Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8,2012

My Familia!!!!

Okay, so here i go about this week.!! Yesss General Conference! In spanish. . . . . haha. This last week was very good: ) I am learning lots more things daily. Okay so the main story for this week is last thursday me and Elder Jenkins had run out of plan A,s to go to. . .  so we were contacting and We contacted and contacted forever.... and we were getting sick of it, because usually were not supposed to just contact unless we really need to, or if we run out of plan A s.  So yeh we ran out and we were contacting for a pretty long time and then we were about to stop and I decided to contact one last house, Jenkings didnt know though and he finally realized that i had stopped and was going up to a house so he hurried and came back, and I yelled out Buenos Tardes and and a 19 year old came out and he was like whats up, and we started to talk to him, and i asked if his mom was at his house and he said yeah and walked intot he other room and got her. and then we talked to her, and we tought her the lesson. The restauracion  and we talked a super long time and her son got bored and left. . . but she still listened patiently, and at the end i asked her if she would get baptized in spanish, and she said yes!!! that was the first time i have ever done that, or given that commitment to someone and she said yes.!!!!   I cant remeber if i already told you guys this story. but this is just the last story i remember, the last main even . . .  that has happened to me. Ha. Pero la fecha es de la 13 de octubre. Y estoy animado!!!! The bad news is that her daughter talked to her after we left and she kind of got to her a little bit, but the next time we went and talked to her we told her it was really her decision, she is about in her thirties, and her name is Guadalupe. She wants to be baptized and she is our latest progressing investigatore. We are still trying to figure out Fransisco!!!! He is still progressing and he came with us to general Conference. We had General conference in the church with other branches that are here, Rosario, Teacapan, and Escuinapa. The general Conference was in spanish and it was hard for me to understand, Really enjoyed Hollands talk though, the Feed my sheep one. Thats one of his famous talks for missionaries. Lots of missionaries like that one. I hope you all had a wonderful General Conference I miss having conference at home already. . . .haha even though its only my first one. Its all good though il only miss four. . . 

 This week something me and Elder Jenkins are working on is our planamiento semenal. Weekly Planning!!! and We had the Zone leaders come and teach us a few things because we felt like we were getting over loaded with things. Elder Jenkins never really had good companions either, he is still fairly new. . .  but he really tries to be his best in everything. He is a good companion. He is only in like 9 months, and i am his first trainee. I have been hearing that after this change i might be training someone new. . . .  sooooooo : / I am trying to be my best and learn as much as i can before i get someone put under me. . . . !!!!! It gets tough sometimes but we just push through it. There is a lady next to me right now that is looking at things i am not allowed to see and. . . .  and yeah im trying to really like i am 2 inches away from my screen so i dont see these things. . . haha. I am trying to be the best i can be. It is like a bunch of women with tattoos ,, anyways,,, We have dfinitly noticed that satan tries to do everything he can, . . . Thank you satan. . . . , But when we are teaching usually people keep their doors open and cars go by that are blasting their music, or their are announcers that are blaring out what they are trying to sell from their cars, and just things like that that can disrupt our sweet message that we have for these people. . . People get distracted here very easily. . . .  but yes, Satan shouldnt be allowed anywhere,,,,,,  We do everything we can for people to feel the spirit when we are around them. : ) I am getting really uhm,,, skinny. I feel like i went from 185 down to 170. . .  I really need to find a scale to weigh myself. : / But i fdo feel a lot skinnier ,,,, FLaco Flaco... I try to eat a lot though and it just seems to not do enough . . .  I know il be okay though.! : ) Its not that bad, I will probably come back skinnier though so dont be suprised when you see me. Spanish is picking up, It kind of becomes like just a habit, i try to study in the mornings but even without it i still learn a ton of new things in the day. I try to show God that i am willing and open to learn the best i can though, and it is not for me . . i only learn for the people that we teach. If it for me, i wont learn anything. . . Everything we do is for the people we teach here. !!! everything, and i am happy, i love serving. 

