Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Okay yeah tomorrow is october... is not paying attention to the time an attribute of christ...? ha this last week was alright..... it wasnt a bad week... it was just a little hard for me. im not exactly stressed at all with everything that they gave me and what i am called to do now. but i just dont know how to explain my feelings about it. I feel like everything is basically the same, but this last week was just not that productive, we went out and worked every day all day... but after the week was over our work didnt show through the numbers..... i always get like a sense of guilt if i dont have enough numbers at the end of the week, and no........... i know we are not here only for numbers. but to know that you tried your best all week and your efforts didnt even show.. it just hmmm it doesnt really help. but i know Heavenly Father is always looking on whats inside the heart. And yeah it was one of those weeks. But i feel like I am helping my new companion. I feel like were both learning more spanish together. I am trying to give him more time in the lessons to talk and try and share his feelings about the things we teach. Sometimes i feel like i need to learn how to shut my mouth and just let him talk..... ha i get carried away sometimes. Its hard to have silence, but silence is also a good thing at moments. Okay so this past week was very awesome also, we also had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!! The missionaries before us, tought basically everything. There is a new family that is here in our little house of prayer. its a rama a branch.. here where we are. But this family came in very strong and very willing to do everything. They know that everything is true, and there children are still being baptized. There is still a couple that are not baptized and we are working with them now. The only thing that stops us is the time that they have. Two of the daughters are nanny s in culiacan and they are only here every fifteen days....... they switch off weeks sometimes. but i dont have any doubt that there family will all be united in the church. The girl that we baptized her name is lidia! She is very smart, and she understands a lot in the scriptures. she comes to church every sunday when she is here. She has already gone to church a lot, and she has a testimony also. She was the one that was baptized last saturday, her sisters name is Blanca and she will be here next saturday and we are going to start to teach her. She already has most of the lessons so it should be easy. but her sister was just baptized and it went well. !!!! Everything went as planned. The members showed up a little late...... but other than that it was good. Il post pictures. There are a lot of less actives here, and we are teaching lots of members, and trying to find new people to teach, I feel like the last missionaries left this are dry...... hah they didnt have very many progressing investigators. and i still dont know who they were really focused on when they left. i asked them and they only told me two people and we went with them, and one is progressing a little bit, her name is carolina! and then the other one is fabian. Fabian haha we went to his house and we asked if he was their, and he came out and we started talking, we asked if he had tme to sit down and talk for like ten to fifteen minutes just to get to know him, and introduce ourselves.... ha and he said yeah its fine, and he asked us to sit down on his porch, and so we sat down, and he went inside. I had thought that he went inside to go grab like the book of mormon or a phamplet that we give to the people that we teach.... haha and well, ten minutes went by, then fifteen,, then at about twenty minutes we were like uhm is fabian going to come back?? ha and we asked one of his nephews, and they were like uhm no he left. He went to go fish..... haha and we were like what!!!! ha it was really random. Random story of the week. but thats what happened. and so we dicided that he doesnt want want anything. His nephews told us that he doesnt really want anything with the church and we were like okay esta bien!! and we left. but other than these people we dont know anyone else besides members,. . . thats why are numbers were really low, is because there are no investigators here. . . but we are searching and looking for people that are interested. There are a couple of families that we contacted in the street that we want to go see again but they didnt want a specific time that we would come back so we couldnt really put one down. but everything is going great. Our main focus is really in the members here, There are alot that arent that strong in the gospel, and we are trying to help them out, and teach them . But this is all about last week. We had a junta today and i got two packages and letters. Thank you heidi!!! and byu statistics apartment, and melanie : ) hah it always gives me an extra push i feel like when i receive something rom outside of the mission. I love you guys i hope everyone has a good week. I am glad caitlyn had a good baptism, i hope everything went as planned. she looked very pretty in the pictures that you sent me joy. Jeffs wedding was a success also, how much time does he have home from his mission??? hah and his wife is ver pretty, they look very great together. I hope he had a great wedding!!! I really like his pictures.!! Where are they going on there honeymoon???? Dad im really happy that they won, i bet that was a very exciting tournament to watch. ha im happy they got gold. Thats awesome. Your statistics helped them win!!!! yay haha. Im doing well, This past week i got sick.... i woke up with the sorest throat i have ever had in my life. It happened two days ago, i dont know what i have still.... its not something that bad that i need to go to a doctors. If it gets any worse il go to the doctor, but it has dies down a little bit. . . People here in mexico get a lot of throat infections.........? its weird. . . it feel like it is in my chest, and in my throat... i think i will put 40 min to go to the doctor tomorrow, I am super excited for conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been excited for like 2 months now..... haha, i am really hopin that my investigators that are in Juarez go to general conference. It will just help them grow there testimony that much more.!!!!!!! We will be driving to general conference to watch it in a different church because we cant receive it in this little casa de oracion.. but it will be fun, and we hope to have investigators their. . . we are working on it. . I feel like something else is going to be announced again in this general conference.... i dont know why, but i feel like lots of things are changing in these moments. The thing i miss most is being able to hear the prophets and his apostles talk in there voice... hah i wish so bad that i could hear the actual thing, but i know that there words are what count, and i will be able to translate there message that they have for us, and thats what counts. It will be my third general conference in the mission and i am looking forward to it very much. Im Excited!!! I hope everyone is just as excited as me,,, hah but i know that we will all be able to hear the things that our heavenly father wants us to know. i know he loves us, and it is the only way through prophets that we can know what he wants. I know the church is true, and it is sooo awesome. : ) I love everyone and my love for this church has grown sooo much in this time that i have had to be able to serve my heavenly father. He has made it clear to me that this is his church and i know its true, I love it, and i know it in my heart with out a doubt. I know that if we listen attentively to the words that they will speak tomorrow, we will learn lots more things that we should be doing in our daily lives, especially to grow more close to our heavenly father. I love you gus and i hope you have a good general conference. Love Elder Fellingham
This is my new companion haha
This is when i went to go get my new companion, hah its with all the new people and there trainers, and our new president and his wife.
baptism of lidia, she asked me to baptize and i felt really bad..... i really wanted my new companion to be able too.... i even asked her, and she was like no usted.... and i was like hmmm okay, my companion will baptize her sister though ; )
My companion looks like dwight off of the office haha, and thats lidias familia and our president of the branch!!!!

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