Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Already!!!!!!!!!!!!..... another change has almost gone through.. Next week we have changes again.... nad it is sooo crazy to me. One of the elders that i was really close to is already going home to florida..... he was a good example to me, and i will miss him. But i know that we are all doing what is right right now. I know that every missionary has a purpose!!! and that if we work our hardest and our best we will find our purpose. Work has really tought me a lot in the mission, and i know that working is very important : ) never will i look back and decide not to take advantage of any type of work ethic. to strengthen it in me. I love the mission, I hope everyone is doing well. I miss everyone. I hear all your great stories, and whats happening and i just smile, and i am happy that i am here in the mission serving other people : ) it really makes me happy to hear about everyone though, and about the lives of my family!!!!!!!!!! I feel like my letters are getting old... haha mom and dad are probably like ooooooppp another letter from ben.. ha but i really am starting to feel like old in the mission... i never thought that it was going to happen. I dont want to be old.... : / there are soooo many new elder in the mission also!!!!!!!!!! It is crazy. I hear by december we are supposed to have up to 200 missionaries again. when we split with obregon we had a little bit more than 200. but now we have like 90 or 100???? i dont know but it is crazy to think.. I am doing well. Progress with our investigators!!!!!!!!!! Enrique has basically just blown us away with his decisions in the past week, and the way he wants to live. He is a very awesome person, he has a lot of friends in the church right now, and he is growing spiritually like crazy. He has decided to move his baptismal date from the 31 of august to the 7th of august..... we were soooo suprised. The 7th is a very special day for him, and i still havent asked why yet, but i think it was when his wife died. He is going sooo fast in his progress.!!!!!!!! He will for sure be baptised. He is living the law of chastity, and he has not drank coffee since we talked about it. or drank alcohol, he was never addicted in the first place, he would just every once in a while. but he is amazing and awesome. I am sooo happy to see how far we have come with him. He basically has all the lessons, we just need to talk to him about tithing, and thats it!!!!!!!!!! Enrique will be baptised, and i know it. Lixis is another investigator but she is progressing slower... at a slower pace but she is doing all the things we have asked her to do. We will see about her. We have received new people to see that are both ready to be baptised. a 12 year old that has family that are members, and he wants to hear the missionaries, his parents are fine with him being baptised, all he has to do is just listen to the missionaries!!!!!!!!!!! he is cool, and also today we received a reference from someone that is ready to be baptised, he is 9. Ther are missionaries that go for children sometimes..... and i promised myself that i would never do that... If the child does not have someone to support them in the gospel and they want to be baptised it is kin of sketchy for me...... i dont like that. But if they have someone to be by their side, and to take them to church every week, que bien... : ) I am very excited to see what happenes with the changes. I am sure i am going to stay here again in Mazatlan. Its rare when they change trainers. But we will see. I am just happy to see the progression here in mazatlan juarez!!!!!!!!!! We had the bishop come in the morning and he told us to come into his office..... and he said he needed a favor from us, and we asked what do you need!!! : ) and he said a blessing.... and he kind of broke down... and started crying. He is still a new bishop,a dn i can tell he has had a bit of a hard time getting the hang of things. But we tried to comfort him, and then i told my companion to give him a blessing, and he did, it was a very beautiful blessing, and after he was fine. We are trying to not only help all the investigators, but we are also trying to push this ward forward..... the members have been a great help, and we are still getting things going. The assistance in the church now is a solid 75. And we are still finding inactives. almost everyday. We are trying to help a lot of fmailies inactives, but they are very awesome and trying to do their best. I really have grown to love this area. It is really hott.... but very pretty. I love you mom i am doing well.: ) i can be stressed at sometimes, and really tired other times. my companion asks a lot of questions that i dont even know the answer to and sometimes it is hard to talk to him... haha, but i know if i dont he will feel bad. he is very smart, and he came like that into the mission. He only had two weeks in the mtc and wow.... it has just kind of blown me away this change with him. A little worn down but the work goes on. I am happy you are happy mom, keep up the good work with CEO space, and everything that is happening, being a grammy, and loving everyone in our family! if you send me a box, i would like reeses pieces. Thats my favorite ha... but i really dont need anything. I am fine! love you. I like that quote. Dad i am happy that you feel stronger, that actually makes me really happy and glad. I love you, and i need my parents to be healthy : ) Tell johnathan i say hi : ) amd the stake president when you see him. Tell em i miss em. Angela i hope everything goes well with your interview, and that you got the job. Tell your boys i am happy that they are busy, i am going to try and send them a suprise tomorrow, but i dont know... I am never sure about mail here...... i dont like it. But the things i am sending is for the parents to decide. which one goes with which child..... there is enough for the oldest nephews i think. atleast i hope. I am going to just send it to the house, and it will say fellingham fmaily, in a yellow envelope. i hope they like them. Also tell your boys that i am also playing a lot of soccer : ) every monday we play with a bunch of people on an artificial field here where we live. It is very awesome, and i feel like i am better than i was before i left my mission. We will have to see when i get back. i hope to play with the boys a lot. Elise love you and your family. It is nothing big, just memories. I hope you get it. im sorry to here that he broke his arm again............. how horrible, tell him to drink more milk ; ) love you guys. I love everyone else and i hope that you are all well!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and be good, Love elder fellingham

