Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Okay yeah tomorrow is october... is not paying attention to the time an attribute of christ...? ha this last week was alright..... it wasnt a bad week... it was just a little hard for me. im not exactly stressed at all with everything that they gave me and what i am called to do now. but i just dont know how to explain my feelings about it. I feel like everything is basically the same, but this last week was just not that productive, we went out and worked every day all day... but after the week was over our work didnt show through the numbers..... i always get like a sense of guilt if i dont have enough numbers at the end of the week, and no........... i know we are not here only for numbers. but to know that you tried your best all week and your efforts didnt even show.. it just hmmm it doesnt really help. but i know Heavenly Father is always looking on whats inside the heart. And yeah it was one of those weeks. But i feel like I am helping my new companion. I feel like were both learning more spanish together. I am trying to give him more time in the lessons to talk and try and share his feelings about the things we teach. Sometimes i feel like i need to learn how to shut my mouth and just let him talk..... ha i get carried away sometimes. Its hard to have silence, but silence is also a good thing at moments. Okay so this past week was very awesome also, we also had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!! The missionaries before us, tought basically everything. There is a new family that is here in our little house of prayer. its a rama a branch.. here where we are. But this family came in very strong and very willing to do everything. They know that everything is true, and there children are still being baptized. There is still a couple that are not baptized and we are working with them now. The only thing that stops us is the time that they have. Two of the daughters are nanny s in culiacan and they are only here every fifteen days....... they switch off weeks sometimes. but i dont have any doubt that there family will all be united in the church. The girl that we baptized her name is lidia! She is very smart, and she understands a lot in the scriptures. she comes to church every sunday when she is here. She has already gone to church a lot, and she has a testimony also. She was the one that was baptized last saturday, her sisters name is Blanca and she will be here next saturday and we are going to start to teach her. She already has most of the lessons so it should be easy. but her sister was just baptized and it went well. !!!! Everything went as planned. The members showed up a little late...... but other than that it was good. Il post pictures. There are a lot of less actives here, and we are teaching lots of members, and trying to find new people to teach, I feel like the last missionaries left this are dry...... hah they didnt have very many progressing investigators. and i still dont know who they were really focused on when they left. i asked them and they only told me two people and we went with them, and one is progressing a little bit, her name is carolina! and then the other one is fabian. Fabian haha we went to his house and we asked if he was their, and he came out and we started talking, we asked if he had tme to sit down and talk for like ten to fifteen minutes just to get to know him, and introduce ourselves.... ha and he said yeah its fine, and he asked us to sit down on his porch, and so we sat down, and he went inside. I had thought that he went inside to go grab like the book of mormon or a phamplet that we give to the people that we teach.... haha and well, ten minutes went by, then fifteen,, then at about twenty minutes we were like uhm is fabian going to come back?? ha and we asked one of his nephews, and they were like uhm no he left. He went to go fish..... haha and we were like what!!!! ha it was really random. Random story of the week. but thats what happened. and so we dicided that he doesnt want want anything. His nephews told us that he doesnt really want anything with the church and we were like okay esta bien!! and we left. but other than these people we dont know anyone else besides members,. . . thats why are numbers were really low, is because there are no investigators here. . . but we are searching and looking for people that are interested. There are a couple of families that we contacted in the street that we want to go see again but they didnt want a specific time that we would come back so we couldnt really put one down. but everything is going great. Our main focus is really in the members here, There are alot that arent that strong in the gospel, and we are trying to help them out, and teach them . But this is all about last week. We had a junta today and i got two packages and letters. Thank you heidi!!! and byu statistics apartment, and melanie : ) hah it always gives me an extra push i feel like when i receive something rom outside of the mission. I love you guys i hope everyone has a good week. I am glad caitlyn had a good baptism, i hope everything went as planned. she looked very pretty in the pictures that you sent me joy. Jeffs wedding was a success also, how much time does he have home from his mission??? hah and his wife is ver pretty, they look very great together. I hope he had a great wedding!!! I really like his pictures.!! Where are they going on there honeymoon???? Dad im really happy that they won, i bet that was a very exciting tournament to watch. ha im happy they got gold. Thats awesome. Your statistics helped them win!!!! yay haha. Im doing well, This past week i got sick.... i woke up with the sorest throat i have ever had in my life. It happened two days ago, i dont know what i have still.... its not something that bad that i need to go to a doctors. If it gets any worse il go to the doctor, but it has dies down a little bit. . . People here in mexico get a lot of throat infections.........? its weird. . . it feel like