, Thank you, you can send me more if you want. The only thing is, is the habit of taking them daily. !!!!!!!!!!! : ) Love you and your family, i am excited to see nathan and all your kids, i cant beleive he is soo tall already,... How is the ju jitsu going?????? Anyways mom hope your flight was well ridden,,, hope the win esta creciendo!!!! ; ) growing!! when is your next event!!? I had a friend message me. Her name is maddi, and she is the daughter of the Dente family, I hope you remember them, they were in our ward like five years ago and then they moved to hawaii, she messaged me and told me she is on her mission in tucson Arizona.... It was a pretty big suprise to me. I think it soooo awesome for how many people are choosing to serve missions,,,, i cant beleive it. I miss you and dad, i hope you are both doing well and your healthy,,, take missy s herbs that she gives you ; ) Dad there was no earthquake that i felt here in mexico, maybe in a different part i dont know. but Everything is well here in Sinaloa!!! The beautiful women, the mexican cars that are all decked out, crazy driving and dirt, thats about it here. . . . haha just kidding. I already have my girl, and The cars here .... i am really suprised with the mexicans, they can do alot with cars, it is pretty impressive, and the dirt....... Yea the dirt just doesnt help anyone... But i hope all the family is doing really well, You are all in my prayers, and i miss you all, I hope you are all reading como families in the book of mormon, It is very important, and lots and lots of people still come short of the knowledge of its existence, entonces disfrútalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take advantage that it is in your homes please, and read it, I know that our family will never be without if we just obey, and do the simple things that we are asked by Heavenly Father. Les i am very happy you received a good scholarship that is very very good, i need to look into scholarships when i get home........ apparently, everybody is doing it,,, right? Love you guys and your family. Ang, love you guys also, glad the sickness is gone, take a picture of your new car please, i want to see it, photo shop it like its hot. Tell your buys i miss them, and i hope to be receiving a letter from them in my inbox next monday!!!!!!!! I hope they are taking advantage of reading in preach my gospel. Thanks danny and david for your letters, i wrote you two,,, letters. Love you guys,,, some how i have a feeling we will all be working in camp williams together, and it will be weird, no hah i bet you two have a lot of fun juntos, tell your wives hi, and your kids, Love them all soo much!! if you can send me some pics that would be nice of your families, updated pics, thanks. I saw this quote and it goes something like this, [ I like my mexicans hot and spicy] . . . . hahe... Heidi thank you very much for your package, i dont know if i wrote you and told you i got it, thank your very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, how are the papers coming for adoptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?? Joy joy, daniell is always in my prayers lately, and i hope his arm is healing how it should be, tell kenneth and patrick and caitlyn i love them, and daniel, And steve, and you, i love you guys. Thank you sooo much joy with helping mel, she and you are sooo close, and i am soo happy for that, I am soo grateful that my family lovees the person i love, and that we all love each other sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me very happy, It is the first commandment after all, I love you guys. Anyways i am grateful for everything, i bore my testimony last sunday, the ward had stake conference and ward conference these two past sundays then yesterday we had testimony meeting.... i know ,,, its a little off but hey its how they do it here in mexico, but everything is well, and i love you all, I hope everyone is safe and happy, and i miss you all, Love your Elder Fellingham!!!!!!!!!! or fellingjam, or fellinggam or fellingjamon, or felling... or fellingboy, or elder fellingque? or solamente fell, yeah the mexican people arent sooo good with Inglaterranian,,,,,,,, but thats okay, someday they will know! I need an accent mark or something... Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mucho