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

This last week was super fast!!!!!!!!!! like faster thanany other week i have had ever. I didnt know work could do that.. me and my companion have had pretty good thing happen this past week. we have three baptismal dates!!! and thats exciting, we are working with the same people. Enrique, cesar, y lixis!!!! They are all progressing. some more than others. but they are all great. we had 84 in our essistance this last sunday. yesterday... It was very awesome!!!!!!! Its sooo cool to see the benefits of your work.. More and more people are coming every week. We are finding more and more inactives everyday, that are justready to be strengthened again..... I have no idea what happened to this area... but it is humongous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we find inactives every day. . . . Oh im a member of that church , i was baptized... but now i dont go.... ????????? Its like what happened..... There are soooo many people that say that... but there is always an explination. Nothing is really new. still just working away being a missionary :) we have updated our map of our area. we are still trying to finish it all. next week i will send a picture of how big it is... ha. We woke up early this morning to play soccer, that was super fun. This is my first area where i have gotten good exercise. of how big it is, and we have bikes, and we wake up in the mornings to go work out. It is very good. !!!!!!!! Mom i ma happy that your out doing your thing with the win!!!!!! and that everyone is back in the house again... I wouldnt want to be alone either... ; ) But i love you, and i am healthy. How wascalifornia?? tell me about it. I am sure that it is the same temparature there as mexico... : ) It is hot, as danny would say it is smoking my bags. Its basically a sweat press. but i love you mom and miss you!!! Dad happy that youplayed well in the golf tournament.i gave you that message for alex. hawks.. hope all is well!!!!!!! I have also found that dandc is also very interesting. If you could both do me a favor and give me the address of the pontious family. and the address of the wycherly family and the email of bishop hill. iwouldappreciateit. Thiss........ keyboard... es pirata................. Anyways. love everyone!!!! hopeall is well. hope trek went well, and all the fun things that happened. also hope that the laytons have a safe trip. Love everyone. David red truck picture!!!!!!!!! Danny and david how is the police class going. ? Thanks heidi for the pics!!!!!! love getting updates in faces : ) Elise tell your kids i love them. hope school is going well with les. and your marathons!!!!!!!!!!! ihave a gift for you. give me your address so i can send it to you : ) Missy, i just dont understand if i am supposed to take all those pills in the same day because some of them have the same name...?? but tell your kids i love them, and that i got their letters. !!!!! and they made me happy. I will write to them next week!!!!!!! I love everyone!!!Have a Good week!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder FEllingham