it is in my chest, and in my throat... i think i will put 40 min to go to the doctor tomorrow, I am super excited for conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been excited for like 2 months now..... haha, i am really hopin that my investigators that are in Juarez go to general conference. It will just help them grow there testimony that much more.!!!!!!! We will be driving to general conference to watch it in a different church because we cant receive it in this little casa de oracion.. but it will be fun, and we hope to have investigators their. . . we are working on it. . I feel like something else is going to be announced again in this general conference.... i dont know why, but i feel like lots of things are changing in these moments. The thing i miss most is being able to hear the prophets and his apostles talk in there voice... hah i wish so bad that i could hear the actual thing, but i know that there words are what count, and i will be able to translate there message that they have for us, and thats what counts. It will be my third general conference in the mission and i am looking forward to it very much. Im Excited!!! I hope everyone is just as excited as me,,, hah but i know that we will all be able to hear the things that our heavenly father wants us to know. i know he loves us, and it is the only way through prophets that we can know what he wants. I know the church is true, and it is sooo awesome. : ) I love everyone and my love for this church has grown sooo much in this time that i have had to be able to serve my heavenly father. He has made it clear to me that this is his church and i know its true, I love it, and i know it in my heart with out a doubt. I know that if we listen attentively to the words that they will speak tomorrow, we will learn lots more things that we should be doing in our daily lives, especially to grow more close to our heavenly father. I love you gus and i hope you have a good general conference. Love Elder Fellingham
This is my new companion haha
This is when i went to go get my new companion, hah its with all the new people and there trainers, and our new president and his wife.
baptism of lidia, she asked me to baptize and i felt really bad..... i really wanted my new companion to be able too.... i even asked her, and she was like no usted.... and i was like hmmm okay, my companion will baptize her sister though ; )
My companion looks like dwight off of the office haha, and thats lidias familia and our president of the branch!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Okay i just remembered that all of you are worried about the hurricane.... I was writing and i had forgot thet you are all wondering if we are okay. everyone is okay and i am not in culiacan. I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Okay this past week got off alright : ) it was a pretty good week to be here not knowing anything and starting from scratch. My new companion is learning spanish, we have been studying our spanish every morning. he is getting a long well. I just feel bad sometimes because it has been hard for me to watch out for him and watch out for our investigators at the same time. I feel like i can get talking sometimes and i kind of forget that he is there....... i know right how bad of me. but i have been trying to give him more oppurtunities to talk. We have been finding a lot of people here just on the streets or in places that we go too, and they are interested. We have already gotten like 8 contacts this past week that were really easy. So it has gone well. There is a person here named lidia, Lidia is 20 years old. and the missionaries here before were teaching her. She has been tought everything. She is going to be baptized this next saturday. She knows that everything is true and she is really awesome. wShe was supposed to be baptized this past saturday but she didnt want to because her mom is gone and she is in durango.... so we decided to wait until they are both here so she can be baptized. We found out for sure that both of them will be here next saturday and we announced it in the sacremant meeting that she will be baptized. : ) everything is going to go well!!!!!!!!!! we are both very excited for her and it was pretty easy for us we kind of just showed up. She is our only investigator since we have been here. and she is the only one that the other missionaries left us... hahaa sooo we are looking and searching for new people. I asked the elders that were here before us, if there is a story about the ranchito that we are in, and they told me.... Their is always a story in the ranchitos. This is my third one. and there has alwas something big that has happened in the two other ones and i just assumed that something also happened here. ... Yes things have happened here. . . . It turns out that villa uñion is really well known for the missionaries here because there has been a lot of missionaries that have been bad........ there are lots of stories here : / but anyways happy face, we will turn that around with our example.... ha I really hope that the people here can see a difference in the missionaries that are coming now. There used to be a lot of members herea, and lots have just fallen away because of the bad example that left the missionaries. but we are here now, and i have faith that things will turn around. i really do have a big vision for villa uñion. It is big in my mind and so are my expectations. I have a feeling that we will really be focusing on the members here, and on cleaning the map up. The map is a mess and it isnt up to date. so we will fix that. We have looked for lots of people and the people that we have looked for arent even here anymore or their dot that is on our map is in the wrong place. . we have another blank map so that is a good start. we have four people with the priesthood in our ward that come regularly : ) .... ha thats another thing that we will work on. Its something im looking forward too. Lots of the men here think that they are going to die if