Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 29,2012

Okay entonces, For this week.!!!! : ) I am happy i get to email everyone first of all! It feels like it has been a really long time since the last time i have written even though it was last week. I dont know why. Last week was just a long week for some reason. But we got through it and now i am on my last week. This is week twelve!!!! I am sooo happy I am almost done with this packet thing that i work on every morning. Today me and my companion guessed where and what will be happening for the changes and I am excited they are coming up. The older missionaries said that i will probably be changed because thats what usually happens. So i am excited,!! but I know that If i stay then it is of God, and i know that wherever i go and whoever i get put with as my companion it is of God. : )  Everything is of God. : ) hah. . But no, i am very pleased with whatever happens, and as soon as i know whats happening i will let you all know. I guessed that i will being going to Costa Rica, la cuidad todavia en Sinaloa, And i also guessed that my new companions name, ( if i get a new companion) his name will start with an O. entonces, we will see este proximo semana. ! Animo.  : ) I miss everyone and i hope everyone is well, You are all in my prayers, especially Missy, Jackie, and David. Two babies on the way, and David with his schooling. I really hope Danny will be able to find him something to do. I hope that this storm doesnt do too much damage, and i hope Angela and Missy will be okay. Hope Angela Travels home safely when the time comes.  That is really a good idea Joy, to have a garage sale!!! I wish more people found out about it. If soo i am sure they would have come. That makes me way happy to hear that Melanies family came. Ha wow i was about to say the family of melanie. . . . . .  Yeh that shows you that the spanish is getting to me.  : )  Everything is the (object) of this, or the object of that. : ) hah. . . . . Anyways. There are many phrases in spanish that are different in English. . But i am loving the spanish when it is spoken, and I am still blossoming with the language. Always. I dont think their will be a day in my life where i wont stop learning this language. : ) It is fun. And i really do love it. Something i wanted to share with my nephew maybe you can do this in a family home evening one night when everyone comes, but with all my nephews that are coming to the age of a mission. . . .The truth is that they really do need to start preparing. . . This experience only comes once in a lifetime. To be able to serve your God for (only) two years of your life, when it should be our whole lives. The truth is that i am changing, and it is only through god that i have been able to change. and This oppurtunity is amazing, and The truth is, is that if i could go back and re do those high school years, i would change the things that i did. I would have focused more on the Gospel, and more in seminary. Soooo!!!! Alex, Johnathan, Kenneth. you three need to listen to me. I know that i have given you desafios.. ( challenges) And have you done them??????? My guess is maybe, but i dont know if you really have. But i am going to guess no. Hah!! I really want to challenge you three now to start preparing to serve a mission when you are 18 years old. I know that if you start preparing now you wont have the regret oh i wish i would have listened to my Uncle when he told me to do these simple things. . . It is easy to read a chapter of your scriptures every night, It is easy to read a page of preach my gospel every night. These things are easy, but you will find out that when you get into the mission field that, , ,  you dont have time to do as much as you would like to. So this is why you have me right now telling you guys to prepare now. I can beg all i want, and i can remind you three in every email. But i know that blessings come If we do the simple things, and i know that you three will be great missionaries. And i promise you you will be even greater missionaries if you start being a missionary right now. by studying and learning the things that i wish i would have done. I am happy that you are my nephews, and i love all of my nieces and nephews. Sooo very much! I never got the chance to have little brothers or sisters, so when i think if i had that oppurtunity i look to you guys,Alex and Johnathan and Kenneth, you are like my little brothers. : ) and I am just trying to look out for you guys in the long run. . . I dont want you guys to be looking back on things in the past when you can do things right, Right now!! and then when you are in the future you wont be looking back. You will be solely having a straight path forward looking on bigger and better things. 

