Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

JAnuary 14 2013!!! This computer is very slow. . . ugh. I am doing well. . . Her in Ruiz Cortinez, We have found new people to teach, some of the older people werent progressing, so we had to move on. But the new people that w have are very awesome, one is named elisio and we are teaching him, he is a mechanic and we gave him a lesson last night while he was working on a car. . but he put a lot of attention into our lesson. He is new, and he is very smart. I am happy we found him, also we have another his name is arturo, he is 16 years old and he is very smart also. He actually has a schedule unlike everyone else here. . . : / its difficult to find people that have a schedule here. But everything is good. The members are really good here, and they are willing to do anything we ask them. They lack a little bit of knowledge though and we have to do a lot when it comes to sunday. The leaders are a little. . . they just need a little bit of help. So we help them with that, and the president is cool, he is very dark brown, i think he is from the mountains he is very native. I am sick. . . so these past five days havent been that great, but i am trying to get over my sickness. . . and it is a little difficult to work. but we are still teaching strong me and Elder Casimiro. . we have had some rough patches with eachother but most of the time we are on the same page together. He is cool, and we have a lot of inside jokes. We are going to have another change in two weeks. This change has been really slow for me for some reason. I think its because we didnt get moved that far, and i am with someone that i already knew before. . . . ITs been slow this past week for me. But we are teaching a lot of people, we have two new families, not so strong but. . . trying to make them strong. .. lots of families dont have unity here and it is sad to see. . . but we are working on unity in the family, and lots of other things. I am doing well, eating healthy. . . being obedient, i need to improve in my studies, i feel like a need to get more organizeed. . . and have a schedule the is better. Other than these things everything is good, I hope everyone is doing well in Utah, david and jackie i am happy for your new house and it will be perfect for your family!!! I miss all of you and i give you all my love. I am sorry this letter is a little short but there is just sooo much to do today. . . . Thank you missy for tyhe pills i feel like they have been helping and i take them every morning. I am grateful for them. Mom i hope your even in Salt lake goes well. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck, Dad I love you i dont know the street names everyone uses street numbers here, and still i dont know. . . i memorize things by picture. . . ha lots of the streets here dont have names so it is hard to tell you. . . I will try to find more information for the next week. . . we live in ruiz Cortinez. The church is in front of a muebleria esmeralda. It is in the center of the city/town. please give mel my love! miss her, tell her to write me. : ) I love everyone hope everyone is great. Love you guys.

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