Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

live on the street lucero, in mazatlan colonia juarez. Search for the church of jesus christ between the streets gabriel leyva and the street nueva luz. The church has a green roof!!!!! and if you turn off the main road which is gabriel leyva you will see the church on the right hand side, Then if you go passed the church and turn left on the street Lucero thats where we live. There is a park that looks just like an empty space in front, but we live in the house that is the fifth house in, and it has an electric post in front of the house. Thats Me and Elder Deckers house. I received a new companion,,, ha well... I will receive him tomorrow, he is flying in from the mtc, I think he gets here tonight , but im not sure, i am going to train him, so it should be fun, i am excited and he will like Mazatlan, My old companion is now in culiacan, I am not sure if everyone got to see the capacitation about the mission and the missionaries, but they said a lot of interesting things, therea re lots of changees being made, and it is exciting. We are going to start using face book to contact people. or something like that. Also we need to sart working with the member more. This past week was good, we have been teaching a new person. Her name is rosalinda. She is progressing really fast, and then we just received two new references that are really potentiall, I am excited to contact them and see what they are like. One of the references is from a family that has been teaching there friend the gospel without the missionaries, and now he is ready to hear from the missionaries!!!! he said he wants to get baptized and is ready to start talking with the missionaries as soon as possible. So we will see about this reference, I am excited to start this change. It should be a good one. When someone is training we receive an extra hur to have in the house to study, so i will be on a shorter period of time to work outside.... but we just need to work twice as hard : ) im really excited haha.. Im well. I feel like a havent really eaten that healthy this last change... We dont have a market close to our house where we can just go and buy..... So we would usually just not buy anything.... ; / but we will start gong to the far away place to get food. hmmm . . . it just takes time and its hard to carry all our food back to the house if its far away : ) bu its a good work out. This mewsage will be a little short but everything is well, and i will be going back to mazatlan tomorrow. I am in Culiacan right now!!! and yup everything is good. I love you all my family!!!!!!!! I am happy to hear that everyone is well.

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