Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Dear Family!!! and Friends!!! : ) This last week was good, and it was really tiring. But that means that we are working well. We had a lot of visits this past week, but we have a lot of new people. some other people we have decided to stop teaching,,, because they are not progressing. but it just means that they are not ready for the gospel. But There hearts are in progress! The new people that we have found is Cesar and Karina, They are both together and have one daughter. I think they are married, we are going to find out tonight when we teach them. It will be our first lesson with the whole family. They are very awesome and they want to change there lives around sooo bad. Casar says that he has had problems with drinking and drugs in the past. We are still trying to find out a little bit more. But he looks like he doesnt really have any problems. We got his reference through his brother. ha his brothers name is miguel, and he looks like Vin Diesel. he is super buff, and he always rides around on his motorcycle. Miguel and his wife are recent converts to the church, and they are doing great with getting theyre non member family members to get into the church. So we are really working with his brother. (Cesar) They are going to progress alot i can feel it!!!! He has already come to church. Another investigator that we have her name is ilixis. She is 17 years old, and one day we were trying to look for a person that is super inactive, and we found her. We contacted the wrong house, and she came out on the prch, and the first thing she said was ( you have come her to give me lessons) haha, It was funny, because she acted like it was a suprise or something. and we were like uhm..... Well i said have we met before, because she acted like she knew the missionaries, and i have more time in this area than my companion. But she said yes i have talked with the missionaries before, and then she told us where the guy we were looking for and then we left. She didnt really give us an option to talk to her more about what we do. But we went back another day, and we started talking to her mom, and her mom said that she has always wanted to go to our church, to see how it is. also that she has always wanted the missionaries to come and teach her. and they were really happy that we came back.Ilixis wasnt their in the ouse, but she walked around the corner right when we were getting done talking to her mom, and she came back to the house. And so then we gave her a foyeto. a phamplet?? i dont know if thats the word, but it was so she could read about the restoration. It was a really cool experience for me. Now we are going to teach her at 6:00pm with two other girls that are her age from the church. So it should be interesting. It will go really well!!! But it really felt like we were supposed to be there in the time that we were, or else we never would have found that that person was really interested in the church. Anyways, another investigators name is enrique!!! He is super awesome. He had the desire to talk to the missionaries, and find out more about the church. so we are trying to teach him right now. It is hard sometimes, because he gets really off subject sometimes... : / but we are trying to do better with him. We are finding a lot of inactives, and starting to reactivate them. We had 7 inavtive people come to church last sunday. So that was really nice, the assistence was 65 people. Its not that big, but the number used to be 55 so were working away trying to get inactive to come to church. !!!!! My companion is cool, he is doing well. He still isnt 100% accostomed to mexico. but he is doing well from what i can see. he knows alot of stuff in the scriptures already, so thats good. and he already knows spanish, so i odnt need to tech him spanish. But I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!! When is alex´s birthday?? Mom i know your in california working: ) and i love you, Hope your doing well, and your travelling safely. Dad Please wish ELise and Amanda Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Love them. Im happy thast they are going on trek, it will be such a good experience. Love you and mom!!! I think that is soooo many youth. that is a ton!!!!!!!!!!!Only from our stake, holy cow... To compare that to the stake here its just a really big difference. But thats why were here: ) Missy your baby girl is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!! haha she looks sooo happy. and she is very cute. Yay take a break you have a girl. Love everyone. Hope Elise and Amanda had really good birthdays!!!! Love you two, David send me a picture of your truck!!!!!!!! Danny send me a cool picture of you and your family. love you Layton family, Webb family adams family, Clay family, Fellingham family Hair family : ) Everyone take care Love you guys. Elder Fellingham

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