Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Everything is well, i know i didnt email yesterday, i didnt get the time, we didnt go to the doctors yesterday because they had to take new x rays, but they took new ones and everything is okay i just need to have rehabilitation for ten days here in culiacan and then i will be okay, i dont need to come home. My ne Area is libirtad in Culiacan!!! and my new companion is Elder Castillo! They said i can go back to work but to not carry anything heavy. Everything is well. And i love everyone. Hope everyone is well, I am well. And the lord has blessed me, I will email everyone next monday. Back to regular rules.!!!!!! Love you Mom and dad Family, Melanie. : ) love you all.

Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Okay,,, sooo haha yeah everyone knows, anyways, I am doing fine. : ) It was just very unexpected. I never thought in my wildest dreams something that crazy would happen to me. It will always be one of the most scariest moments in my life. But one of the first things that i did after was sat myself down on the sidewalk and said a prayer of thanks to My Heavenly Father. I thanked him for everything i have in this life. and that i was still okay.

So we were walking, and we had just finished a really good lesson. It was with a partially active mom and her daughter that is like 30 years old, and i felt like we had really gotten to her heart, this lesson was in Culiacan, I told everyone last week that we had been chosen to go to this capacitacion, It was all the elders that will pretty much be leading the mission when the President that we have right now will end his period of being mission president. He is going to finish up in about three more months and then we will have a new mission president. But for this capacitacion we all got in a bus and went to Culiacan, they told us the area that we would be working in for these next five days, and we went there and spent the night. The next morning we woke up and got all ready i was put in a group of other people to work with, My companion was a different elder, Elder Eliason, He is from delta Utah and he is a really big kid, He is like goliath and still alive. He is the type of person that looks like he is really slow, because he is sooo big, but the steps that he takes makes up for what your assumption would be.

and sooo i was put with him, : ) and we woke up that morning and we started our day. Our schedule was that we wake up, Get ready meet at the church and then we would all have breakfast, then we would listen to the president talk to us until mid day, then we would go out and work until 5 o clock, then we would meet back in the church and the president would talk to us for the rest of the day. So yeah!!! Finished with the first day (the 13 my birthday) everything is going well soo far, Everybody found out it was my birthday from Elder Smalley, and it was another Elders Birthday also, and he was actually one of my friends from Juan Jose Rios. So it was a good day. We went back to the house after the day with our group, and then went to bed. Day #2 The 14th wake up, get ready, go to the church, eat breakfast ladi dadi dadda.... and soo forth, it comes to mid day when we need to leave and go out and work. Our area is named Nueva galicia in Culiacan, Everything this day when we leave to go out and work is bien Rojo!!!!!!! : ) Its all red because its Valentines day : ) and everyone has their balloons and their gifts that their going to give to the people they love, and all the mooshy gooshy stuff,

and we had this lesson with this mom and her 30 year old daughter and everything went great. Then after we were walking to the members house where we were going to eat, and it was a pretty long walk, we walked up two pretty descent sized hills of dirt, and then we crossed a free way type road, it had a lot of cars on it that were fast, and we passed that and then there was a gas station that we passed and after the gas station the road curved up, we were at this road, and i had seen a black truck drive up it and it had passed us and it was very noticeable because it was decked out in sticky noted hearts. besides that it was a pretty nice truck, it looked like it had just gotten a new paint job and new tires. Anyways this sticky hearted note truck drove past us and yeah i thought i would never see it again. But then when we got to the top of this road, there was the truck parked on the corner and as we were walking up a girl hopped out and then she started talking to this lady that had her little business here on the corner. She was selling stuff for valentines day, and the girl was talking to her and she was pretty loud when we had passed, i had looked at her because she was pretty loud, and then we had just kept walking and we started down the hill because we had hit the top.

