Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

This is enrique shoe shop, he repairs shoes. From Right to left: Rosita, E.Pardo, Soñia, yo, Enrique
bautismo de Rosita!!!!!!!!!!!!! y los miembros que vinieron.
After party of the baptism, ha we had a mexican night. Noche mexicana!! y fue mucho comida! Okay 3 more months and then its 2014................................ This week was really good, Me and elder pardo we finished the change off great, We held in strong til the end. He is a good missionary and i am very proud of him, and i was really happy for all the time that we got to spend together. It will be a change that i never forget, it was a good one : ) Okay so Yes i have been changed. Today me and elder pardo are still together and tomorrow we will be changed due to when new missionaries come in. I will be training someone else that is new to the mission, and his name is elder rasmasen? i think thats how you spell it, but i am not 100% sure. But I am excited to train someone new again. I feel like with elder pardo we had our ups and downs and we figured a lot of things our together and it was a super good experience. I feel like i needed it! to strengthen both of us. I am going to a new area, It is 35 minutes out of Mazatlan. So technically i am still in Mazatlan, I am going to (Villa Uñion) It is a little peublo outside of Mazatlan. I am super excited because lots of my areas have been pueblos. They are my favorite, and i love helping small wards grow. It isnt even a ward it is a rama. Its even smaller than a ward. Rama means they dont have a bishop, they have a president of the ward, but they are pretty much the one who is in charge and takes role as a bishop. But I am soooo happy. I am really excited for this change. They did a lot of changes to Mazatlan. There will now be sisters in Mazatlan. They havent had sister missionaries in a very long time, like 8 years. I think it has been longer than that. But it is very awesome. They split Mazatlan into two zones now. We have two zones in Mazatlan. It was only one, but they are sending more missionaries here! More reinforcements, : ) They have opened up new areas also. I will be opening an area with my new companion..... I am going in pretty much blind, I dont know anyone, and i dont know where any of the members live either. I am looking forward to that, it will be a fun experience : ) Also I have been moved up to district leader. I will be watching out for other missionaries in other areas also. I was soooo suprised when they told me that. This change seems like it will be a challenging one. But It will be super fun, and a super good learning experience. There are lots of changes going on in the mission, and i am very excited to be one of the people that see´s everything happening. !!!!!!!! through these type of things come great memories. My companion Elder pardo he is going to stay in mazatlan also but he is moving to a different area. We were very suprised when they changed us both........ I dont want to leave juarez. But the missionaries that are coming in are very good also, so we know that all our members and our investigators we were teaching are all in good hands!!!! They are changing our area to be where our zone leaders are going to be. So i am not afraid. : ) Even though i am going to live 30 minutes away it still means i can come play soccer in the morning haha!!!!!! and i will still be able to do divisions with juarez : ) I like the changes a lot. This past week we basically said goodbye to everyone......... we knew we were going to have changes and so we got everyone else prepared also... lots of people didnt want s to leave. Lots of them were sad. I was sad also... It is a sad part of the mission but also a happy one to know that our heavenly Father always has a plan for his children. He knows which missionaries need to be in which area so that they can be able to progress. Also to be able to receive the exact amount of help that they need, from the right people. I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for that. It is a very big blessing that sometimes we dont realize. Did you know that one of the major sins that all of us have is not giving thanks for all the many blessing that we have. That will be one of the biggest sins counted in the heavens. I read a talk from henry b eyring about this and it was very good. We need to be more grateful for the things that we have, and not only say that we are grateful but show it through are actions. They are lots of ways to show our heavenly Father Gratitude for the things that we have. Also we always need to remember in our prayers to give thanks. Not just go through the daily routine of what we are always grateful for. But to do even a little bit more by going out of the boundaries that we sit in sometimes.... and tell our Father in Heaven why we are grateful for the things that we have. Sometimes we have problems in conversing with our Heavenly Father and we spill all the normal things out, and the things that are always repeated in our prayers. But I have seen power in prayer if we try to use different words, and try to make our prayer even more of an effort to get our love and concerns to our Padre celestial. He will count them and listen to them and give us the blessings we need. This past week we baptized Rosita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha well we didnt baptized her, but we did do all the work so that she could be baptized!!!!!! She is now a baptized confirmed member : ) I was very happy for her. There were lots of members at her baptism and it all went very well. Enrique had the honor to baptize her, he received the aaronic priesthood and so now he can baptize. It was a very awesome experience to see my convert baptize another convert which is his wife. They have a very intersting story that we will always remember. It has been a very long experience and it will be a little amotional i think when they hear the news that we are both leaving.... but i also know in my heart that they are very strong in the church, and they will not leave it just because the missionaries left. They are good to go : ) I am healthy and strong, I hope everyone in the family and my friends is healthy and everyone is well : ) I miss you all, and it is amazing how fast the time is going, I feel like before i know it i am going to be back with you all. . . Sooo i am trying to hurry up and do all that i have expected for my mission. My expectations i still feel like i havent reached them, but i am still working at them. I know that when i finished it will be time, and i know that I will feel full of the gospel, and my goals will be reached : ) I am happy to serve my mission, and i am happy to be here serving in Mexico. All is well, and the work continues to go on, Its still going. It will always be moving!!!! :) I love you all and i hope it is not too stormy in Utah. There have also been a few storms that have hit hear, They say that hurricanes have hit here before. but we have only had really bad lightning storms, and there has been a lot of rain. The rain here floods the streets because they dont have a very good draining system. But it all just evaporates once the sun comes out. It goes away really fast. These letter might be a little short, but this was all that happened last week, it just kind of windid down with the changes. I am excited to go to Villa Uñion, they said there is a baptism waiting for me their. . . ha so we will see. I am excited, thats all i can show through the computer of my excitement. But i am grateful. These past changes i feel like i have grown a lot. and everything is good. I love everyone have a good week this week, be safe, be good, and be roud of the gospel. LOve Elder Fellingham

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