Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

Okay time is going by way to fast!!!!! Someone needs to slow it down. this past week was good; we had a lot of good experiences_ we met new people that are interested in the church; and one of them came this last sunday_ there is a family of three in the other ward and he has a brother that is interested in the church_ and we are going to start working with him! i feel like he is a little bit golden because his brother that gave us the reference has progressed a lot this past month/ two months this keyboard doesnt have a dot to end my sentences so bare with me::::::::::::::::::::: but this persons name is cesar; and he has a family: we aregoing to start working with him° i really hope he doesnt have any problems or anything that has to do with the palabra de sabiduria or anything like that: because if he does then we need to wait until he stops and wait thirty days° but he is one of the new people we have met this past week° another family basically has all the lessons: this is the family where there dad is out on the ocean fishing° its his job° but he should get back soon and then he can listen to us° we have tought them everything and the only thing that is holding them back is to go to church°°° the church is a little bit far and we dont have time to go and get them in the morning so it is really hard° one of the main things for these changes is working with the less actives° there is a lot of less actives here° it turns out we almost find a less active every two or three days°°°° it is pretty sad; and i dont know what happened to this area°°°°°° but i feel like it is too big for only two missionaries° anyways im sure they will send new missionaries here because we are going to be receiving alot more: mom! it makes me happy that there are a lot of people coming to the house° it always made me happy when there was a lto of people in the house° i hope these next few weeks are fun for the webb family and everyone having a lot of family and second family coming through° i miss you mom and i love you° i hope you are doing well personally with your business and everything° try to get out more so you can get relaxed and not be sooo stressed of work and everything that is a comotion in the house° go out with dad when he golfs and rent a cart: ) disfrutalo mientras tienen juntos enjoy it while you have the moments° go see amovie or something° I dont know if i told you i got the package mom!!!!!!!!!!! But i am very grateful for it thank you sooo much. and no i havent bought the white shirts yet... To tell you the truth i never have time too... I will put it as a priority next week. But its also very time taking because i dont know any places here that sell white shirts.... but i will ask around. Dont feel like you need to send any to me. It will just be a waste of time and money also. But i love you thank you!!!!!! Also we had an assistance of 67 people in our ward!!!!!!!!! that was such a suprise for me. I was sooo happy. Usually the assistance is 50 to 60 people. But we worked alot with inactive members and 4 of them came this past sunday!!!!!! we were really happy. I havent seen that many people in our ward since i have gotten here! Love you mom you and dad are always in my prayers. Oh also if someone can tell grandma i love her!!!!!!!!!! and i miss her smile : ) I have been thinking about her lately and i miss her! dad i am glad that everything is going well with golf° that sounds great a 44 only with two clubs!!! 9 holes. sorry about the money $$ i didnt know that was happening....... OHHHHHHHHH look i figured out what i did to the keyboard. it was me i figured out how to put the dot to finish my sentence. I dont know what i did to it. But now my sentences will look normal. Happy day. questions you can use for your class are, Did all the prophets die after the crucifixion of christ! or hmmmm what are some good ones. These past weeks i have had a lot of our investigators pose questions if the mormon women always have to be pregnant all the time..... No. Or about polygamy, No. i dodnt know the others, but we got a lot of that junk : ) and the answer is no. So i told our investigator adela after she got these questions from the internet if she thinks the internet is true, or us when we come to teach her. But that was my question to hear, and after she could see the importance of sticking with the missionaries for the questions about our religion. because we actual live it. . . : ) but those were some of the questions that i received. David that s some exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Red Truck. Send me a picture. But that sounds really exciting! Im glad you got promoted to seargent!!!!!!! thats pretty awesome. What are you allowed to do with seargent, do you get to boss people around, or do you drill???? what do you do with it? Hope your family is well and i love you guys!!! Ang, with all the excitment in the house it seems like you have your hands full. Love you and your family. Hope your boys have fun at soccer camp and efy and trek!°!!!!!!!!!!! wow thats alot. Tell them to live it up, because if they dont they will regret it in the future!!! Tell them that i am sending them something also!!!!!!!! i hope they get it. Its a little present from mazatlan!!!!!!! i will try to send it soon!!! Tell zach and darrel i mis em!!!!! and caitlyn!°!! The same goes with joys family. I am sooo grateful that Kenneth completed his eagle scout award. Great job buddy!!!!!!!!! way to go!!!! Im proud of you!!! Please give your family my love, even the ones who are visiting : ) love you guys. Danny give me an update on life holmes!!!!!!! need it, para que tengan seguridad!!!!!! en la familia. ; ) Missy thanks for your herbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont really understand your instrucciones but i am taking them : ) and they havent killed me yet. So i think il be fine, but if you could hit me up with an email by next week telling me how to take these bad boys to keep me healthy i would be very grateful!!!! Thanks love you and your family!!!!!!! Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not forgotten, how are the adoption papers coming along!!!! Im glad you got that releif sociaty thing sorted out last week, sorry i didnt have a lot of time to write last week but here is a little something something!!!!! How is school going?? hope its not too stressing, Love you heidi!!!!!!! mucho amor coming from mazatlan mexico, did you know that the highest nature made light house is here in mazatlan!!! atleast thats what i have heard. but yeah i am here, and i feel pretty special to be able to tell people that. Love you, be safe when you are travelling to and from our house!!! Love everyone!!!!!! Be good this week, read your scriptures,

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