they dont work on sunday. If someone can help me out with words to say on the importance of not working on sunday or if there is another way or something. .. . i havent thought of anything yet. Lots of the people in our ward are cobradores ..... all they do is go to places and collect money, i dont know what that is called in english. but they work every day every hour,,, and it creates problems for there families because they are almost never home. I really hope while i am here and my companion that we can help them realize the importance of no working on sunday. . . they say they will get fired if they dont go to work. so i dont know what i can do. : / if anyone has tips that would be nice. Okay big news jeff is getting married!!!!!!!! It was kind of weird to hear that today because yesterday i was thinking about him, and i was thinking to myself i wonder if he is going to get married soon,, and its weird that things like that happen. ah its like deja vuaa or something similar. But good luck to him, ai am happy for him!!!! i would like to see pictures whoever is going to his wedding. sorry that is not my whole letter i wasnt done so you will reeive two of the same im just continuing. I am a little bit our of Mazatlan and i did not get hit by the hurrican, it was pretty close though.We have had some pretty wicked storms though pass through mazatlan, but i feel like they have just been glances. And i was in culiacan last week, and two weeks before. . . . hah so i dont really know when the hurrican hit, but all the missionaries are fine, i am sure the missionaries their in culiacan are doing service but us in mazatlan we arent doing anything, Everything is fine : ) we are all good. I keep hearing things about the united states,, what happening with russia, and seria and us???? i would like to know if anything more happens with that, District leader is good, all i do is just call everyone at night to see how there day went, and we talk about things that we can do better and things that we can work on, also i receive their numbers and then give them to the zone leaders, we will have our first district meeting tomorrow and i am excited, i just need to prepare something that i can talk about for the time that we are their. also we talk about a lot of other things, that we can do better and other stuff. so i will tell you guys next week what happens. I am starting to memorize villa uñion it is getting easier to know where i am. i know where the majority of the people that we are teaching are and where they live also the members. Dad that is exciting news!!!! that you get to go to canada, with the olympic team, thats awesome. Thanks for the scripture also, is it already getting cold in Utah???????? It is still hott here, well these days have been less i think that heat is down now, i think it will drop down for a good two to three months now, and we wont sweat that much anymore. . . . I dislike very much sitting in my sweaty clothes it has done damage to my skin..... i get like little red spots in specefic areas on my skin and they itch. mostly on my arms.. Mom i cant beleive they are going to divide our ward again..... has their really been that many people moving in ???? and i have a question have they started building those complex homes in front of our house yet, the apartments...???? . . . . are we still going to have the same bishop or are they calling a new one. Alex buddy your pictures are sexy!!!!!!! haha i hope you had fun at home coming, im glad you had a good time : ) keep working hard on soccer, your gonna have to keep up with me when i get back ; ) haha Mom thank you very much for that poem, i really liked it. And it is very true, I feel like the mission has changed me show my feelings more with my face, haha and also when i meet new people everyday, it has changed a lot. mi rostro!!!! Ang i like the pics, they are very nice, very well done. Is that alex s girlfriend?? or just a friend, and the group looks great, hope they had fun, glad your happy at your work, what do you do when your their? is it a lot of paper stuff,'?? Thank you also missy, i am really looking forward to seeing your family, i cant beleive nathan is taller than you, hah wow, and thank you very much for your herbs missy,, they have helped me, to tell you the truth i took the first ones good every single day but the ones that i have now they have been difficult for me sometimes, it is just difficult to have that routine, and i dont know why, they are about half way done but i have not taken them consistently, i know you have already sent me the ones in the box that are on there way, but i think after those ones it should be enough until i finish my mission, haha when i run out i will tell you, but i am very grateful and thanksfull for those, i really do feel like they have helped. im just not a big pill taking person.... ha i dont know what happened to the habit i was in, but i take them when i remember : ) also when i eat.. but im going to finish the ones i have, then i will finish the ones that you just barely sent, and then i will tell you!! or we will see how much time i have left in the mission : ) I love you and thank you, i really want to see you guys, maybe you will move to utah like everyone else, hah who knows what the future holds : ) give your family my love. Joy love you guys and your family. how are your kids, whats going on in there lives, how is your house are you still finishing your basement!!! ?? how did it go with your visitors!!! Elise hope your family is well. love you guys miss you guys. Hope danny and amanda have fun on there cruise how fun, that what i want to do when i get back . ; ) Love you guys, everything is well, this week was super fast for me. the more responsability the more fast the time goes. . . . Love everyone. Love E. Fellingham

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

This is enrique shoe shop, he repairs shoes. From Right to left: Rosita, E.Pardo, Soñia, yo, Enrique
bautismo de Rosita!!!!!!!!!!!!! y los miembros que vinieron.