The ladies place where we were going to eat was just the next block, There was also a lady walking in front of us she had a couple of bags in her hands from the gas station and she was walking home but we had cought up to her because as missionaries we have diligence! I was thinking in my mind that we could help this lady with her bags and it was one of those things that just kind of pass in your mind but you dont do it. and we kept walking Then the last thing i heard was the wheels skidding on the dirt on the side of the road, and i remember Elder Eliason yelled out my name, and then i remember waking up in the dirt. the first thing i did was i checked my leg. I had thought it had gotten broken.It was the first thing that hurt. When my eyes opened i was on my belly and i kinda remember spitting out a little dirt because there was dirt in my mouth haha. and i looked around me and all the stuff in my shirt pocket was scattered all over the placethe first thing i saw was my name tag and i reached over and grapped it : ), then i checked my leg again and i could move it by then and i figured out that it was soo bad, i kept moving it to make sure it was okay. and i thought to myself well. . . if im okay then i can probably get up. By now alot of people had run over because they saw what happened. and they were all yelling to just stay where i was, Then i heard Elder eliason call on the phone Elder Fellingham just got hit by a car, and then he came over to me and he was like dont worry everything will be okay, haha, and i was like going to get up, and he saw me trying and he was like NO dont get up so i went back down on my stomach and then i was like i want to get up! so he was like well okay, and then i got up and i picked up my things and i put pressure on my leg, and it hurt a little bit, but i was okay. . . . . Then i noticed that the lady had gotten hit also, and she was worse than me and all the people were helping her because she was worse, and i went over and standed by another car in the driveway of the house that i got hit into. well the yard. and then i felt like i should probably sit down, so i did, and i waited there and the firemen came and then the police, and then the ambulance. while i was there when i sat down i said a prayer for me and the lady,

I didnt ever really think about the girl in the truck, i dont know why but she is like the last thing i thought about, i looked over, and she had totalled the truck, there were little sticky notes all over the place, and she had went head on somehow with the tree ofter she had hit us? when i looked where everything was after and everything where they were in there positions nothing made sense, it just was a really. . . . freak accident. With the twent to thirty steps that i took after i saw the same girl on the corner talking to the lady to when she had hit us and i had tried to do the math, everything seems impossible the way it worked out. I dont understand how she hit us fishtailing and then she had time to reverse the truck again and hit the tree that was five feet in front of us head on. Everything in their positions just doesnt make sense, and i still dont know how everything happened.. . . but yeahh. . . what a whale of a tale : ) anyways, The ambulance people said that it was procedure to take me in the ambulance also, even though i wasnt badly hurt. I remember everything soo vividly. The people that ran to see what happened a few of them knew the lady who had gotten hit and they called her daughter who lived like two houses down and she ran out with her baby girl that was like three years old. She knelt down next to her, with the three year old in her arms, and was freaking out, and the three year old started crying saying abuela in spanish. . . . when i saw that it made want to cry. . . . I was just really shooken up, : / and i still have like little flashbacks of right before i got hit, I feel like i just try to hard to remember how everything really happened and it is weird because nothing makes sense.

But i am just grateful that i am okay now, and i can see progression in my healing, and im okay. The only thing that i am really worried about is my spine. I dont understand how bad it really is. It was hard to understand when the doctor was explaining in spanish. I am not a anotomist that knows all the words to the body in spanish,.... i am a missionary. but all i know as that i have been regaining my strenght quickly, and i feel like Mom and Dad that you are both right. . . my body does and has always healed quickly and i am very blessed. . . My president told me that me getting hit was a sign of something that i need to understand with the lord. Something like that, I am sorry that i wasnt persistent in having you guys know sooner. . . I wasnt sure, and i was nervous, and i just didnt know what to do. . . I figured i would email dad about it, Mom please dont be offended, but i knew that you wouldnt have taken it as well and you are scared, and still scared. But i am fine. I have been blessed by everyones prayers, and i know that the work needs to go on! I have felt lonely these past three to four days to tell the truth, and i think in the moments when we are the most (loneliest??) is when we really get close to hmmm God. I have really just gone to him, and he has comforted me in a way that i know nobody here on Earth could have. . . These past days i have had time to study, and i still feel like i need to take more advantage of it. . . I have learned a lot from my heavenly Father in these past days and it is a testimony to me.