I got your letter MOM!!!!!!! It came in the mail, and i was happy to get it. !!! I also received Melanies tambien so if you could tell her i got it ; Well she will read this letter anyway, <3  So the address is correct The way you put it on your letters!!!! and  I am happy that Elder Jenkins mom contacted you, i thought that would help so thanks to her!!! Uhm Dad the street we live on is called severiano moreno and fransisco perez, its behind the ley market. The LEY has big red letters, and its titled LEY But we live in apartments behind that, and the door to our place is a white big gate. yup that our door, and our boundaries of our area are  from fransisco Perez onward. Everything is named by colonies, Col. Centro is the main city colony and then their are more around it,  but our area has the arroyo de escuinapa in it, so if you find the Ley then you will be able to see all of my area that i work in.! I love you guys, your awesome, I miss you all. I have some favors, this favor is for Alex, Buddy I need you to be writing me all the good songs that come out while im gone, and all of the movies that are good that come out also. HAha put up a sheet next to the thing melanie made and you have to write down the songs and the movies that come out, thanks buddy!!!! and can you guys make a list of like all the good new tv shows that come out that you guys watch???  also there was some stuff in the back of my car that i want still, There is a black akedemiks jacket that is furry, and then also my black furry blanket those were in the back of my trunk, they both smell like smoke. . . . And need to be dry cleaned ; /. . .  but those two things mean a lot to me, and if someone could put them with my buckets then i would appreciate it, thank you!!!! then there were cloths also in plastic bags, and those are just for D.I .  . . .  or throw them away. . . .  they were devins when i helped her move. . . .old news. but yeh just the blanket and jacket!!! Thank you. Heidi!!!! I hope you get better i am sooo sorry i hope everyone is okay. . . I dont even know what whooping cough is, well i know its a bad cough,,, but yeah I have never had it. I am sorry for those that are getting it, and i hope you get better!!!  Thank you for hosting a small party for Melanie!!!! HA Melanie Happy Birthday, I hope you had such a good day, I cant beleive you are 20 years old. . . That is ohh soooo crazy to think that. I miss you love you, I hope you had a good happy special day.

ALso please tell Grandma Noble Happy Birthday. I love you Grandma sooo Much I cant beleive your 90!!! and im sure you cant either. Ha I love you so much. MY G MA that keeps on going!!!!!!!! Im sad i missed what danny had to say about this. . . . But i love You and i wish you a happy Birthday!!!! I love you. Thank you for always encouraging me with my mission.!!! and I will see you when you are 92!!!!!!!!!! In 2014.!!!! So dont stop giving up Grandma. Your amazing, and a great example of us all. One of the things we learn is to endure to the end and you have always been the best example!!! I love you with all my heart and you have always ment a lot to me grandma. I can still remember when we would take walks by the canal and throw rocks in it! We have great memories.!!! Happy Happy Birthday. 

Things in my package you could send me. . . Are,, Candy that doesnt melt!! lol. . .  skittles i think are okay, life savers, I feel like i need more supplies than goodies, ha. . .  skotch tape is always helpful and i was wondering if you could send me some colorful sharpies. Also!!!! Baptismal clothes, not all the areas here have white baptismal clothes and if i just had my own that would be easier. . . you can find my weist size from my temple clothes. My temple bag is in my room by those tubs!!! in my closet.! thanks, Also a couple more pairs of garments could be useful. . . i have the cotton ones. . . idk what kind they are. Just whatever you send will be fine, Il wear! if you want you can send me more updated pictures of the family!!! i like pictures! and you can write messages on the back of them explaining them. 

Mom i hope your thing in LA goes well!!! at the westin hotel those are nice hotels!!! Thank you for that quote it almost made me cry!!! almost. . .  Casi casi. haha. I enjoy reading them. and dads scriptures also. I hope everyone is doing well. And i love all of you. Until next week. }

Elder Fellingham!!!

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