After party of the baptism, ha we had a mexican night. Noche mexicana!! y fue mucho comida! Okay 3 more months and then its 2014................................ This week was really good, Me and elder pardo we finished the change off great, We held in strong til the end. He is a good missionary and i am very proud of him, and i was really happy for all the time that we got to spend together. It will be a change that i never forget, it was a good one : ) Okay so Yes i have been changed. Today me and elder pardo are still together and tomorrow we will be changed due to when new missionaries come in. I will be training someone else that is new to the mission, and his name is elder rasmasen? i think thats how you spell it, but i am not 100% sure. But I am excited to train someone new again. I feel like with elder pardo we had our ups and downs and we figured a lot of things our together and it was a super good experience. I feel like i needed it! to strengthen both of us. I am going to a new area, It is 35 minutes out of Mazatlan. So technically i am still in Mazatlan, I am going to (Villa Uñion) It is a little peublo outside of Mazatlan. I am super excited because lots of my areas have been pueblos. They are my favorite, and i love helping small wards grow. It isnt even a ward it is a rama. Its even smaller than a ward. Rama means they dont have a bishop, they have a president of the ward, but they are pretty much the one who is in charge and takes role as a bishop. But I am soooo happy. I am really excited for this change. They did a lot of changes to Mazatlan. There will now be sisters in Mazatlan. They havent had sister missionaries in a very long time, like 8 years. I think it has been longer than that. But it is very awesome. They split Mazatlan into two zones now. We have two zones in Mazatlan. It was only one, but they are sending more missionaries here! More reinforcements, : ) They have opened up new areas also. I will be opening an area with my new companion..... I am going in pretty much blind, I dont know anyone, and i dont know where any of the members live either. I am looking forward to that, it will be a fun experience : ) Also I have been moved up to district leader. I will be watching out for other missionaries in other areas also. I was soooo suprised when they told me that. This change seems like it will be a challenging one. But It will be super fun, and a super good learning experience. There are lots of changes going on in the mission, and i am very excited to be one of the people that see´s everything happening. !!!!!!!! through these type of things come great memories. My companion Elder pardo he is going to stay in mazatlan also but he is moving to a different area. We were very suprised when they changed us both........ I dont want to leave juarez. But the missionaries that are coming in are very good also, so we know that all our members and our investigators we were teaching are all in good hands!!!! They are changing our area to be where our zone leaders are going to be. So i am not afraid. : ) Even though i am going to live 30 minutes away it still means i can come play soccer in the morning haha!!!!!! and i will still be able to do divisions with juarez : ) I like the changes a lot. This past week we basically said goodbye to everyone......... we knew we were going to have changes and so we got everyone else prepared also... lots of people didnt want s to leave. Lots of them were sad. I was sad also... It is a sad part of the mission but also a happy one to know that our heavenly Father always has a plan for his children. He knows which missionaries need to be in which area so that they can be able to progress. Also to be able to receive the exact amount of help that they need, from the right people. I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for that. It is a very big blessing that sometimes we dont realize. Did you