Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Enrique and rosita whaen they were signing there papers to get married by the law, and we all wore our suits ha
This is our district. District mazatlan chaka ; )
me and my sombrero, I teach in this sometimes. no just kidding.
we were rich that day... me and elder becker pardo Hey Everyone!!!I hope everyone has had a good week : ) me and Elder Becker had a good one. It was one of those really fast weeks because we are just sooo focused together. Thats what i like most about our companionship, is that we both are so focused on the work and the peoples needs, and what we need to be doing for them. Okay so the interesting news for this week is that we are almost done teaching the wife of enrique. Her name is rosita. and her baptismal date is this next saturday. We have basically done all the work for her, and she is almost done with the lessons and she knows everything, and is really smart and agreeing to everything we say. She studies with enrique in the night. They were married this past week so that they could be obeying the commandments, I was sooo happy for them. I will send pictures in this email. They were married last wednesday i think!!!! and it was sooo exciting. It was something very cool to see happen. Then later that night we rounded up some of the members and we shared spiritual thoughts, and had cake. It was very fun. Rosita will be baptized the 14th!!!!!!!!!!! aat 6 o clock. The only reason why we cant baptize her is because she doesnt live in our area, and we never gave the reference to the other elders because Enrique and her dont even want to go to that ward. . . . . We have explained the importance to them but they are brand new converts and they have told us were not moving. bbut i am very happy for them. Enrique has his little shop in our area, and he is working their constantly. He repairs shoes, and basically whatever thing that has broken he can repair it if it has to do with clothing or apparell. He is awesome. So we are very happy for this last week me and elder pardo have together, that we will be able to see everything that we expected before this change ends. Salvador isnt progressing anymore because his dad doesnt want him to get baptized....... we are still trying........ but he will not be prepared for his date.... I know he will get baptized one day. He is awesome also. This past week we have basically put all of our attention in members and rosita to prpare her for her baptism. Everything is going well!!!!!!!! I am happy,..I have still been a little sick, but i am just working working....... trying to releive myself from whatever i have. I cant tell if its allergies, or if a sickness here, because two days in the past week, i havent been able to stop sneezing. but i will figure it out, it only hits me really hard sometimes. But i think its because of the summer.... We are now leaving summer so i am sure that it will go away. Mom thanks for the birthdays i am very happy to have them. I am sooo suprised that we are now in september... I feel tired though. I feel kind of like a sponge haha that is doing all the lords cleaning and preparing for when he comes, but i also receive sooo many blessings from it also, and through those blessings those are what push me to do even more. Thank you for that quote also It is very true. We should all be more positive and say we can!. for those who dont receive a quote from mom every monday it is from Here's your quote for this week is by Eleanor Roosevelt: "Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says, 'It can't be done.'" But it is very true , so we need to keep all our heads up, and push through things when they get tough. Dad i am very happy that we had part in the convincing of alex hawks. Argentina!!!! that is very awesome. I am way proud of him, and excited for all the blessings that he will receive. also all the people that are waiting for him to come, and share his testimony and strengths. Please tell him i am happy for him. Last night when we were walking home it was pouring. It was very rainy and we were soaked when we walked in the house. Then we went to bed, and then we woke up ready to play soccer because it is like tradition in this zone to always play soccer in the morning at 7:00am mondays. and we woke up to the same rain that we went to bed with. and we still got everyone together and we played in the rain. : ) It was very fun we played for a good two hours and a half, and then it stopped raining, and then we played about an hour longer. I am really tired right now.... hah. For the four months that i have been in this area we have played soccer every morning mondays. I remember missing like three times because of other things happening. but i really have enjoyed this area, I think i will be changed. We have changes next monday and i will probably be traveling somewhere else. But i have really grown to love it here, and if i ever come back i think it will be on of the first places if i return, I know the gospel is true and i know that my testimony has grown even more while i have been in mexico. With the people here in juarez in this big area i have seen sooo much growth and my testimony has just followed the growth with every little thing or miracle that god gives us. I am so grateful to be here, and i am excited for the people here because the ward is just growing and growing even bigger. Pretty soon there should be four missionaries called to this area because it is too big to have just two. . . I know the gospel is true, and i know that missionary work is a huge part of the gospel. I am grateful for the members that are always so kind and giving here. They have all helped my testimony grow through there actions and how we are as gods children. I know that the book of mormong is true, and that joseph smith is a prophet of God, I know that we are all called to help share the gospel with those who dont yet know the fullness and what are heavenly Father has planned for us. So we need to share it. I know that jesus atoned for us so that we could have a way to return to live with our heavenly father again. and i just wanted to share my testimony with all of you in the name of jesus Christ amen : ) Love everyone, be good, CTR, be safe. Love elder fellingham

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