Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 31, 2012

This past week was good. : ) I am happy i got to talk with everyone on the phone. and I was really happy for the next week, no ha i still am happy i got to hear all about everything. And how everyone is doing. I am so grateful everyone is okay, and doing well. This past week was a little bit slow with everything because of the holidays. . . we had our activity as a mission. well part of the mission. We had our activity with three or four different areas, and with the president and his wife and family. There were about 60 missionaries. It was very fun, we played games and ate, and had spiritual moments, and a testimony meeting. I bore my testimony, :) and it was a really good experience. Everyone was sore the next day because yeah everyone is out of shape. . . . pffff my legs and my arm hurt from the games we played. We played dodgeball, and other games. This activity was really spiritual for me, Hearing all the missionaries testimonies was really spiritual, and it makes us all just want to go out and work harder with our investigators. Its really good to have zone meetings and activities for the missionaries i think. It brightens things up out of the field a little bit : ) Then New Years is tonight and i have no idea what we are doing because it has been a little crazy here in the mission. Me and Elder Casimiro are being transfered to Ruiz Cortinez. They are putting missionaries back there again. and it is us!! and so this morning and last night we packed everything up and a member helped us move over there. It was very nice, and I am tired. . . . Ha the house in ruiz cortinez is still a mess from the last missionaries. . . which was my companion now, and another. . . . . . hah. But It was very unexpected, My trainer Elder Anderson is now here with us, he will be in Juan Jose Rios with another missionary. He isnt a missionary, It is called a verano missionary. He is 18 and he is seeing how the mission life is for a month. Thats what they do here in Mexico. . . so i dont know. I have never heard about missionaries that are younger who serve for a month. but This is whats happenning right now. So Elder Anderson is our district Leader, My trainer from Escuinapa. And Elder casimiro is still my companion. and now were in Ruiz Cortinez. so we will work there the last three weeks of the change. It is exciting to be able to work somewhere different. But i really like Juan Jose Rios. . . . I will miss here. I am excited to say that i had my first baptism in Juan Jose Rios. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) It was Beatriz!! she finally has finished everything and is now a miembra de la iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias!!!! She was baptized this last sunday at 9:30 in the morning!!!!!!! before church started. The thing is, we Had her baptism the 29th and everyone came to see her get baptized which was only like 6 people. . . . : / but it was still beautiful. and we had the baptism. . . . but their were no other priesthood holders their to watch her get baptized. . . . It was only me and my companion there. We had realized that we needed another person to be there to watch the baptism that was another priesthood holder. soooo we went to beatriz house and told her after the baptism, and called the district leader, Then he called the zone leader, then i think they called the assistants. . . . . haha to find out if we could have this baptism like this, without a second person. . . watching. . . and they called back and told us we need to re do it. . so the next morning Beatriz woke up early, and she came to the church and we had it again. The Water was freeezzzinngggg!!!!!!!!!!! Its not a font that we can heat, , , we tried to use our iron. . . but it didnt heat fast enough. and so we just baptized her in very cold water. twice. : ) yup my first baptism,,,!!! : ) ha i am soooo happy for her. She makes me so happy and I am happy i was the one to be able to teach her also. We finished the lesson with her and she has grown sooo much. And it makes me happy to be able to see the progress. I have pictures, and i am not going to put them on the computer. . . i am sorry. . . . i will print them and send them in the mail. . . i dont want to lose my pictures again. . . The baptism was very nice, and she is very happy. I am happy for this month with these holidays and I wish everyone a New Year. Dad thank you for the info on the catholic church. Love you, Mom i hope you enjoy the books!!!!!! of pictures!!! and mel ugh my baby pictures. . . . hah I hope your mom had a wonderful wedding!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy for them, was fast! but Its good and for the best. Tell chris i say hi, love him and i love you more. wamh, ; PLease post pictures of your moms wedding. doing well healthy, David thanks for the work out, love you and your family. Miss everyone, and i hope you are all doing well. hope you all have a good new year, and YESSSS i received three packages at the activity. The one from Joy joy with candy, and the one from mom with the calender, and sharpies, and letters, and the one from melanie that was brown, and had lots of wrapping paper, (brown) : ) Thank you for the packages. very very much!!!! Ther is still alot of candy. . . . and the little kids her know where to find it. . . ahhh cada maƱana. . . . . Every morning the little kids that live beneath us come up and are like chillin, whatever you put in their hands they will steal it. Ther was a little boy about two or three years old, and i was standing and he came out of nowhere and reached into my pocket and stole candy. . . . . without asking. 3 years old. . . . . : ) he was very cute, it was obvious that he knew there was candy in my pocket though. .he was searching all my pockets and he finally found it. hah. Anywways thank you for helping me feed the kids in Mexico. : ) no hah. I am full of treats. . . and still eating. This is what happens in this season, dad knows, we cant stop eating even when we know were full. I love everyone!!! I hope you have a good New Years!!!!!!! I miss everyone. Stay healthy, Stay safe in the snow, I pray for everyones safety alot.

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