Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Okay month 9????????? feels like months are ticking,,, not time. I am trying my best to live up my mission because i know these things that are happening will not happen again. But i am really focusing on living it up to the fullest : ) even though i might not share a lot there are soooooo many things and miracles that happen throughout my days. There isnt a single day now that i look back on and not find something that was amazing that happened during the day. : ) I feel like my vision has really changed., and i have been trying to smile more.... hah lots of people have been telling me that i look really serious....... including the new president..... : / whoops, but i told him that it was just my normal face, and that i would try to smile more every day. : ) ha i find myself smiling more and more each day. This past week was really good. We worked some things out..... with my investigator that we just baptized. He started seeing his old wife again they got back together in this past week, and we had to explain that they needed to get married. . . by the law. because they said they were married through a church. . but it wasnt for the law. So we explained that to them and i am sooo grateful that they are sooo willing to do exactly what we say.... today they got the papers all worked out, and they turned them in. My companion and other people were there witnesses today because me and another elder we had to go to culiacan today. We traveled their in the morning and traveled back in the afternoon..... ahhh three hours their and three back. It just made me really tired sitting there forever. but it was pretty good. i got to rest a little. But Enrique and rosita took it really seriously to get married for the law!!!!! I am soo happy for them. This wednesday we will check the papers and hopefully they will finish them. But i am just happy and very impressed that they want to obey the commandments. And they are sooo very awesome. We are hoping for three baptisms for sure at the end of this change! The wife of Enrique is taking the lessons now, and she wants to get baptized. This is another wife. . . After his wife died he found her. so she is different. Just incase your confused. but yeah we are working with Rosita, Salvador, and Aaron! They are the ones that should be baptized. Im really hoping to see our efforts grow in these next two weeks to get them all prepared for baptism. I really dont want to be changed in two weeks. I want to stay here.... I feel like it is where i am supposed to be, and i have just seen sooo much progress with the ward, and baptisms while i have been here. I have grown sooo close with lots of people and i dont want to leave them...... I hope all we do is just receive missionaries and we can stay here... hah, I love mazatlan Juarez. Although i love here, it also has been the area where i have been the most sick....... I dont know what it iss. But i think living by the bay and where there is a lot of dust and sicknesses its just the way it is. I dont know and i cant think of anything else. But i got sick again this past week.... My throat has really hurt, and my nose has been running constantly. And i have sneezed a lot. I also got bit by a dog last week....... I emmidiatly asked the owner if her dog had rabee shots and she said that it got them last year...... and i was like hmmm maybe i should go get it checked, but i just told myself no.... haha but dont worry the dog was a chihuhua, and the bite just broke the skin a little bit. and no i didnt get rabees : ) Everyone was startled when i said i got bit by a dog, and then when i told them it was just a chihuahhuah they just laughed at me..... : ) but it wasnt that bad. We almost had an assistence of 80 flat last sunday!!!! We had lots of our investigators go to church last sunday. I was sooo happy, Lixis family came and they stayed for the whole time!!!!!! the mom thought her kids wanted to leave after but they went with all the other kids to their classes, I was glad to see that the members were doing there part. Rosita came with enrique, Angelo came, and others! It was really great. by small and simple things great things come to past. name that scripture, Mom and Dad Love you guys, Hope your well! Dad im glad your back home. Happy your trip was safe, and you progressed with your work! Mom thanks for your quote, and i am happy to hear an update with the family! thanks Thanks for the medicine tip, dont think there is anything about that, but doesnt hurt to check. Thank you for your prayers, Because i feel like they are being answered. I will remember to keep in my prayers about the Clay family and everybody else, Jackie and well anyone else that tells me to pray something specific for them. I have a testimony about specific prayers, : ) Its something really important. I heard through one of the talks by henry b eyring is that probably one of the biggest sins that we have is that in our prayers is that we dont give thanks sufficiently.... because we are all very soooo blessed!!!!! We have way more blessings received than bad things that happen, So count your many blessings and name then one by one, but in your prayers to your Heavenly Father David give your family my love, thanks for your message, know you guys are busy, but i love hearing from you, Im happy for jaxon and how grown up he is! I cant wait to see little austin, and the new one that is coming. Do you guys have a name yet, ???? Mom i have another question, who is jaimes waite??? apparently he is in our ward now? has he talked to you at all.... His name is sooo familiar but i just cant put a fce to his name..... : ) Emily!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo proud of you and your decision to be baptized!!! Good Job! I wish i was their to hear yours and cailtins voice but you can sing for me when i get back, okay? I miss you two, love you guys. Thats about it for this week, I love you all!!! Please keep me in your prayers also that these two weeks of this change can go well and smooth, That we can have diligence when we teach and that we can teach clearly to our investigators. Thank you all soooo very much, Love you all, remember that your all in my prayers. Love Elder Fellingham

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