know that one of the major sins that all of us have is not giving thanks for all the many blessing that we have. That will be one of the biggest sins counted in the heavens. I read a talk from henry b eyring about this and it was very good. We need to be more grateful for the things that we have, and not only say that we are grateful but show it through are actions. They are lots of ways to show our heavenly Father Gratitude for the things that we have. Also we always need to remember in our prayers to give thanks. Not just go through the daily routine of what we are always grateful for. But to do even a little bit more by going out of the boundaries that we sit in sometimes.... and tell our Father in Heaven why we are grateful for the things that we have. Sometimes we have problems in conversing with our Heavenly Father and we spill all the normal things out, and the things that are always repeated in our prayers. But I have seen power in prayer if we try to use different words, and try to make our prayer even more of an effort to get our love and concerns to our Padre celestial. He will count them and listen to them and give us the blessings we need. This past week we baptized Rosita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha well we didnt baptized her, but we did do all the work so that she could be baptized!!!!!! She is now a baptized confirmed member : ) I was very happy for her. There were lots of members at her baptism and it all went very well. Enrique had the honor to baptize her, he received the aaronic priesthood and so now he can baptize. It was a very awesome experience to see my convert baptize another convert which is his wife. They have a very intersting story that we will always remember. It has been a very long experience and it will be a little amotional i think when they hear the news that we are both leaving.... but i also know in my heart that they are very strong in the church, and they will not leave it just because the missionaries left. They are good to go : ) I am healthy and strong, I hope everyone in the family and my friends is healthy and everyone is well : ) I miss you all, and it is amazing how fast the time is going, I feel like before i know it i am going to be back with you all. . . Sooo i am trying to hurry up and do all that i have expected for my mission. My expectations i still feel like i havent reached them, but i am still working at them. I know that when i finished it will be time, and i know that I will feel full of the gospel, and my goals will be reached : ) I am happy to serve my mission, and i am happy to be here serving in Mexico. All is well, and the work continues to go on, Its still going. It will always be moving!!!! :) I love you all and i hope it is not too stormy in Utah. There have also been a few storms that have hit hear, They say that hurricanes have hit here before. but we have only had really bad lightning storms, and there has been a lot of rain. The rain here floods the streets because they dont have a very good draining system. But it all just evaporates once the sun comes out. It goes away really fast. These letter might be a little short, but this was all that happened last week, it just kind of windid down with the changes. I am excited to go to Villa Uñion, they said there is a baptism waiting for me their. . . ha so we will see. I am excited, thats all i can show through the computer of my excitement. But i am grateful. These past changes i feel like i have grown a lot. and everything is good. I love everyone have a good week this week, be safe, be good, and be roud of the gospel. LOve Elder Fellingham

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Enrique and rosita whaen they were signing there papers to get married by the law, and we all wore our suits ha
This is our district. District mazatlan chaka ; )
me and my sombrero, I teach in this sometimes. no just kidding.
