Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

This past week was really cool. Monday and tuesday i was in Culiacan. Monday i slep in the same house when i came here ha and i slept with all the new gringos that came into the mission. They came at about 12:00am in the night. i fell asleep for a little bit, but then i woke up when they came and helped them with their bags. and then we all ate with each other. and then i went back to bed. I didnt know who my companion was until the next morning, i was the first to wake up... ha and i showered while everyone else was sleeping...... First of all the day before i left my backpack in the taxi that took us to the house............. haha and it had all my clothes that i was going to change into the next morning. Luckily i didnt work monday because it was preperation day, and so when i went to bed at night my clothes werent all gross from sweat. It was because i basically just travelled all day. So my clothes were still clean, so i just used the same ones for in the next day. The taxi gave us a receipt and all throughout the meeting the next day it was focused a lot on trying to get my backpack back . But it was a good day, we had the meeting and everything and the president gave us his final words before he left the mission. He gave us a training on how to train the new missionaries, and that took the whole day tuesday. Then we traveled back to mazatlan in the evening and we got back at like 10 30 at night, so it was really crazy that we got back late... but we woke up the next day and started working. My companion is elder pardo and he is half canadian and half colombian. He is pretty cool. I am doing well. This letter is going to be reelly short because my time is up...... We had a busy day today. But i will tell everything the next week of what happened. I love you all, Mom i got your package thank you very much. The first week training my new companion was really well. I am suprised with what we did : ) and what we accomplished. i love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham!!!!!!!!!!!!

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