I am still learning, and i dont think i will go home, i have just had soo many thoughts these past days, It is hard to think that if i really do have to come home, It will be really hard for me. I know it will be hard for me. . . . and i dont feel like its right. To come to a point where you are solely focused on something that is sooo great and then have to return to a level that is where you never have progressed at all. Its really hard. I really feel like i have changed a lot. Alot of things have changed for the better, and it feels like going home would just be throwing it all away.....? ha i dont even know how to explain how i feel. but im sure everyone can understand the situation. Its like someone who really loves basketball, and really loves hockey and they play both, and they have a game that is at the same time and they have to choose which one they want to do. It is like that. . . . its like, , , Mission or Health? I know that even if i did come back i still would be able to come back to Culiacan Mexico after i got better. I feel like im progressing though. I know that i will be fine, and if i put more faith in God than he will do the rest.

Anyways. . . . Everything is well. I will try to say everything i can to the doctor to keep me here. I was surprised also mom that the president didnt really take it more seriously? he didnt go to the hospital or really anything when he heard about what had happened.? that made me kind of i dodnt know. . . hah it just made me feel like getting hit by a car isnt really that important i guess. . . but i dont know we just need to understand that things are really different here in Mexico, and we just need to be grateful for what we have. We have a lot of things that other people dont have. And i am grateful for what we have. and i am learning to be grateful for what other people have. It is called humility and it is one of the traits that our savior has. : ) I am grateful for everything, My parents, My family, where i have grown up my whole life, the people that are in my life, cool friends, an awesome Girlfriend. The United States. I am grateful for everything. and right now i feel like it is just a little lesson that i am being taught. I teach everysingle day. . . . ha and maybe it is time to have a little bit of time to be taught.

I read a talk in the general conference magazine that you sent me, and one was talking about something about the cows, haha the cows. . . yes the cows, but It was someone saying that when the cows have the 10,000 acres to roam. . . why do they still find the fence and stick their heads through it to eat the grass on the other side. and that was something that caught my attention. . . When we have such little guidelines that are easy to read and obey. . . why do we still try to stick our heads through the fence. . . why do we still try to push the limits... I have been thinking a lot about this and it has helped me learn a lot about obedience. We need to be more obedient i feel like. When we have everything that we know to have a perfect life, why cant we just do it and have it. . . why is it soo hard. ? I have had a lot of humility these past days trying to figure out why this has happened to me. . . ? i have asked it over and over again,, in the beginning i feel like i know why, but at the same time i dont and i am confused. I am not mad. . . and i havent been that happy these past days. . . and people have recognized it, but i have just been given a lot of humility these past days to think a lot. and i feel like i have received a lot of peace and comfort with what has happened. i am grateful for my life and everything i have in this world. . . and i hope we can all have a little bit more humility we can humble ourselves just a little bit more, we can be touched by the spirit in ways that will help us in our lives. . . in these days. .I feel like i am just rambling. . . but this is what i have been feeling these past days : / hah and i hope everyone is doing well, David and jackie send me pics of the house. hope everyone had good Birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love everyone sooo much. Pleaase dont be worried about me, i know that everything will be fine. I am grateful for all the prayers and tell the ward that they are in my prayers : ) I miss everyone, and i am grateful for the great ward that we live in. Everyone is sooo amazing to me, and i am grateful for every moment i have had in this wonderful life. : )

