Friday, January 18, 2013

Pictures from Ben!!

House -Escuinapa
Kitchen -Escuinapa 
First Zone
Friend in our apartment

Me and Hermano Martin. Recent convert, very cool.

Jovenes (teenagers) en la rama Escuinapa
Left to Right: Elder Baltich, Me, Elder Tingey

Activity in the house of Hermana Lorena, Turned out great!

Me and Elder Morales

Our zone in Escuinapa

Our district in Escuinapa

Elder Jenkins and Me

Catholic Church in Escuinapa

Elder Fellingham

Ride to Teacapam

Elder Jenkins (2nd Companion). His chair broke


Elder Anderson (1st Companion)


I had an ingrown toenail and I went to the doctor and he injected into my toe to numb it and then he cut my nail out.... pero ahora estoy bien. Estoy contento ;)

House in Juan Jose Rios

District in Juan Jose Rios in Sam's Club

Elder Jiminez (3rd companion)

Juan Jose Rios out of our apartment 

Neblina, Foggy outside

Mom, this is my old wallet it finally gave away. I bought a new one in Teacapan. Compare.

I love you family, mom, melanie :)

My 4th Companion: Elder Casimiro

Our church in Juan Jose Rios

Christmas Party

Beatriz, she is going to be baptized this Saturday at 4:00 pm and I am going to baptize her. She has a good smile.... but this pic wasn't good... HA.

District Juan Jose Rios
Yeah... Our relationship 

My comp now!
4th Comp

Teacapan house
Elders Anderson, Gomez ,Yo

Presidente de Escuinapa y la familia de el

Me and Marin (investigator). I hope he is baptized by now!

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