Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

This last week was super fast!!!!!!!!!! like faster thanany other week i have had ever. I didnt know work could do that.. me and my companion have had pretty good thing happen this past week. we have three baptismal dates!!! and thats exciting, we are working with the same people. Enrique, cesar, y lixis!!!! They are all progressing. some more than others. but they are all great. we had 84 in our essistance this last sunday. yesterday... It was very awesome!!!!!!! Its sooo cool to see the benefits of your work.. More and more people are coming every week. We are finding more and more inactives everyday, that are justready to be strengthened again..... I have no idea what happened to this area... but it is humongous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we find inactives every day. . . . Oh im a member of that church , i was baptized... but now i dont go.... ????????? Its like what happened..... There are soooo many people that say that... but there is always an explination. Nothing is really new. still just working away being a missionary :) we have updated our map of our area. we are still trying to finish it all. next week i will send a picture of how big it is... ha. We woke up early this morning to play soccer, that was super fun. This is my first area where i have gotten good exercise. of how big it is, and we have bikes, and we wake up in the mornings to go work out. It is very good. !!!!!!!! Mom i ma happy that your out doing your thing with the win!!!!!! and that everyone is back in the house again... I wouldnt want to be alone either... ; ) But i love you, and i am healthy. How wascalifornia?? tell me about it. I am sure that it is the same temparature there as mexico... : ) It is hot, as danny would say it is smoking my bags. Its basically a sweat press. but i love you mom and miss you!!! Dad happy that youplayed well in the golf tournament.i gave you that message for alex. hawks.. hope all is well!!!!!!! I have also found that dandc is also very interesting. If you could both do me a favor and give me the address of the pontious family. and the address of the wycherly family and the email of bishop hill. iwouldappreciateit. Thiss........ keyboard... es pirata................. Anyways. love everyone!!!! hopeall is well. hope trek went well, and all the fun things that happened. also hope that the laytons have a safe trip. Love everyone. David red truck picture!!!!!!!!! Danny and david how is the police class going. ? Thanks heidi for the pics!!!!!! love getting updates in faces : ) Elise tell your kids i love them. hope school is going well with les. and your marathons!!!!!!!!!!! ihave a gift for you. give me your address so i can send it to you : ) Missy, i just dont understand if i am supposed to take all those pills in the same day because some of them have the same name...?? but tell your kids i love them, and that i got their letters. !!!!! and they made me happy. I will write to them next week!!!!!!! I love everyone!!!Have a Good week!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder FEllingham

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