Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012 Hey mom i am doing fine. My week was good. My first companion is very different than my last one, but i am grateful for it because this whole week i have seen things that can definitly . . . well they are just better than my last companion. I have already learned a lot from him. His name is Elder Jenkins and he is from Weber. He is very nice and he tries to do everything perfectly. . HAh, sometimes it is a little hard to keep up with him, but it is good for me, and i know i need it. It is building me and strengthening me be the best i can be. I can see the change it is starting to make in my life. . . and I want to be better, I want to be the best missionary i can be. This past week we got a contact on the street, in the night time a man named francisco came up to us and he was like is there any times that you have had God in your life. Or something like that, and he said i would love to hear more about this, and i handed him my address book and he wrote down his street and all the information we needed to find him. We have tought him three times now, and he is a bit confusing, we are still trying to figure him out. He is a little crazy at times. . . like says he has pains in his head and we dont know. . but we are trying to help him and we asked if he would be baptized the 13 of october and he said yes. So we are excited about that, now he just needs to come to church three times. Unfortunately he didnt come to church this last week so we had to shift his baptism up a week. So this is the main person that we are trying to teach. He is a cool guy. We really hope he has the desire to change his life around and want to come to church. Another person we are teaching is a lady named eve she is about 65 years old. I dont know around there, but we teach her and her niece, and they are both progressing a little bit. The only thing with eve is that she is super Catholic and she doesnt beleive she needs to get baptized again. I dont get how she cant understand, but we are trying to figure out a way. If God wants her to be baptized he will show us the way and we will do it. I love being a missionary. We work soooooo hard during the week and looking back on things knowing that at times you did your best and others maybe not so good, but everything is always worth it and we can always work on those things that didnt go so well. I love it here, and my vision is changing towards things. . . I have realized i need to not focus and worry about the future and I just need to worry about right now. Both times with my companions i have asked ( If there is one thing you could go back and change what would it be? and they both said I wouldnt think about things in the future. They both told me to just focus on what i have and what i am doing right now. So i have decided that is what i am going to do. I am trying to change my mind set to just think about in the moment and in the mission. . . I am getting soo deep into it, and i know i will just get deeper and deeper. . . ha I love the work, love the study and I am learning so many new things. Our planning at times is hard because the elders before us did not do a good job at planning and writing things in the big blue book that your supposed to write everyones information in. . . so we are trying to figure that out. Once we do it will be easier. At first i was frustrated when i found out that Elder Anderson did not teach me the things i need to be tought. . . Because there are so many things that i was supposed to be doing but i just didnt know, and he didnt tell me or do them with me. But now This new Elder is helping me with things. He is so much better!!! Anyways it doesn't matter, but things are going much smoother now, and things feel better than they were. I am healthy, Happy!!! Working!! I gave my first talk in church yesterday in the mission, and last week wednesday i gave my first blessings on my mission, I gave two that day to an old women who looks like she is about 70, and then she took us into a back room where her mom was, and i was like woooowwww your moms still alive, and she looked about 102. So that was kind of crazy but the spirit was definitly there, and two old ladies were the people i first gave blessings to on my mission. Then later on in the week i also gave a blessing to fransisco, to help him with the pains in his head. They were pretty great feelings after. Maybe sometime if it would be okay you can take a picture of my plaque and send it to me, I want to see it haha. . . I love everyone, and I hope everyone is doing well, I pray for everyone every night. !! If you can give me updates on everybody next email I would love it. My companion says he will send you the information to be able to send mail to me. . . He will email you. The one I gave you should be correct though, we are supposed to get mail this next monday so i should get your letter then If the address was right. So we will know next week. Something that my companion is sad and im not allowed to email friends in this mission. . . Thats what he said, so from now on i cant type to melanie. . or other friends anymore. : ( I need to obey the rules of the mission president. But its fine i will just try to start writing hand written letter to her. Melanie is allowed to keep writing me though to the email, but im not allowed to write back in email. So will you please tell her this : / it made me sad at first but i got over it fast also, I know that the work is more important and I know that i can still talk to her and hear the things that are still happenning in her life, Please dont lose her mom! Please keep inviting her to family things, and update me on your perspectives of her : ) I love her, and i love my Family and everything that you and dad do for me. I am so gratefull for all of the support and everything you give me. I love you mom and dad, I love you very much. Dad thank you for your scriptures i use them lots. and mark them in my scriptures. Tell dad i will try to look up my address, so he can find it on google maps. ITs on the street fransisco madero, find the Ley market and you take a left or right on that street depending where you come from. I dont know il for sure find the exact direction for next week. Everythings is going well. Im well. I love you mom thanks for your quotes, i like them. and i can share them with people in spanish in lessons. : ) I love you my family!!! Love elder Fellingham

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