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Dear Family!!! and Friends!!! : ) This last week was good, and it was really tiring. But that means that we are working well. We had a lot of visits this past week, but we have a lot of new people. some other people we have decided to stop teaching,,, because they are not progressing. but it just means that they are not ready for the gospel. But There hearts are in progress! The new people that we have found is Cesar and Karina, They are both together and have one daughter. I think they are married, we are going to find out tonight when we teach them. It will be our first lesson with the whole family. They are very awesome and they want to change there lives around sooo bad. Casar says that he has had problems with drinking and drugs in the past. We are still trying to find out a little bit more. But he looks like he doesnt really have any problems. We got his reference through his brother. ha his brothers name is miguel, and he looks like Vin Diesel. he is super buff, and he always rides around on his motorcycle. Miguel and his wife are recent converts to the church, and they are doing great with getting theyre non member family members to get into the church. So we are really working with his brother. (Cesar) They are going to progress alot i can feel it!!!! He has already come to church. Another investigator that we have her name is ilixis. She is 17 years old, and one day we were trying to look for a person that is super inactive, and we found her. We contacted the wrong house, and she came out on the prch, and the first thing she said was ( you have come her to give me lessons) haha, It was funny, because she acted like it was a suprise or something. and we were like uhm..... Well i said have we met before, because she acted like she knew the missionaries, and i have more time in this area than my companion. But she said yes i have talked with the missionaries before, and then she told us where the guy we were looking for and then we left. She didnt really give us an option to talk to her more about what we do. But we went back another day, and we started talking to her mom, and her mom said that she has always wanted to go to our church, to see how it is. also that she has always wanted the missionaries to come and teach her. and they were really happy that we came back.Ilixis wasnt their in the ouse, but she walked around the corner right when we were getting done talking to her mom, and she came back to the house. And so then we gave her a foyeto. a phamplet?? i dont know if thats the word, but it was so she could read about the restoration. It was a really cool experience for me. Now we are going to teach her at 6:00pm with two other girls that are her age from the church. So it should be interesting. It will go really well!!! But it really felt like we were supposed to be there in the time that we were, or else we never would have found that that person was really interested in the church. Anyways, another investigators name is enrique!!! He is super awesome. He had the desire to talk to the missionaries, and find out more about the church. so we are trying to teach him right now. It is hard sometimes, because he gets really off subject sometimes... : / but we are trying to do better with him. We are finding a lot of inactives, and starting to reactivate them. We had 7 inavtive people come to church last sunday. So that was really nice, the assistence was 65 people. Its not that big, but the number used to be 55 so were working away trying to get inactive to come to church. !!!!! My companion is cool, he is doing well. He still isnt 100% accostomed to mexico. but he is doing well from what i can see. he knows alot of stuff in the scriptures already, so thats good. and he already knows spanish, so i odnt need to tech him spanish. But I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!! When is alex´s birthday?? Mom i know your in california working: ) and i love you, Hope your doing well, and your travelling safely. Dad Please wish ELise and Amanda Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Love them. Im happy thast they are going on trek, it will be such a good experience. Love you and mom!!! I think that is soooo many youth. that is a ton!!!!!!!!!!!Only from our stake, holy cow... To compare that to the stake here its just a really big difference. But thats why were here: ) Missy your baby girl is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!! haha she looks sooo happy. and she is very cute. Yay take a break you have a girl. Love everyone. Hope Elise and Amanda had really good birthdays!!!! Love you two, David send me a picture of your truck!!!!!!!! Danny send me a cool picture of you and your family. love you Layton family, Webb family adams family, Clay family, Fellingham family Hair family : ) Everyone take care Love you guys. Elder Fellingham

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

me walking up a cliff thing where they had a really cool view right next to the ocean, and then this is a river that comes in from the ocean. im kinda sun burnt...
me and elder flores ha in front of a cave...
me elder faaumousilli, elder flores, and elder molina
its me in front of the military base that we always walk around. Its actually a marine base, they have a whale and a scorpion made out of guns, it is pretty cool