Melanie I love you sooo much! thank you for all that you do for me, te extraño muchisimo, yo estoy bien, y me gusto su caja por mi cumpleaños. . . haha Tambien me encanta los photos, mucho mucho gracias espero que todo esta bien con ti y su familia!! te amo y si me viene a utah voy a tener la opurtunidad a ayudarle aprender un poquito antes ira a salir. : ) te amo con todo mi corazon,!!!!!!! Oh yo necisito su domicilio en españa pór favor!!!!!!!! y yo quiero ver su mapa!!!!!!! tome un photo de su libreta de la mision por favor. Y no puedo creer haha los vasos. . . haha their cute love, I love you. Espero que tenia un buen dia de san valentin. . . yo no, , , pero esta bien. : ) todavia tengo mi vida para amarle mas tarde ; ) despues nustros misiones. Y siempre esta en mi corozon mientras. Love you take care.

<3 Elder Fellingham

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ben!!!

February 11, 2013

This is my letter for this week. Today is the 11th Of February. First of all, I wish mom a Happy Birthday because i wont be able to during the week!!!!!!!!!! I love you and i am grateful that you are my mom! I really hope you got my letter in the mail. It is for your birthday!! I am sooo blessed to have you in my life a wonderful mother to always be there for me. I dont remember a single time when you werent there for me mom, Always in my hockey games, and always sitting up there on the top row with like three blankets still cheering for me. : ) I know it probably wasnt the happiest sport to choose for you because the cold is very displeasing. It is not like those warm swim meets where the whole room is humid with pool water, but i am sooo grateful for your encouragement all of my life. It really means more to me than you think to have a super mom, Who tries to be in all the places she can be in all at once. I am soo happy for our relationship together and our love that will be for as you always say Eternal. I am so happy to have you in my life. And nobody could have a greater example than you and the hard working momma you are! Thank you for being my mom, and thanks to our loving Heavenly Father that he put us all in the places that we are in right now to grow soo close together and love eachother. Les and Jackie!!!!!!!!!! I wish you both very Happy Birthdays tomorrow. .!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have very good days, and i am very happy you are both a part of our family! Our Eternal family. Well i dont know what to say about this. . . . . that you guys arent receiving my emails. . . it makes me a little bit frustrated, because there is nothing that i can do. It tells me that my emails have sent to you guys, but I dont know if you really have received it, I miss everyone and i really hope that you all receive this one. I am trying to attach pictures also. So i hope you get them. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes,,,,, i cant beleive that i am going to have 20 years,,...??? It is like what did i do with my life this past 20 years?. . . haha. It is weird to think that i will have 20.... I dont feel 20 yet,,,,. : ) Its weird. but life continues on!!!!!! anyways, I will try to buy something with the money mom, ha but their just really isnt anything that i need, The work puts you in a position where all you really need in life is the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and ya thats all. . . . hah. Nothing else is needed. But i will try to find something. maybe il find a good watch, because the one that i have it doesnt tell time that well, and literally all day we are spending most of the time looking at our watches looking at what we need to be doing next. It is soo busy, and i can never really tell the exact time with the watch that i have. Soooooooooo we will