we were rich that day... me and elder becker pardo Hey Everyone!!!I hope everyone has had a good week : ) me and Elder Becker had a good one. It was one of those really fast weeks because we are just sooo focused together. Thats what i like most about our companionship, is that we both are so focused on the work and the peoples needs, and what we need to be doing for them. Okay so the interesting news for this week is that we are almost done teaching the wife of enrique. Her name is rosita. and her baptismal date is this next saturday. We have basically done all the work for her, and she is almost done with the lessons and she knows everything, and is really smart and agreeing to everything we say. She studies with enrique in the night. They were married this past week so that they could be obeying the commandments, I was sooo happy for them. I will send pictures in this email. They were married last wednesday i think!!!! and it was sooo exciting. It was something very cool to see happen. Then later that night we rounded up some of the members and we shared spiritual thoughts, and had cake. It was very fun. Rosita will be baptized the 14th!!!!!!!!!!! aat 6 o clock. The only reason why we cant baptize her is because she doesnt live in our area, and we never gave the reference to the other elders because Enrique and her dont even want to go to that ward. . . . . We have explained the importance to them but they are brand new converts and they have told us were not moving. bbut i am very happy for them. Enrique has his little shop in our area, and he is working their constantly. He repairs shoes, and basically whatever thing that has broken he can repair it if it has to do with clothing or apparell. He is awesome. So we are very happy for this last week me and elder pardo have together, that we will be able to see everything that we expected before this change ends. Salvador isnt progressing anymore because his dad doesnt want him to get baptized....... we are still trying........ but he will not be prepared for his date.... I know he will get baptized one day. He is awesome also. This past week we have basically put all of our attention in members and rosita to prpare her for her baptism. Everything is going well!!!!!!!! I am happy,..I have still been a little sick, but i am just working working....... trying to releive myself from whatever i have. I cant tell if its allergies, or if a sickness here, because two days in the past week, i havent been able to stop sneezing. but i will figure it out, it only hits me really hard sometimes. But i think its because of the summer.... We are now leaving summer so i am sure that it will go away. Mom thanks for the birthdays i am very happy to have them. I am sooo suprised that we are now in september... I feel tired though. I feel kind of like a sponge haha that is doing all the lords cleaning and preparing for when he comes, but i also receive sooo many blessings from it also, and through those blessings those are what push me to do even more. Thank you for that quote also It is very true. We should all be more positive and say we can!. for those who dont receive a quote from mom every monday it is from Here's your quote for this week is by Eleanor Roosevelt: "Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says, 'It can't be done.'" But it is very true , so we need to keep all our heads up, and push through things when they get tough. Dad i am very happy that we had part in the convincing of alex hawks. Argentina!!!! that is very awesome. I am way proud of him, and excited for all the blessings that he will receive. also all the people that are waiting for him to come, and share his testimony and strengths. Please tell him i am happy for him. Last night when we were walking home it was pouring. It was very rainy and we were soaked when we walked in the house. Then we went to bed, and then we woke up ready to play soccer because it is like tradition in this zone to always play soccer in the morning at 7:00am mondays. and we woke up to the same rain that we went to bed with. and we still got everyone together and we played in the rain. : ) It was very fun we played for a good two hours and a half, and then it stopped raining, and then we played about an hour longer. I am really tired right now.... hah. For the four months that i have been in this area we have played soccer every morning mondays. I remember missing like three times because of other things happening. but i really have enjoyed this area, I think i will be changed. We have changes next monday and i will probably be traveling somewhere else. But i have really grown to love it here, and if i ever come back i think it will be on of the first places if i return, I know the gospel is true and i know that my testimony has grown even more while i have been in mexico. With the people here in juarez in this big area i have seen sooo much growth and my testimony has just followed the growth with every little thing or miracle that god gives us. I am so grateful to be here, and i am excited for the people here because the ward is just growing and growing even bigger. Pretty soon there should be four missionaries called to this area because it is too big to have just two. . . I know the gospel is true, and i know that missionary work is a huge part of the gospel. I am grateful for the members that are always so kind and giving here. They have all helped my testimony grow through there actions and how we are as gods children. I know that the book of mormong is true, and that joseph smith is a prophet of God, I know that we are all called to help share the gospel with those who dont yet know the fullness and what are heavenly Father has planned for us. So we need to share it. I know that jesus atoned for us so that we could have a way to return to live with our heavenly father again. and i just wanted to share my testimony with all of you in the name of jesus Christ amen : ) Love everyone, be good, CTR, be safe. Love elder fellingham