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Dear family, Everything has been good here. There hasnt been much going on, I feel like me and elder morrise have had kind of a rough start, the first two weeks, we havent gotten that many numbers, but like i always say, numbers dont really matter to me,,, it is important to keep track and we do that, but we have just been having a little trouble finding our strengths and weaknesses.... My companion is a little different than others, he gets distracted pretty easily, and i dont know we are very different from each other, He seems smart and sophisticated,,, and he knows his stuff in the bible and the BOM he is very smart, and likes music a lot. i feel like his keyboard can be a distraction sometimes. . . he told me at the beginning. . . . he plays the piano in the church sundays, and the members love that there is someone that can play... the members dont really know the other side haha.... his music abilities can be a good thing but also a downside to our work. .. . but i have been trying to work my hardest. . . I can definitly tell this has been the hardest i have worked in all my mission, ,, not that i was bad before, but because i didnt know how to do things, but now that i know how things work and what needs to be done, i try to do all of them, but it is just impossible. I now realize part of the reason why we work in two s . But ah ha this is where my patience comes in. I had one of the members tell me that i am impatient with children the other day, and i was like what???? hah,,, i have never gotten that before, and i told her no,,, i have a lot of patience, i dont know. Its the thing with meeting new people i guess, i dont know. Some of the members on the mission act like they know you when you have been there for a little while, but the truth is, is that they will never really know you, where you come from, or who you are.... : / I hope no one thinks that everything these past weeks has gone badly It was just a little but now a lot. . . it has not affected me,,, in thw work, there are just ups and downs... : ) and its up to us to make this next week and up!! It has been a little hars these past two weeks, but it is good having my mind just more focused on the work. Me and my companion have decided that we need to go to bed on time, because that has been affecting us a litte bit, i have felt really tired, and a little stressed. but its all good. We are teaching a lot of people now, it is hard to keep track sometimes. We are teaching a lady named marina, and she is progressing a lot, she is a cousin of a member. and she is starting on lesson two. She is one of our main investigators, another is named ruben, he has now been to the church about 5 or 6 times, and he comes with a friend, he always works a lot, and he has never invited us to come to his house, we have always asked, and asked but he is like im always busy, but this past sunday he said a date when we could come so that made me happy. We have couple more but they are not prgressing just as much as them. But the work goes on, we have been contacting a lot more people in the street also, we did bad with that the last week so we made plans to do better this week. Mom I hope missy is doing okay, please tell her she is in my prayers, i hope you travel safely, I love you, Thanks for updating me with the fam, Dad i am happy you wont be doing as much and you will have more time to work on papers. Thank you both for holding a special dinner for melanie, that is very nice, I am way excited for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is crazy to think that she is leaving so soon, I am happy for her. Angela thanks for your short message, im happy you guys are getting back to normal and the sickness is going away. I miss you guys, give your boys my love. It is coming time to change presidents, it is crazy to think..... I just know that he and his wife will be guided to do whatever needs to be done here. It is amazing to watch the church grow and to be so in tune with everything that is going on. I am grateful for the church, and i know its true. Also i received your package mom witht he books in it, i really like the ricks references thats nice!!!!!!! also The box from melanie, and some letters. Thanks you very much , oh and the box from heidi!!!!!!!! Muchas gracias for everything. I love you guys I know this message might be a little shorter than others, but everything is fine. I love everyone and i hope everyone is doing well, I love you all . Please be safe, and please give everyone else my love. Love elder Fellingham

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Dear Family!!!!!!!!!!!!
This past week was kinda fast. | i think it was because of the changes, and because my companion came a day later than he was supposed too. my new companion is Elder Morrise and he is very cool. but goofy also. haha. he is from laverkin utah. im going to be typing in all small letters today because the computer i have today the shift button seems to be not working very well. . . . . anyways. elder morrise is a funny guy. he like to play the piano a lot and the first thing he took out of his bag was a mini piano. . . its a mini electric keyboard. . . haha. i was like how in the world did you fit that in their. but he is a cool cat, This last week we had a good week, elder morrise works pretty well, but i have been doing most of the work lately because he doesnt know the area very well. and still i dont even know the area that well. it is huge!!! but i am starting to get to know it more and more. our map is really not organized to place stickers for people and so i asked the bishop if he could print us a new map so he did. and now we are trying to do a few more things!!!! we are organizing the map and it will take a couple days, but it is definitly worth it and it will be easier to work in the area, and for the future missionaries. It is hard when the old missionaries havent really done there part..... then the new ones that come in dont really have anything to work with. but its okay... we are doing it, and it is fun organizing and planning, and putting up all the members. it helps us get to know them better, and it is a good thing. 

