Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Okay i just remembered that all of you are worried about the hurricane.... I was writing and i had forgot thet you are all wondering if we are okay. everyone is okay and i am not in culiacan. I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Okay this past week got off alright : ) it was a pretty good week to be here not knowing anything and starting from scratch. My new companion is learning spanish, we have been studying our spanish every morning. he is getting a long well. I just feel bad sometimes because it has been hard for me to watch out for him and watch out for our investigators at the same time. I feel like i can get talking sometimes and i kind of forget that he is there....... i know right how bad of me. but i have been trying to give him more oppurtunities to talk. We have been finding a lot of people here just on the streets or in places that we go too, and they are interested. We have already gotten like 8 contacts this past week that were really easy. So it has gone well. There is a person here named lidia, Lidia is 20 years old. and the missionaries here before were teaching her. She has been tought everything. She is going to be baptized this next saturday. She knows that everything is true and she is really awesome. wShe was supposed to be baptized this past saturday but she didnt want to because her mom is gone and she is in durango.... so we decided to wait until they are both here so she can be baptized. We found out for sure that both of them will be here next saturday and we announced it in the sacremant meeting that she will be baptized. : ) everything is going to go well!!!!!!!!!! we are both very excited for her and it was pretty easy for us we kind of just showed up. She is our only investigator since we have been here. and she is the only one that the other missionaries left us... hahaa sooo we are looking and searching for new people. I asked the elders that were here before us, if there is a story about the ranchito that we are in, and they told me.... Their is always a story in the ranchitos. This is my third one. and there has alwas something big that has happened in the two other ones and i just assumed that something also happened here. ... Yes things have happened here. . . . It turns out that villa uñion is really well known for the missionaries here because there has been a lot of missionaries that have been bad........ there are lots of stories here : / but anyways happy face, we will turn that around with our example.... ha I really hope that the people here can see a difference in the missionaries that are coming now. There used to be a lot of members herea, and lots have just fallen away because of the bad example that left the missionaries. but we are here now, and i have faith that things will turn around. i really do have a big vision for villa uñion. It is big in my mind and so are my expectations. I have a feeling that we will really be focusing on the members here, and on cleaning the map up. The map is a mess and it isnt up to date. so we will fix that. We have looked for lots of people and the people that we have looked for arent even here anymore or their dot that is on our map is in the wrong place. . we have another blank map so that is a good start. we have four people with the priesthood in our ward that come regularly : ) .... ha thats another thing that we will work on. Its something im looking forward too. Lots of the men here think that they are going to die if they dont work on sunday. If someone can help me out with words to say on the importance of not working on sunday or if there is another way or something. .. . i havent thought of anything yet. Lots of the people in our ward are cobradores ..... all they do is go to places and collect money, i dont know what that is called in english. but they work every day every hour,,, and it creates problems for there families because they are almost never home. I really hope while i am here and my companion that we can help them realize the importance of no working on sunday. . . they say they will get fired if they dont go to work. so i dont know what i can do. : / if anyone has tips that would be nice. Okay big news jeff is getting married!!!!!!!! It was kind of weird to hear that today because yesterday i was thinking about him, and i was thinking to myself i wonder if he is going to get married soon,, and its weird that things like that happen. ah its like deja vuaa or something similar. But good luck to him, ai am happy for him!!!! i would like to see pictures whoever is going to his wedding. sorry that is not my whole letter i wasnt done so you will reeive two of the same im just continuing. I am a little bit our of Mazatlan and i did not get hit by the hurrican, it was pretty close though.We have had some pretty wicked storms though pass through mazatlan, but i feel like they have just been glances. And i was in culiacan last week, and two weeks before. . . . hah so i dont really know when the hurrican hit, but all the missionaries are fine, i am sure the missionaries their in culiacan are doing service but us in mazatlan we arent doing anything, Everything is fine : ) we are all good. I keep hearing things about the united states,, what happening with russia, and seria and us???? i would like to know if anything more happens with that, District leader is good, all i do is just call everyone at night to see how there day went, and we talk about things that we can do better and things that we can work on, also i receive their numbers and then give them to the zone leaders, we will have our first district meeting tomorrow and i am excited, i just need to prepare something that i can talk about for the time that we are their. also we talk about a lot of other things, that we can do better and other stuff. so i will tell you guys next week what happens. I am starting to memorize villa uñion it is getting easier to know where i am. i know where the majority of the people that we are teaching are and where they live also the members. Dad that is exciting news!!!! that you get to go to canada, with the olympic team, thats awesome. Thanks for the scripture also, is it already getting cold in Utah???????? It is still hott here, well these days have been less i think that heat is down now, i think it will drop down for a good two to three months now, and we wont sweat that much anymore. . . . I dislike very much sitting in my sweaty clothes it has done damage to my skin..... i get like little red spots in specefic areas on my skin and they itch. mostly on my arms.. Mom i cant beleive they are going to divide our ward again..... has their really been that many people moving in ???? and i have a question have they started building those complex homes in front of our house yet, the apartments...???? . . . . are we still going to have the same bishop or are they calling a new one. Alex buddy your pictures are sexy!!!!!!! haha i hope you had fun at home coming, im glad you had a good time : ) keep working hard on soccer, your gonna have to keep up with me when i get back ; ) haha Mom thank you very much for that poem, i really liked it. And it is very true, I feel like the mission has changed me show my feelings more with my face, haha and also when i meet new people everyday, it has changed a lot. mi rostro!!!! Ang i like the pics, they are very nice, very well done. Is that alex s girlfriend?? or just a friend, and the group looks great, hope they had fun, glad your happy at your work, what do you do when your their? is it a lot of paper stuff,'?? Thank you also missy, i am really looking forward to seeing your family, i cant beleive nathan is taller than you, hah wow, and thank you very much for your herbs missy,, they have helped me, to tell you the truth i took the first ones good every single day but the ones that i have now they have been difficult for me sometimes, it is just difficult to have that routine, and i dont know why, they are about half way done but i have not taken them consistently, i know you have already sent me the ones in the box that are on there way, but i think after those ones it should be enough until i finish my mission, haha when i run out i will tell you, but i am very grateful and thanksfull for those, i really do feel like they have helped. im just not a big pill taking person.... ha i dont know what happened to the habit i was in, but i take them when i remember : ) also when i eat.. but im going to finish the ones i have, then i will finish the ones that you just barely sent, and then i will tell you!! or we will see how much time i have left in the mission : ) I love you and thank you, i really want to see you guys, maybe you will move to utah like everyone else, hah who knows what the future holds : ) give your family my love. Joy love you guys and your family. how are your kids, whats going on in there lives, how is your house are you still finishing your basement!!! ?? how did it go with your visitors!!! Elise hope your family is well. love you guys miss you guys. Hope danny and amanda have fun on there cruise how fun, that what i want to do when i get back . ; ) Love you guys, everything is well, this week was super fast for me. the more responsability the more fast the time goes. . . . Love everyone. Love E. Fellingham

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