see. The work is good here. We are going to receive 20 new white kids next week, and i am afraid that i will be training. Atleaast i think i will, I am not 100% sure, but i have a feeling. I have only been with elder smalley for two weeks, and we have one more together. This whole next week we have been called to go to Culiacan, We are going to be getting trained how to do things, It is called seminary. And the President doesnt have them very often, and he only chooses specific people i assume,,,, because not everyone is going, and it would cost the church a lot of money to have every missionary go to Culiacan. So I and Elder Smalley have been called to go there for the next week,,, all the signs seem pretty obious that we will both be training. I think the president will open up a lot of new areas also, because all the areas are already full. So we will see what will happen. Its going to be a little crazy down here in Mexico for a lil bit. The familia Moya is progressing sooo much, All the family came to church this past sunday, except one of the sons and it was only because he was sick, he would have come if he wasnt. So we will have to see if we can still baptize him. We will have to get permission though. They are for sure going to be baptized the 23 of february. I was soooo happy to see the husband walk into the church late!!!!!!!! Better late than never, It was such a releif because if he had missed it his date woould have fallen. But he came!!!!!! It was great!!!! So they are still n track with their goal. I am happy for them, It is sooo fun to start out with a family and watch them grow in the gospel, it is carazy hard, and crazy rare, but when it happens it is something sooooo Beautiful. The family just blossoms, and fits right in with everyone else. Mercedes the wife paid her diezmo for the second time!!!!!! She is crazyy on fire with the church she really loves it. Why is it sooo much easier for women to accept the gospel. . . ; ) Their spirits are always ready, and the spirits of men are always harder. . . but when they find it in them they are like a rock and wont budge. . . . IT is fun. !!!!!!!! :) Everything is fun to see. I love everyone I hope you moved into your house david and jackie, and i hope everything went well.!!! Miss the snow!!!!!!!! I heard that it was one of the most ferocious winters in a long time. We had a new district fly in from the MTC and they were as white as snow. . . . . . . . . Their sking is like crazy white and it makes me wonder if thats what i looked like when i got here to Mexico. It makes me wonder how white everyone is going to look when i get back. . . . hah. Mel no recibio Sus photos de su area en barcelona, Porfavor enviarlos otra vez, Yo quiero ver los. !!!!!!! A veces i receive your emails late. . . . i dont know why, i dont like it though. Estoy feliz que usted tenia tiempo para quedar con sus amigas!!!!!!!!! Que divertido. Yo recuerdo todos los tiempos cuando estabamos con ellas haha. . . Los memorias son tan buenos. : ) pero tambien me gusto a tener este photo en mi mente en nuestro futuro, donde todos de nosotros vamos a hang out con cada quien:: : ) Va a ser muy divertido. no puedo esperar, Te amo mucho. Hay siempre palabras que me olvido a decir a ti. . . . . y you recuerdo durante en la semana y es como. . . . ahhhhhhh..... hah Y despues yo recuerdo. Me molesta, pero, lo se que vamos a tener tiempo solamente para hablar, Vamos a sentarse en el pasto y solamente hablar: ) por horas y horas y horas. I miss it. but i love you, Keep Up the good work, And Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOdo esta bien Everything is good, I Love everyone. Hope you have good birthdays, and a happy Valentines day everyone, Alex, cuidase con las mujeres. Love Elder Fellingham

