Monday, January 14, 2013

January 7, 2013

Okay here is my letter for this week! We are doing well, We have moved over to Ruiz Cortinez now, The people are very nice here also, and their are more members, IT is a suprise because Ruiz Cortinez is more small. The members are very strong here, And it makes me soo happy to se that they are. Their are also lots of inactives, But we are going to start reacivating them!! one by one, And i know that we can. We have a plan and we are making Ruiz Cortinez more organized,!! : ) I am happy i am here, and i know most of the members here because when we were in juan jose rios we had divisions with ruiz cortinez. So it is nice that i dont need to get re acquainted with everything. I know pretty much where everything is also, It is easy to find things here, We are tryign to work with a family here and they are the closest to having a baptism soon but still very far away in the lessons. They are the familia de la paz. very poor also, but we are trying to put together a service project for them. We are teaching other people also, but no one in specefic is really close to having a baptism. We have found new investigators about three, Cesar, Javier, and hmmmmm????? others, ha. Cesar is in his fifties, has blue eyes, and looks like brother benson that lives down the street from us, in saratoga springs. . . and he has a big family, They are very interested, but didnt take advantage of our invitation to come to church this past sunday. But we are trying with them, and JAvier is 22 years old and he is very bright, but he thinks he has to work all the time. He understands everything we talk about, and he is our other main investigator, We have rosa and her husband, they are very friendly good people. Living together, not married, about in their late forties, rosa has a smoking problem, but comes to church everysunday, and they like it when we come and teach them, we try and give them goals to change, but they wont change. . . . the husband likes to gamble and yeah, they are very nice we are trying to work with them also. but not progressing. This is whats happening right now, Me and Elder Casimiro work really well together, we are good friends. He is from Xalapa vera cruz, We have three more weeks together, and things are going well. I hope everyone had a good new year, 2013 crazy huh!!!!!!!!! Still alive, The world didnt end, I hope mom is doing okay, really busy as usual i assume, Is she okay?? Dad love you, i hope school is going well., Starting up again after the winter break, I hope you have safe trips everyday back and forth from work. Especially in this winter, It sounds like its pretty cold, It just makes me laugh when the people here ask me are you cold? ha No in utah its 8 degrees below 0. : ) But it is a little chilly here in the ights, i wear a sweater. I am doing well, healthy, learing a lot. Me and my companion are trying to wake up earlier every morning to study language together,, he is trying to speak english and learn english. I have been waking up on time, im going to buy an alarm clock today, the ells fargo one broke, and i bought another one, It didnt last a day because it was way cheap, haha, right when i opened it, it fell, and broke on the ground. . . . We use the cell phone alarm, but i feel like i need something that is more powerful to wake me up in the morning. : ) i really want to wake up and start exercising but it is really hard for me for some reason. . . . i dotn know why, we are usually really smoked by the ed of the day, and in the mornings. . . i have blisters again, and their is nothing much happening other than trying to teach new people. There are lots of people here and they always go out to work in the fields in the morning. Lots of agriculture around us, There are airplanes also they dust the crops, it is really cool to watch.!!!!! I am learning more in the scriptures everyday, and i am greatful for them. I wish i had more time in the day to just be able to sit down and read my scriptures. . . Joy I am happy you and your family returned safely. HAppy you had a good time in california. MEl i love you happy new year to you also, : ) : * : * : * Another thing that i would have done mel before i left on my mission is that lots of missionaries have music,! It is always good to be able to listen to music while you are in the apartment that you have, They have like a little ipod nano( the new touch screen ones are nice. with mini speakers and a wall charger, and i wish i would have saved up and bought one before my mission. But i would say to buy one before you leave and put some good music on it, like church music. You cant have headphones so you need to buy small speakers, but you can put EFY music, or orchestra music or tabernacle choir, Idk appropriate music for the mission, : ) I love you, keep studying in pmg and your scriptures,! I hope everyone is doing well in the family, !!! I cant beleive the weather is below freazing. I love everyone and this letter will be a little shorter today, There hasnt been that much going on. But i love everyone. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios

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