First of all i am very excited that melanie has gotten everything in!!!!!!!!! she is basically on her mission now, and i am grateful to the family who have helped her and supported her, and who are going to help her to the end whenn she leaves. : ) I am so happy that she asked you guys to sing for her farewell!!!!! thats super awesome and i am excited for that. if someone could record it so i can watch it when i get back that would be cool. descretively 

The reason why you havent seen her in a while is because she has been travelling with her family. but i am sure she is back by now and if not she should be back shortly. i hope she keeps coming over until she leaves. she just has a lot to do i am sure... but yup. 

I am doing fine mom. everything has been well with me, walking up hills and it is getting a lot hotter, the time zones have changed back again and it is hotter than it used to be, i still remember when i came to mexico it was about as hot as this, and it will just continue to get even more. So i remember how it used to be before, in the hot weather i cant sleep very well at night..... last night i could not go to sleep because it was sooo hott... I woke up got a glass of water and turned my fan up higher and then i slept... Its hott blah, I love you, i am glad everything is well in your life dad and that your enjoying the nice spring weather. I am so proud that you are associate chair! you will be chair one day, : ) but i love you. We had three investigators with us yesterday in general conference!!!!!! It was really good. and i am happy they got to hear it. Our church had a really hard time getting a signal so we had a prayer, we put it to our faith, and my companion said the prayer, after the prayer the internet speed to receive the conference talks only slowed down two times more and then we heard everything clearly after that. It was really amazing. And it means that our heavenly Father hears our prayers. I was really happy that we had investigators their for that experience also, i am sure their faith increased. But we really did do everything we could to try and hear and mess around with the receiver before we prayed. It was a really good experience. If you can tell John i am really proud of him that would be nice. I am always so happy when i hear he is doing well, I didnt know he got traded to the mets though, thats new. I am happy he is moving forward in his career, and the people here in mexico fantasize baseball. They really love it. I always get chances to tell people that my cousin plays professionally, and i am always grateful for that. So please give him luck from me, and that i miss them and their family and all my cousins. Love you dad

Im healthy... well probably not the healthiest i could be i dont know its the mission... and nothing really feels the same as how it used to be. but i am still alive, and well. : ) 

Missy i hope everything went well with your baby, hope she can eat,, : / your in my prayers, love you guys, cant beleive gilbert is doing brazillian ju jitsu. i did a little bit of ju jitsu with bo, when i did private classes with him, he invited me to another class that i went too. ju jitsu is tough, :) kicked my butt, i like grappling, im sure darin knows what that is. 
but how awesome and how fun. love you and your family

Angela im happy your boys are busy, miss you guys, your puppy is soooooo cute, it looks a little like shelby but still a baby, i like the pic where zach is fast asleep and she is huddled close to him,,,, haha. cute. Seems like you guys have made a lot of upgrades in the webb family, suburban, and trailer, thats awesome. Alex buddy im happy that you are captain of your team, you have always been a good leader and always will be. Quidado con la novia, ; ) watch out with your girlfriend, !!!! Whats her name, please send me a picture of her!!!!!!!! I need to approve before you can kiss her anymore, hahaha     no just kidding, but be good, i know you are, !!! just stay focused on preach my gospel classes and soccer, and you can marry her when you get backfrom your mission,. but be good my nephew, i hope johnathan and zach and kate are all getting better, sounds nasty, im happy im not in the house,,, with whatever is going around. but please get better. !!!! i cant wait to hear kate when i get back. love you guys.Thanks for singing in melanies farewell angela

Joy i cant belaive daniel broke his arm wrist... elbow?? i cant tell where the break is in the pictures you sent me. but i hope he is okay... The hang time place just called me and they said they are going to change their name to break time, : ) No but give him my love and tell him that he is in my prayers, and il sign his cast when i get back, I love you guys and your family. hope the stress dies down for the week.... love you, thanks for singing for Melanies farewell Joy joy

Elise im sorry to hear that les lost his job, but the great news is that he is preparing to have an even better job so their isnt really anything to worry about. I love you guys and hope you are well. 

Anyways tell danny and david a love em and their families. i miss them. They have always been pegados since nacimiento, entonces, les doy mi amor, peace
 Love everyone take care, be safe(danielle)hmmm,,,,  Love elder fellingham