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December 24, 2012

Okay everyone, Here is my letter for the family!!! Mom is travelling right???? I hope she is okay because i didnt see a letter from her. esta bien. Love you mom hope your traveling safely. and dad love you too, I am sorry ther is a lot of snow.and you cant play golf. Melanie sent me pictures of the snowfall, and there is alot. !!!! Hmmm i hope veryone is being careful on the road.!!!!!! And i love the pictures of baby austin and baby tom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom is big, he has a big head, he looks like danny, they are both bald. but he is sitting up all by himself in the photo!!! and austin looks like jackson and conner!!!! when they were babies. Jackie i hope you feel better!!! Mom i am sure you have been traveling for a couple days?? i am sure you are really tired. If you flew in sunday! and i hope everyone had a good sunday. I always think about the family on sundays because thats the time when we spent the most time together.!!!!! I miss our sundays. and i was telling our tradition to my companion today that we have waffles every sunday after church. Ha he waqs like what!!!!!! but this morning we wokeup and did opur things fast, washed our clothes fast, and everything. We had breakfast with the president this morning. It was fried chiles and other things, and tortillas. . . . and tea, (herbal) ha.. . . I have been drinking a lot of herbal tea lately, lots of people drink it here in Juan Jose Rios because it is cold here. Its cold in the mornings and in the night, but in the day its warm. The cold here is like an annoying cold, and it nips! but i usually dont wear anything because i am accustomed to worse. : ) and everyone asks me You dont think its cold??? and i say pfff. . . no go to utah right now. : ) no i dont say that ha but its true, They dont know. Everything is well here. Todos de los mexicanos estan listos por navidad y hay musica nivideña en todos lados. Hay muchos personas afuera de sus casas durante el dia, comprando y todo por navidad. Y la verdad es muy divirtido. Este semana pasada nosotros dos, Yo y mi compañero, pues todavia somos infermos. Solamente un poco. Yo tengo algo diferente con mi estomago, y mi compañero, el tiene agripa. . . Entonces, no sabemos que yo tengo, vamos a ver el doctor la proximo semana. Espero que si. Pero todo esta bien, Solamente despues comiendo yo sentio mal, y es acerca de mi estomago. Y ya no me gusto. Pero yo sentio bien cuando no estoy comiendo. Translate: ) david? our translator of the familia, arabic or español. or Mel can. Anyways. Todo esta bien. I cant wait to talk with everyone tomorrow. I am way excited!!!!!! We found a familia here, that live in Utah in orem, and they are visiting and i am giving them a package to give to you. They are things that i dont need here in the mission and they slow me down. It is just more weight to carry, and its easier withought these things. I put a letter on the tope so when you get it read the paper first, You should get it in the following week, They are leaving the 26 to drive back to Utah and the mom promised me she would give it to you guys. I am happy it is such a blessing. !!!!!!! : ) Well this last week was kind of slow. We didnt have very many lessons. . . . and our numbers were down with our goals. but these dont matter to me, It is just a way of saying that this past week wasnt the best. . . I and elder Casimiro are still trying to figure out what we need to do. . . Here. There are many problems here in Juan Jose Rios with the members and everyone. . . The assistance of this last sunday was 13 people. . . . ridiculous I know. But we are trying to work with the members because the members arent as strong as they can be, and we need to go back with the basics and teach everyone and really help them. I dont think we can progress and keep adding people to the church here if in the first place the members arent fortified. . . . Which they are not. . . So we are trying are best and we have plans to change a few things and find specifics that we can do to help the people here. We also have ruiz cortinez yes dad! and we take a bus their. It is like 15 minutes away in bus, and there are more people that go to church there than juan jose rios. There was 30 people there the las sunday. . . . And the mission closed Ruiz Cortinez. And we dont know why. but It is still our area and we still go over there. We choose specific days to go and work there for the whole day and It is fun to have more divirsity than working in the same place todos los dias. I am happy we are here, and I an elder Casimiro work well with each other. We have a lot in common and i am happy we knew each other before the change. It was a bit of a suprise but It is fun and we have gotten to know more about each other in this first week!!! The time is flying by. I have great news!!!!!!!!!! We are going to have a baptism this next saturday, And it is Beatriz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is ready, and it has been officially announced in the church and all the members know. (the 13 members) that go. . . hah but It is set in stone now: )!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. Elder Casimiro acts like i am going to be baptizing her. . . we were looking through the baptismal clothes today and trying to find one my size. . . and for Beatriz. And so this will be my first baptism, She was a little prepared before i got here and then we finished teaching her everything. I am sooo happy i have part in the teaching also!!!!! I am sooooooo happy for Beatriz and her decision!!! She is really awesome. and she knows a lot. We still need to see how her interview goes first. And if she pases the interview then she can be baptized, but she should pass it. She knows a lot. And she knows its true. !! She paid her tithing this last sunday and everything is done. She has done everything!!!!!!! : ) I am excited for her.! It adds to my testimony everytime i see an investigator grow and understand more about this gospel. and i am soo happy that we were all raised in this wonderful church. I have a testimony and it has been held inside me for a long time. . . I only remember few moments in my life where i have shared my testimony and here in the mission I can share it whenever I want. I know that Joseph smith was given the proper authority to start this church again on the earth. and i know that through the power and authority of God he restored the exact things that jesus had when he was heree on the earth. and through time we have the fullness of the same gospel today. There isnt any feeling in my soul that this isnt true.I am grateful that i have gained my own testimony of these things. And i know that we need to keep adding and building to our faith each and everyday of our lives to help others understand what we know is true. We are preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Especially in these times because lots of things are changing and we are seeing them occur right now in front of us. and We need to do all we can to acheive all that is posible before la segundo venida de Jesucristo. El es nuestro salvador y redentor. el prince de paz y lo se que todos esos cosas son verdaderas. Este navidad El es nuestro rey y espero que podemos hacer los cosas buenos para mostrar El que realmente somos hijos de el. El fue nacido en un pesebre, el hijo de dios!, por que humano, todo de nosotros no sabemos. somos hombre. Y eso es la razon porque siempre necisitamos aprender mas cosas que son de dios. Y un dia lo se podemos ser glorificados y perfectos, como nuestro dios. Si seguimos con que lo que es correcto. Te amo mi Familia. Mi amor por ustedes es muy fuerte cada dia y esta creciendo. Estoy agradecido por todo que me ha enseñado I love you everyone!!! i will talk to you tomorrow.

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