July 9, 2013

Okay time is going by way to fast!!!!! Someone needs to slow it down. this past week was good; we had a lot of good experiences_ we met new people that are interested in the church; and one of them came this last sunday_ there is a family of three in the other ward and he has a brother that is interested in the church_ and we are going to start working with him! i feel like he is a little bit golden because his brother that gave us the reference has progressed a lot this past month/ two months this keyboard doesnt have a dot to end my sentences so bare with me::::::::::::::::::::: but this persons name is cesar; and he has a family: we aregoing to start working with him° i really hope he doesnt have any problems or anything that has to do with the palabra de sabiduria or anything like that: because if he does then we need to wait until he stops and wait thirty days° but he is one of the new people we have met this past week° another family basically has all the lessons: this is the family where there dad is out on the ocean fishing° its his job° but he should get back soon and then he can listen to us° we have tought them everything and the only thing that is holding them back is to go to church°°° the church is a little bit far and we dont have time to go and get them in the morning so it is really hard° one of the main things for these changes is working with the less actives° there is a lot of less actives here° it turns out we almost find a less active every two or three days°°°° it is pretty sad; and i dont know what happened to this area°°°°°° but i feel like it is too big for only two missionaries° anyways im sure they will send new missionaries here because we are going to be receiving alot more: mom! it makes me happy that there are a lot of people coming to the house° it always made me happy when there was a lto of people in the house° i hope these next few weeks are fun for the webb family and everyone having a lot of family and second family coming through° i miss you mom and i love you° i hope you are doing well personally with your business and everything° try to get out more so you can get relaxed and not be sooo stressed of work and everything that is a comotion in the house° go out with dad when he golfs and rent a cart: ) disfrutalo mientras tienen juntos enjoy it while you have the moments° go see amovie or something° I dont know if i told you i got the package mom!!!!!!!!!!! But i am very grateful for it thank you sooo much. and no i havent bought the white shirts yet... To tell you the truth i never have time too... I will put it as a priority next week. But its also very time taking because i dont know any places here that sell white shirts.... but i will ask around. Dont feel like you need to send any to me. It will just be a waste of time and money also. But i love you thank you!!!!!! Also we had an assistance of 67 people in our ward!!!!!!!!! that was such a suprise for me. I was sooo happy. Usually the assistance is 50 to 60 people. But we worked alot with inactive members and 4 of them came this past sunday!!!!!! we were really happy. I havent seen that many people in our ward since i have gotten here! Love you mom you and dad are always in my prayers. Oh also if someone can tell grandma i love her!!!!!!!!!! and i miss her smile : ) I have been thinking about her lately and i miss her! dad i am glad that everything is going well with golf° that sounds great a 44 only with two clubs!!! 9 holes. sorry about the money $$ i didnt know that was happening....... OHHHHHHHHH look i figured out what i did to the keyboard. it was me i figured out how to put the dot to finish my sentence. I dont know what i did to it. But now my sentences will look normal. Happy day. questions you can use for your class are, Did all the prophets die after the crucifixion of christ! or hmmmm what are some good ones. These past weeks i have had a lot of our investigators pose questions if the mormon women always have to be pregnant all the time..... No. Or about polygamy, No. i dodnt know the others, but we got a lot of that junk : ) and the answer is no. So i told our investigator adela after she got these questions from the internet if she thinks the internet is true, or us when we come to teach her. But that was my question to hear, and after she could see the importance of sticking with the missionaries for the questions about our religion. because we actual live it. . . : ) but those were some of the questions that i received. David that s some exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Red Truck. Send me a picture. But that sounds really exciting! Im glad you got promoted to seargent!!!!!!! thats pretty awesome. What are you allowed to do with seargent, do you get to boss people around, or do you drill???? what do you do with it? Hope your family is well and i love you guys!!! Ang, with all the excitment in the house it seems like you have your hands full. Love you and your family. Hope your boys have fun at soccer camp and efy and trek!°!!!!!!!!!!! wow thats alot. Tell them to live it up, because if they dont they will regret it in the future!!! Tell them that i am sending them something also!!!!!!!! i hope they get it. Its a little present from mazatlan!!!!!!! i will try to send it soon!!! Tell zach and darrel i mis em!!!!! and caitlyn!°!! The same goes with joys family. I am sooo grateful that Kenneth completed his eagle scout award. Great job buddy!!!!!!!!! way to go!!!! Im proud of you!!! Please give your family my love, even the ones who are visiting : ) love you guys. Danny give me an update on life holmes!!!!!!! need it, para que tengan seguridad!!!!!! en la familia. ; ) Missy thanks for your herbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont really understand your instrucciones but i am taking them : ) and they havent killed me yet. So i think il be fine, but if you could hit me up with an email by next week telling me how to take these bad boys to keep me healthy i would be very grateful!!!! Thanks love you and your family!!!!!!! Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not forgotten, how are the adoption papers coming along!!!! Im glad you got that releif sociaty thing sorted out last week, sorry i didnt have a lot of time to write last week but here is a little something something!!!!! How is school going?? hope its not too stressing, Love you heidi!!!!!!! mucho amor coming from mazatlan mexico, did you know that the highest nature made light house is here in mazatlan!!! atleast thats what i have heard. but yeah i am here, and i feel pretty special to be able to tell people that. Love you, be safe when you are travelling to and from our house!!! Love everyone!!!!!! Be good this week, read your scriptures,

July 9, 2013

Me and my old district from the last change. These little carts they have all around town, and they are like forty pesos to get a ride. they are taxis, but very famous here. we are right next to the beach

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

This past week was really cool. Monday and tuesday i was in Culiacan. Monday i slep in the same house when i came here ha and i slept with all the new gringos that came into the mission. They came at about 12:00am in the night. i fell asleep for a little bit, but then i woke up when they came and helped them with their bags. and then we all ate with each other. and then i went back to bed. I didnt know who my companion was until the next morning, i was the first to wake up... ha and i showered while everyone else was sleeping...... First of all the day before i left my backpack in the taxi that took us to the house............. haha and it had all my clothes that i was going to change into the next morning. Luckily i didnt work monday because it was preperation day, and so when i went to bed at night my clothes werent all gross from sweat. It was because i basically just travelled all day. So my clothes were still clean, so i just used the same ones for in the next day. The taxi gave us a receipt and all throughout the meeting the next day it was focused a lot on trying to get my backpack back . But it was a good day, we had the meeting and everything and the president gave us his final words before he left the mission. He gave us a training on how to train the new missionaries, and that took the whole day tuesday. Then we traveled back to mazatlan in the evening and we got back at like 10 30 at night, so it was really crazy that we got back late... but we woke up the next day and started working. My companion is elder pardo and he is half canadian and half colombian. He is pretty cool. I am doing well. This letter is going to be reelly short because my time is up...... We had a busy day today. But i will tell everything the next week of what happened. I love you all, Mom i got your package thank you very much. The first week training my new companion was really well. I am suprised with what we did : ) and what we accomplished. i love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham!!!!!!!!!!!!