Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2011

Mom i am doing sooo well!!!! Today i was travelling from Culiacan back to Escuinapa. I left yesterday i had to take care of my papers. . . I was still illegal. HAHA Yes Illegal in Mexico. Your son. : ) hah anyways. Its not even that big a deal, People here could care less. Im doing great, Hey if you could get me a shammy towel in my package that would be great!!!! And a tongue brush, and more garments please, size 34 weist, cotton.. Those are the only two things that i can think of. I am doing well, this week was pretty normal. Still teaching the same people and trying to baptize them. The mission only had seven baptisms the whole mission. . . So thew president told us to repent. . . . I was very suprised at this. I felt bad. . . It makes me want to be better though. I amd doing well. Cought up on my sleep from travelling. I love riding buses. . . haha. Mom I am sooo happy you won that for your website. The WIN is Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!! Its about time. Your always in my prayers, and the rest of the family. Especiallt david right now with his job. I am happy to hear everything is going well. I dont have a lot of time to write . I got back around 5 ish. . . So i missed my whole p day travelling pretty much. But i just needed to send this so you knew i was okay and everything is alright. And WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Melanie is deciding to go on a mission!!!!! HAHA Omg, I didnt know this. That is sooo awesome though. Babe you have my permission!!! : ) The mission is sooo great! It is difficult at times, but it is soooo worth it. Love you. I received your letters just soo you know. I got your letter mom, and Melanies letter. and All of elises!!! haha So the address is correct. I am sooo Happy to be serving the lord, and I am soo happy to have all of this support behind me, my loving family, and Melanie of course. : ) I love all of you!!!!!!!!! Well this message is going to be short, but i am fine.!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it could be longer,,, but i hope all is well. Please give me details next monday about the family, and melanie, and what she is deciding to do.!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is finishing up their sicknesses. . . I hope heidi is okay. Your all in my prayers, and i will update better next week with details. I love you guys. miss you. Elder Fellingham

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