February 4, 2013

SOOOOOOOoooooo Brand New week!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I miss everyone. I hope All my Nephews are doing well. I miss all of them very much.! I hope school is going great, Any SNow days??? is there still a lot of snow?? There isnt any snow here, i heard in chihuahuah they had snow!. But yeah not here, the nights here are being bi polar, and it is cold some nights and warm others, its kind of weird, we never know if we need to bring sweaters or not. . . i usually just bring one, because the mosquitos are starting to come back out, i got bit like three times yesterday. Anyways All is good here in Ruiz Cortinez, Dad we live in Ruiz Cortinez. There is Campestre, Ruiz Cortinez, and California, And Ampliacion. But we live in the center of Ruiz Cortinez. Its in front of a bank called banorte, There is a street and then our house is on the same side as the Banorte, There is a place like a restaruant and then our apartment, we live on the second floor. It has a white door. Thats where we live if you can find it, I hope those are good enough directions. . . .Probably not but thats about the best i can do. My new companion is Elder Smalley. He is from Levan Utah and he is like a rancher/ farmer, He is a good kid!!!! We get a long really good. We talk alot in english though so its is kind of hard . . . . . Its killing my spanish, and he teaches a lot different, so we have kind of seen how were going to do things from here on out having the first week and all. He is blonde, and we are like exactly the same height. He looks a lot like Jeff, Cousin (Jeff) Thank you for the money mom, I checked my account today and my companion was like what!!!!!!!!!! And i was a little suprised too, But we just bought food, and we bought a lot too, it turns out its different when two americans are together, I havent been with an american for two changes, and its a lot different. But atleast we eat good,. I am well and Healthy. strong, I have been working out in the night before i go to bed. There is a difference, I can feel myself getting stronger. The mission always shows you though that you can get really weak fast. But you have to keep a balance in everything. Its kind of like wrestling. . . : ) but everything is good. My companion and I like a lot of the same things. We have a lot in common and this time it wasnt weird when we started out. We were just really open with each other from the start. So Everything is going good. We are going to receive 20 new missionaries and they will all be cabacho, They are all coming from the United States. We will receive them in two weeks, and we are thinking that there will be a lot of changes happening in the next two weeks, but we dont know. We dont even know where they are going to go. They will have to open up a lot of new areas i think. Or we weill be having missionaries in three s But who knows. We will see what happens. Our investigators are progressing still. We have started trying to find a lot more people, and we have. There is a couple new people, two families. . . and a couple individuals. They are progressing, The family Moya they are progressing. . . well atleast the wife and the daughter. Their is something with the men here, and they always think they need to work. . . . Too work on sundays. . . And yeah thats hard. Everybody here works in the fields. . . and they go out sundays. But we are working with the husband and their family. We are going to go play soccer with their kids today i think and see if we can get them excited to do something or get more comfortable with us. But this is whats happening right now with our investigators. We started going over to california more and thats why we are finding new people. California is just a little part of Ruiz Cortinez and they call it california. I dont know why. . . . ha but yeah. Mom, I hope your events are going well, Sounds like your travelling a lot. I hope you are finding people to help you with everything. I miss you and dad, I miss watching our shows together. I hope the cold is dying down, and nobody is sick. I miss you guys. Hopefully you will start getting some pictures from me soon in the mail because i dont trust the computers here. . . . I have lots of pictures that i want to share with you guys. Thank you for the money for my birthday. Ha i have no idea what i will even use it for. You should take 100 out and give it to Mel to help her out on her mission. : ) Heidi thanks for your letter, Hope everything is going well with you, !!! The mission has changed me alot. And it continues to change my perspective on things everyday, and my attitude towards everything. I am happy because i know its for the better. Angela And Darrol miss you guys. Love you and your family. Elise and Les hope your kids are doing good, give them my love. David and jackie, hope you guys had fun on your cruise. Danny and amanda hope your family is doing well. never hear to much from you guys.. Uhm Missy good luck with your baby coming up soon!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything comes out great , ) I want to Wish all the people happy Birthday for this month. Mom Happy Birthday, I hope you got my letter. Jackie happy Birthday!!! Les Happy Birthday. Mexico gives you all a feliz Cumpleaños. Mel, te extraño muchísimo !! : ) Estoy enviando un carta a ti hoy mi amor, o tal vez mañana pero espero que lo recibirás. Me encanta escribiendo a ti en español :) pero solamente espero que todo esta bien, Como estas tu trabaja? todo esta bien, Platos opesento. : ) En su otro trabaja tiene muchos clientes ? o poco. Yo recibo Su carta con los imaginas de nosotros besando. ME gusto mucho. :) Es muy cute. : ) Mantener su leyendo y conocimiento en las escrituras amor, y siempre usa su tiempo con sabiduría, especialmente porque todavía falta 2 meses antes su misión. Ser preparada. No puedo explicar mi gran amor por ti: ) Siempre estas conmigo, Te amo, Te extraño. I love you. No exciting moments this week, well Everyday is an exciting moment, we met a lady and she read and prayed about the Book Of Mormon and she said she knows its true, we will see if she is going to come to curch with us this next week. She says everything is bonita, and sooo were not sure if she is just aghreeing with us or if she actually feels like its something she wants in her life, but she is progressing also. I love everyone, Hope everyone is doing great, Your always in my prayers!!!! Elder Fellingham