Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

this past week was good, we made progress!!!!!!! It was better than the last week, : ) There are lots of less actives where we are, and there are few that come to the church, i feel like for our work right now is to get organized, and find new people to teach... We mostly just need to strengthen our branch, there are new people that have just been baptized and we need to do everything possible to strengthen them so they dont becaome like the rest which ahave kind of fallen a little bit..... but we are working on them also. We got chewy to go to general conference, he is a son of one of the sisters, and he put a million pre textos before we actually got him to come with us... His name is Jesus... and i dont know what it is, but there is like a disease with all the men in our rama, hey have been like plagued with lazy fever or blindness to not know the importance of things, or to teach there children. My President gave me some advice that i can help them with and i am going to try and do it. I have faith and patience with this ramita, usually the ranchitos have always been the hardest, and i think that is why i love them sooo much, They are very humble but they can sting you in the butt with there laziness, but It is going well. I have had lots of time to help my companion, I wish i had even more, sometimes i feel like i am not even giving him all my attention, but its usually because i am trying to do other things that are also important, He is starting to speak more spanish, and I am giving him more oppurtunities to talk in spanish, he is doing well, and learning lots of new words each day. The district is doing well, I am still studying about what my duty is and what i need to be doing to be more effective in what i have been called to do. I feel like its coming a long.. but its sure not that easy. But i like it, I love the challenges that we are faced with everyday, and the questions that we get asked. Its sooo fun!!! We are progressing little by little and thatsd what our heavenly Father wants from us. So we are all good. !!!! I am happy, everything is going great, We dont really have any investigators, just blanca, the sister of lidia who was just baptized. But we tought her last night, I made a huge importance to her that she needs to be reading prayng and meditating about the book of mormon, we put the 20th as a baptisdmal date, and she agreed to it, If she feels good and she feels ready. She isnt stubburn, but one of her main questions was that if she can be baptised more than one time,,,, and i explained to her that yes, but it isnt something that we do regularly haha, just its important that she knows what are the foundations for baptism. 1. We first need to have an age or knowledge of what we are doing to accept being baptised, 2. water, water is important we need a place to fully submerge in the water, 3. Power and authority, we need to have someone that has the power and authority of god to act in his name! Those are the qualifications of a true baptism, and i explained her these things. and she said okay and she said she will continue praying about it! She is very awesome just like her sister, and we are hoping that she will just add to her testimony and baptize the 20th, she is the only one we are teaching, and yeah that basically it. Everything is going well, This letter will be a little short, but i love everyone and i am glad you are all well. Speaking of short Jackie and elise with the short hair. wow : ) just look different but i like it, still like long hair better, but what i have always said, only some girls can pull off short hair, and you guys look good with it, so dont worry about it. Mom dad love you guys. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! mucho, I will get on later today and try and write more, I just didnt have a lot of time to write today. But love everyone family and friends!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham

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