I want the best for all of you, and if you listen and act and start now you will be sooooooo much more prepared. : ) I am not saying i wasnt prepared, but i know that i could have been sooo much more prepared, and i could have been that much better.  So i challenge you again, please start now. Things are starting to change. . . The prophets are changing things the age is not 19 anymore, you are able to start at 18! and that is so awesome. I am sooo excited for you guys. And i am sooo excited for Melanie also. She doesnt need anymore preparing, she is always prepared. . . . pfff. Smarty pants. : ) jk there is always room for improvement. But i Know that she is a good example to us all about always being on top of things. and she will be a great missionary. I am sooo excited about Missionary work. It trully is the only things to help this world to come to a knowledge that our savior lives. And he works through what and who he has on this earth for those people that havent heard of his Gospel. It is True, and i know it in my Heart. It is amazing to see how much God can turn your life upside down if you do those things that are only in his lines. His boundaries. It is his Game, : ) and he has a plan for all of us. Just know that Gods plan for you Alex , Johnathan, and Kenneth is to start preparing now. Act upon it now! and you three will be really great Missionaries. 

This is something that i have thought a lot about, and I have always been a little  worried on this thought about how we can better prepare ourselves for God. I realize that we can look back on the things that we have not done so well in the past and those are the examples that help us look back and say, - Hey- i dont want that to happen again, so we change the things we do in the future. This is something that we can always try to be better at, We hear it a thousand times. But if this is something that we can change in our lives. We will never be looking back on bad things. We need to learn how to make the best decision in the moment, and follow through with that decision and always continue doing that. I feel like the three oldest nephews are old enough to understand these words, they might be a little big, overwhelming. I dont know, But the point is to prepare yourselves now. alot of it has to do with their sarroundings i dont know how to say that word. But the people that are around them, parents : ) grandparents, mom dad, ha: ) please encourage them to do these things. every night. It is very important. very very important. crack the whip on em ; ) no, just kidding. But help them understand how it iss soooooooooooooooo important. please. Dont let them wait until they are already about to leave on their missions.  Anyways. This is important to me. If you guys dont crack the whip on em, then i will when i get home. : ) I love you so much my family. You are such a blessing to me in my life. and i am soo special to have all of you as a family to be with forever in heaven.  

Mom thank you for your box, I am excited to receive it this coming transfer. I am doing very well. Elder Jenkins is doing well. : ) ha, I am healthy, canned vegetables in the nights. yes, and bowls of cereal. : ) ramen noodles. yes the life. : ) This past week with investigators we are still trying really hard with fransico, It all depends on his ley de castidad, and drinking. If he hast done anything or do anything in this next week he can be baptized. We have a new investigator named felipe. He is about 67 70 years old. He is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Evangelist, and he came to church with us last week, I gave him a date to be baptized this past week, and he said yes if he comes to know what God wants for him. He knows the Bible really well, and he is really funny. He likes to talk a lot!!!!! and sometimes we have to interrupt him in lessons because he likes to get off topic haha. He cant walk really well, and he has arthritis in his knee s i think. He was really. . .  well. He takes baby steps haha. but he can get going at a pretty good pace.  : ) He likes to take walks even though he cant walk that fast. He used to drink, smoke, and hmm other things. but not anymore. He said the Bible has really changed his life. We are trying to change his thoughts about the virgin guadalupe..... Dad, If you could send me information on catholicism, or catholics, and about the virgen guadalupe  and how it became a beleif that would be great. I know a little bit about both. They are just really strong traditions. . . . and yeah. But if there is anything i could know more then please share.! Also if you have anymore scriptures in the Bible, those really help. We use the Bible alot. So these are two investigators that we are hoping for before the change. If not hopefully after. : ) Tell Grandma Noble i love her, and miss seeing her. Everything is good here in Escuinapa, It is sad that i am most likely leaving my firsat area. . . these people you come to love and are a part of their lives. but times are always changing, and new people are always prepared to hear the Gospel. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, Love you danny, and Amanda, And Angela and Darrol, and Joy and Steve, I miss you guys. I miss jackie David and Heidi! Elise and Les, Missy and Darin. and Everyone.!!! Please give all of them my love. Mom and Dad I love you both, and i am excited for you two to serve your mission together. !!!!!!!!!!! There is a Beautiful place in Teacapan HAHA right on the ocean if you look into Mexico. I love you both, you are wonderful parents to me. I will write all the details next week about the changes. I love you Elder Fellingham

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