Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Okay!!! I have to remember everything that i read. . . HA it is really hard to remember everything that everyone says, so if i leave something out please still love me. : ) ALright about this week. . . . Ugh it was exhousting the truth. Our two investigators fell through again. . . . . . Marin and Fransisco. . . They both had their dates for this 27th, Marin is a boy that has been through four sets of missionaries and he has no problems, goes to church every sunday and participates in everything he is 20 years old. . . and He wants to wait until the new year to be baptized because he wants to start the year fresh. . . . .And we are trying to get him to change his mind. . . .but he just wont. . . He wont have an erlier baptism. . . . I dont know what else to do for him besides pray to have his mind see something that we teach is important to change the time. . . I dont know. Anyways his date is at the new year i guess. We are tryign to figure him out. Then fransisco is a really awesome guy. He gives us rides everywhere, we have been teaching him for about four weeks now, and he had a date for the 27th also. And he fell through because he drinks sometimes, and he has a problem with la ley de castidad. law of chastity. for those none spanish speakers. He now knows the importance and meaning of it though. We tought it twice to him before he actually understood, and yeah. . . . So he didnt really lie to us, he just didnt know what we ment . Atleast i think. Because at first he said he didnt have a problem with it, and then we found out later. . . that he did. But now he knows and he is trying really hard to be his best, he has come to church four times now and he is really awesome. Progressing. . . I dont think i will be here to be able to see his baptism though. . . I am almost done with my first twelve weeks. . . and i am just getting deeper and deeper into my mission. . . It is crazy. Tell Melanie one thing she needs to do is really study preach my gospel. . . . . Like really study and know it for herself. One thing that i always though Preach my gospel was for . . well. I thought preach my Gospel was something you memorized and you shared with other people. But what preach my gospel is, is to help you (the person) The missionary to have personal meaning and knowledge in our gospel. It is not just something to read and memorize. . . Their are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many different things that i have learned, and i wish i could share them all. But too many things happen during the day. Ha i am still trying to catch up with them and apply them all. And one thing for Alex and Melanie, The two that are closest to their missions hah. . . .is to really take the MTC seriously. . . You only get that time to practice wherever you get called too once. So take it seriously and have fun. }But really take the time to listen and study the things you are given. It is soooo important, and i am afraid to say that i could have taken it a lot more seriously and i could have applied things sooo much better. Because once you get into the real deal. . . The real outside world , living by yourself with a companion. . . . It hits you hard if you havent prepared yourself enough. And you can definitly feel the difference. Soooo I challenge you both to start preparing now. I heard that they changed the age to be able to serve a mission is now 18, ?? Is this correct??? If sooo Alex buddy start studying to be a Missionary. Anyways. Thats what i have to say about that. No new investigators this week. . . Sadly. . . : / trying our hardest though to teach and find those people that are trully searching. It makes me sad to see people just blow off the oppurtunity. but they do. . . and yes its sad. but thats why were here. Dad I love you and happy your doing the things you love to do. Also Mom, I am sooo happy you have a job that you love to do. You make an impact on sooo many different womens lives, and i am proud of you both mom and dad!!!! Your such both great examples to me and i love you guys. I am doing well, Healthy as ever, skinnier yes,... but thats okay hah. Thank you for sending me a package mom, I love you. I love receiving things in the mail. Hand written proof that my family is still okay. : ) I love them. Tell elise i received her letters. . hah, and Missy is having a Girl, Aleluyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Finally!!!!! She can been named esperanzaa!!!!!!!!! : ) But that is sooooo exciting i am sooo happy for you missy. I love you guys. Daniel and caitlyn i am sure performed amazingly. and more about this buck that les shot tell me more!!!!! Thank you for all your love. I love all of you my family. Hope everyone is travelling safely, and tell all my nieces and nephew i love them. Please tell Melanie once she is a missionary we are allowed to email each other, and keep updating me about her progress with being a missionary. Give me dates and when she gets her call tell me where she is going, Exciting!!!!!: ) I really wish i had more expereinces to share about this week, but nothing stands out in my mind. . . . We had an activity in the church and we invited like everyone to come to it, and only like 20 people came, and they were all women. . . hah, , , We watched a movie about the atonement and bore our testimonies after, it was very spiritual, and one thing is if the members arent strong then we need to strengthen the members in order to have real investigators. . . and yeah. The members here are not that strong. Their are the regulars, but the majority need consant reminders. . . . It is difficult, but we are doing it. I love riding my bike around visiting and talking to people in spanish. I am starting to speak a lot more, and things are clicking faster and faster, It is starting to change temparature here in escuinapa, its cooler and their is more of a breeze, but still hot. ; ) anyways, This is my update for this week. I love you guys with an eternal love. Miss you, exito Elder Fellingham

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