Tuesday, July 8, 2014

llegar - July 8, 2014

My flight is on Delta Airlines and my terminal is unit 2. It says i will be leaving unit 2, ? I think thats the information that everyone needs, ha anyways, Yesterday was really busy, me and elder velez were saying good bye to everyone yesterday in humaya, today we will be doing the same, i am going to try and get two areas in.... Here in Culiacan i served in Libertad, Villa Verde, and Humaya. I will be trying to cover members and people that are in villa verde and Libertad. This last week was a very busy week even though everything in my mind was saying you are leaving........ hah It was a productive week, We had the last zone meeting, and we went with the asistents on divisions, The capacitations and divisions took up a lot of our days during the week, and the truth is it was a good last week, ME and Elder Velez are trying to make every minute count and i am very EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Tonight we are going to eat dinner with the president and have interviews, There are still lots of things to do. This is not my last letter....... Atleast i hope not haha i expected my letter to be a lot longer telling all about my mission. but this will have to do, My mission has been amazing, I feel like i have been pushed to my limit and even when we are pushed to our limits as missionaries the phrase that Jesus really does carry us the extra miles is true, He helps us through our problems and helps us go even more than we thought we could I have seen it through these last weeks and I am happy to be a living witness of missionary work, how it is lived, how it is loved, and it has just been a lot of heaven crammed into 2 wonderful years. My heavenly Father has allowed me to love all of his children here in Mexico Starting with Escuinapa, Juan Jose Rios, Ruiz Cortinez, Libertad, Juarez, Villa Union, Villa Verde, Infonavit Humaya. He has also blessed me with all of the love in return from all the people that i have come in contact with. He blessed me with great companions that i will remember forever, I am very grateful for my trainers. They helped me a lot.They always encouraged me to do my best, and when i said things wrong they always corrected me in a loving way. All my companions tought me alot of things and i am very grateful for all of them. I made lots of friends to other missionaries who werent my companions, and they are also amazing. I am grateful for the order of the church that god has given us. Through this organization we are blessed through people who have been called of God. I am grateful for my president and his calling to serve here in Culiacan and forever they both presidente cantu y presidente Velez have impacted my life forever. I am going to talk a little about the fun stuff now, besides getting hit by a black ford Ranger, My finger being bitten by a pregnant cat, sweating in the sun, seeing a book of mormon in the trash, MY hand bitten by a chihuahuah, having big dogs chase us on our bikes, being pooped on by pigeons, waking up with a bacteria growing in your stomach to the tip of your tongue, being stuck in the hospital for two weeks without a change of clothes because your companion has dengue, falling off your bike, getting stuck in the rain, eating intestines, or heart of a cow, I think the worst feeling out of all of these was being rejected preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. being a missionary of the true church of God, Seeing miracles, Listening to the spirit whisper where you should go, baptizing bringing souls unto Christ, helping less actives become strong in the gospel,getting a blessing from your companion, or giving blessings to other people knowing and having faith that they will be healed. Receiving food from people you dont even know. Having great companions, loving the people you serve, receiving revelation the moment you need it, when you see promises in the bible or the bom come to pass. the many blessings that we have been giving. Making friends that i can always be in contact with. in this mission you eat great food every day!puros Mariscos. Learning and growing in the scriptures. I think of all of these things and i get the feeling that everything was more than worth it!!!!!!! I would go back and do it all again, I would like to serve again in the future with a special companion it is one of my goals!!! I have learned to love the scriptures and i feel like i have formed good habits here on my mission, i hope to keep all of them throughout all my life. I know that the mission helps everyone who serves and it will always be a blessing throughout all of there lives. I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, I know that Christ is my redeemer and he loves us unconditionally. I know that Our heavenly Father has a plan for all of us and i have grown to learn that i am one of his children. I know that we all need to do our best to grow and to apply what the prophets of God teach us. I know that the organization today is the same that Jesus Christ had when he lived. I know that missionary work is something constant, and in this past week i have grown to know a little bit what the word constant means, We as children of God need to be constant in the commandments that he has given us, I know that we should love everyone around us like heavenly Father and Jesus Love us. I know that the book of mormon is true and that it is another testament so that we learn and continue in his ways in these days. I want you all to know that i love my Heavenly Father and i love his Son, I know that we need the valor and the courage to stand for what is right in all places and in all times, I Know that families are forever, and i know that through temples we are able to be sealed for all time and eternity, I know that love in the family is a celestial attribute. I know that missionary work is one of the greatest ways that others can know the fullness of the gospel. I want you all to know my testimony and that i love you, I share these things with all of you en el sagrado nombre de JesuCristo amen. Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Lz, Humaya!!