Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17, 2012

Okay so this past week, , , no baptisms. It felt a little bit lazy in our part because my comapanion is the district leader for another area and we went and worked in that area for a day to help them with things. They were struggling with their goals for the week. And so we went and helped them out for a day, I and elder Casimiro received 3 baptismal dates this day. . . . i was very happy. and it was with this sweet family that is very poor!!!! we walked into the yard after a wooden barbed wire fence,, and it was nothing, they dont have a house, they had a couch in the very front where the husband was laying down sick, and they had a "house". . . . . . but it was like a tarp, and some wooden sticks, very sad, reminded me of africa. But the family is the husband and wife, and a daughter and two boys that looked almost the same age. They were very humilde, they had humility and were very humble, and the wife seems very strong in the church, she just doesnt go to church on sundays, she answered all our questions correctly, and her daughter is very smart. . . I was impressed with this family that has such many good qualities, but live in a ............. dump. Very sad, but they want their boys to be baptized and the husband wants to be baptized also!!!! so this is exciting. This was last week wednesday and now it is the 17th of december!!! Today was changes ( cambios) I received a new companion today, It turns out that it is elder Casimiro,!!! the one i was on changes with!, And we already know each other very well. He is a cool person, and he is 2 more months ahead of me. So we are pretty close!!! I amd excited for this change. My companion was elder Jiminez, and he went to choix, and we were both in Juan Jose Rios!! and Elder casimiro and Elder Arroyo were in ruiz cortinez, The mission closed ruiz cortinez, because of the members here, they are having issues, and it is also a little dangerous there. Everything is okay though. Now me and Elder casimiro have Juan Jose rios, and ruiz Cortinez, so no more Elders will be living in ruiz cortinez any longer. . . But this will be a fun change, I am happy i am still in the same area, because there is still a lot of work to be done. In our casa de horacion, Our (church) here we have about 15 people that regularly come. . . . . It is very small, I will try to send a picture. But also there is a lot of less actives here. . . . like a lot a lot!!! but we are working hard. . . . still working with beatriz. . . she gets sick a lot. . . : / ???? but all she needs to do is pay her tithing on sunday and then she can get baptized. . . . and now we have these new people in ruiz cortinez, with baptismal dates. So i have a feeling we will be travelling back and forth a little bit.!!!! It will be fun and there will be more of a difference! Pay attention this christmas the 25th i will be calling at 4:00pm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be calling from the phone in the church, in the presidents office. sooooooooo be waiting for my phone call at 4:00pm !!!!!! : ) I wish everyone a merry christmas if you dont receive my call. !!! Haha just kidding mom, Dont worry il call. !!!!!!!!!!! I love you all. Mom i hope everything is going well in india. I love you, I am healthy and doing well. We are still teaching the same people and we have found more people to teach. Some have baptismal dates, but we have to wait and see how the lessons with them turn out first. One is named fransisco and he is like 56? we tought him the restoration and he accepted to be baptized, If he receives an answer, So pray for him, And we are teaching a seƱora named rosario she accepted to be baptized also but we didnt give her a date. . . didnt feel right. We will challenge her the next time though. these are the new people!!!. Not very many stories to tell. I am happy i have a new companion. Elder casimirio, he can barely see ; ) jk joke for spanish speakers . I wish you luck on your speeches mom!!! and yes i remember when we slept all day that day haha!!!! We were wasted. I love you mom, your in my prayers, remember 4:00pm the 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks dad for your letters!!! I love you. I bet you are happy finals are over. hah, , , How did melanie do in your class: / she told me she was struggling a little bit and statistics is hard for her haha, dont tell her i told you, ! This last change was a little bit more tranquilo, ( relaxed for me, i dont know why but our area is really struggling. Even though we worked really hard it felt like it was just a really quick six weeks. . . . . I know it is an oposition to say it was relaxed and we worked really hard! but it was just a little different. Especially with this companion. . . He was a little different, and didnt really have a good schedule. So it was hard for me to have my schedule and be trying to get him on his schedule the whole time. He was really bad at timing. . . especially in the morning. I dont know what it was, but it was his priorities, his priorities werent really straight. . . he would do other things when we were supposed to be doing another thing. and it was really hard for me to see because this elder is almost done with his mission. . . And it is sad to see when someone isnt growing in the right ways even when they are in the mission. . . I pray for him, and hope. But he was a little different!!. anyways love you dad. also dad can you explain to melanie about the temple!!! when she gets her endownments taken out!!!!!! i know that temples are important to know about and its one of the many important thing we explain to couples that they can be with each other forever!!! but also aboyt endownments!!! thank you love you. <3 Jackie wish you luck with the baby!!!!!!!! Hope everyone travels safely, !!! For the holidays, Love everyone!!! exito y adelante.

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