Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 4, 2013

SOOOOOOOoooooo Brand New week!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I miss everyone. I hope All my Nephews are doing well. I miss all of them very much.! I hope school is going great, Any SNow days??? is there still a lot of snow?? There isnt any snow here, i heard in chihuahuah they had snow!. But yeah not here, the nights here are being bi polar, and it is cold some nights and warm others, its kind of weird, we never know if we need to bring sweaters or not. . . i usually just bring one, because the mosquitos are starting to come back out, i got bit like three times yesterday. Anyways All is good here in Ruiz Cortinez, Dad we live in Ruiz Cortinez. There is Campestre, Ruiz Cortinez, and California, And Ampliacion. But we live in the center of Ruiz Cortinez. Its in front of a bank called banorte, There is a street and then our house is on the same side as the Banorte, There is a place like a restaruant and then our apartment, we live on the second floor. It has a white door. Thats where we live if you can find it, I hope those are good enough directions. . . .Probably not but thats about the best i can do. My new companion is Elder Smalley. He is from Levan Utah and he is like a rancher/ farmer, He is a good kid!!!! We get a long really good. We talk alot in english though so its is kind of hard . . . . . Its killing my spanish, and he teaches a lot different, so we have kind of seen how were going to do things from here on out having the first week and all. He is blonde, and we are like exactly the same height. He looks a lot like Jeff, Cousin (Jeff) Thank you for the money mom, I checked my account today and my companion was like what!!!!!!!!!! And i was a little suprised too, But we just bought food, and we bought a lot too, it turns out its different when two americans are together, I havent been with an american for two changes, and its a lot different. But atleast we eat good,. I am well and Healthy. strong, I have been working out in the night before i go to bed. There is a difference, I can feel myself getting stronger. The mission always shows you though that you can get really weak fast. But you have to keep a balance in everything. Its kind of like wrestling. . . : ) but everything is good. My companion and I like a lot of the same things. We have a lot in common and this time it wasnt weird when we started out. We were just really open with each other from the start. So Everything is going good. We are going to receive 20 new missionaries and they will all be cabacho, They are all coming from the United States. We will receive them in two weeks, and we are thinking that there will be a lot of changes happening in the next two weeks, but we dont know. We dont even know where they are going to go. They will have to open up a lot of new areas i think. Or we weill be having missionaries in three s But who knows. We will see what happens. Our investigators are progressing still. We have started trying to find a lot more people, and we have. There is a couple new people, two families. . . and a couple individuals. They are progressing, The family Moya they are progressing. . . well atleast the wife and the daughter. Their is something with the men here, and they always think they need to work. . . . Too work on sundays. . . And yeah thats hard. Everybody here works in the fields. . . and they go out sundays. But we are working with the husband and their family. We are going to go play soccer with their kids today i think and see if we can get them excited to do something or get more comfortable with us. But this is whats happening right now with our investigators. We started going over to california more and thats why we are finding new people. California is just a little part of Ruiz Cortinez and they call it california. I dont know why. . . . ha but yeah. Mom, I hope your events are going well, Sounds like your travelling a lot. I hope you are finding people to help you with everything. I miss you and dad, I miss watching our shows together. I hope the cold is dying down, and nobody is sick. I miss you guys. Hopefully you will start getting some pictures from me soon in the mail because i dont trust the computers here. . . . I have lots of pictures that i want to share with you guys. Thank you for the money for my birthday. Ha i have no idea what i will even use it for. You should take 100 out and give it to Mel to help her out on her mission. : ) Heidi thanks for your letter, Hope everything is going well with you, !!! The mission has changed me alot. And it continues to change my perspective on things everyday, and my attitude towards everything. I am happy because i know its for the better. Angela And Darrol miss you guys. Love you and your family. Elise and Les hope your kids are doing good, give them my love. David and jackie, hope you guys had fun on your cruise. Danny and amanda hope your family is doing well. never hear to much from you guys.. Uhm Missy good luck with your baby coming up soon!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything comes out great , ) I want to Wish all the people happy Birthday for this month. Mom Happy Birthday, I hope you got my letter. Jackie happy Birthday!!! Les Happy Birthday. Mexico gives you all a feliz Cumpleaños. Mel, te extraño muchísimo !! : ) Estoy enviando un carta a ti hoy mi amor, o tal vez mañana pero espero que lo recibirás. Me encanta escribiendo a ti en español :) pero solamente espero que todo esta bien, Como estas tu trabaja? todo esta bien, Platos opesento. : ) En su otro trabaja tiene muchos clientes ? o poco. Yo recibo Su carta con los imaginas de nosotros besando. ME gusto mucho. :) Es muy cute. : ) Mantener su leyendo y conocimiento en las escrituras amor, y siempre usa su tiempo con sabiduría, especialmente porque todavía falta 2 meses antes su misión. Ser preparada. No puedo explicar mi gran amor por ti: ) Siempre estas conmigo, Te amo, Te extraño. I love you. No exciting moments this week, well Everyday is an exciting moment, we met a lady and she read and prayed about the Book Of Mormon and she said she knows its true, we will see if she is going to come to curch with us this next week. She says everything is bonita, and sooo were not sure if she is just aghreeing with us or if she actually feels like its something she wants in her life, but she is progressing also. I love everyone, Hope everyone is doing great, Your always in my prayers!!!! Elder Fellingham

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