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Okay month 9????????? feels like months are ticking,,, not time. I am trying my best to live up my mission because i know these things that are happening will not happen again. But i am really focusing on living it up to the fullest : ) even though i might not share a lot there are soooooo many things and miracles that happen throughout my days. There isnt a single day now that i look back on and not find something that was amazing that happened during the day. : ) I feel like my vision has really changed., and i have been trying to smile more.... hah lots of people have been telling me that i look really serious....... including the new president..... : / whoops, but i told him that it was just my normal face, and that i would try to smile more every day. : ) ha i find myself smiling more and more each day. This past week was really good. We worked some things out..... with my investigator that we just baptized. He started seeing his old wife again they got back together in this past week, and we had to explain that they needed to get married. . . by the law. because they said they were married through a church. . but it wasnt for the law. So we explained that to them and i am sooo grateful that they are sooo willing to do exactly what we say.... today they got the papers all worked out, and they turned them in. My companion and other people were there witnesses today because me and another elder we had to go to culiacan today. We traveled their in the morning and traveled back in the afternoon..... ahhh three hours their and three back. It just made me really tired sitting there forever. but it was pretty good. i got to rest a little. But Enrique and rosita took it really seriously to get married for the law!!!!! I am soo happy for them. This wednesday we will check the papers and hopefully they will finish them. But i am just happy and very impressed that they want to obey the commandments. And they are sooo very awesome. We are hoping for three baptisms for sure at the end of this change! The wife of Enrique is taking the lessons now, and she wants to get baptized. This is another wife. . . After his wife died he found her. so she is different. Just incase your confused. but yeah we are working with Rosita, Salvador, and Aaron! They are the ones that should be baptized. Im really hoping to see our efforts grow in these next two weeks to get them all prepared for baptism. I really dont want to be changed in two weeks. I want to stay here.... I feel like it is where i am supposed to be, and i have just seen sooo much progress with the ward, and baptisms while i have been here. I have grown sooo close with lots of people and i dont want to leave them...... I hope all we do is just receive missionaries and we can stay here... hah, I love mazatlan Juarez. Although i love here, it also has been the area where i have been the most sick....... I dont know what it iss. But i think living by the bay and where there is a lot of dust and sicknesses its just the way it is. I dont know and i cant think of anything else. But i got sick again this past week.... My throat has really hurt, and my nose has been running constantly. And i have sneezed a lot. I also got bit by a dog last week....... I emmidiatly asked the owner if her dog had rabee shots and she said that it got them last year...... and i was like hmmm maybe i should go get it checked, but i just told myself no.... haha but dont worry the dog was a chihuhua, and the bite just broke the skin a little bit. and no i didnt get rabees : ) Everyone was startled when i said i got bit by a dog, and then when i told them it was just a chihuahhuah they just laughed at me..... : ) but it wasnt that bad. We almost had an assistence of 80 flat last sunday!!!! We had lots of our investigators go to church last sunday. I was sooo happy, Lixis family came and they stayed for the whole time!!!!!! the mom thought her kids wanted to leave after but they went with all the other kids to their classes, I was glad to see that the members were doing there part. Rosita came with enrique, Angelo came, and others! It was really great. by small and simple things great things come to past. name that scripture, Mom and Dad Love you guys, Hope your well! Dad im glad your back home. Happy your trip was safe, and you progressed with your work! Mom thanks for your quote, and i am happy to hear an update with the family! thanks Thanks for the medicine tip, dont think there is anything about that, but doesnt hurt to check. Thank you for your prayers, Because i feel like they are being answered. I will remember to keep in my prayers about the Clay family and everybody else, Jackie and well anyone else that tells me to pray something specific for them. I have a testimony about specific prayers, : ) Its something really important. I heard through one of the talks by henry b eyring is that probably one of the biggest sins that we have is that in our prayers is that we dont give thanks sufficiently.... because we are all very soooo blessed!!!!! We have way more blessings received than bad things that happen, So count your many blessings and name then one by one, but in your prayers to your Heavenly Father David give your family my love, thanks for your message, know you guys are busy, but i love hearing from you, Im happy for jaxon and how grown up he is! I cant wait to see little austin, and the new one that is coming. Do you guys have a name yet, ???? Mom i have another question, who is jaimes waite??? apparently he is in our ward now? has he talked to you at all.... His name is sooo familiar but i just cant put a fce to his name..... : ) Emily!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo proud of you and your decision to be baptized!!! Good Job! I wish i was their to hear yours and cailtins voice but you can sing for me when i get back, okay? I miss you two, love you guys. Thats about it for this week, I love you all!!! Please keep me in your prayers also that these two weeks of this change can go well and smooth, That we can have diligence when we teach and that we can teach clearly to our investigators. Thank you all soooo very much, Love you all, remember that your all in my prayers. Love Elder Fellingham