Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday September 24, 2012 Okay, entonces de ahora en adelante envio un grande mensaje a mi mama, y despues ella envia mi mensaje a otros miembros de mi familia. Alright so from now on im only going to send one big letter to mom!!!! and then she is going to send it to everyone else after she receives it. This way it will give me more time and i wont have to write cada persona un mensaje specifico. ( every person one specific message) I love you all and i am sooo happy we are family members! I love the gospel and i love these moments i am having in my life, as you can see spanish is clicking, i promise i didnt use my companion haha!!! to help me with my spanish. I love this language. It is so fun once you start getting to know it and use it. I learn something new every day, well many things new every day. I love the spanish language and it is awesome. I will start with mom and dad!!!!! Mom I love hearing about your travels and everything that is happening. I hope everything went well in california, and then Las Vegas. I hope the WIN is doing great!!! I am happy to hear you know how to use power point now hah!!! Master texter to power point maker!!!! YESS. : ) I am doing well mom and i miss you and love you also with all mi corozon. gracias por su espaƱol a mi. : ) My feet have healed up pretty good, i never used the lamasil stuf i got, i have just been washing them every night when i shower, and they have been healing. I think they are kinda used to everything now, it was just a little change for them in the beginning. My shoes are good. i hope they last all my mission, cant wait to see how they wear in. : ) My health is good, and yes i have been eating more fruit and vegetables are sometimes hard to find, but i eat what i get. Usually we dont have a lot of vegetables in our meals. Only a few. Lots of our meals are usually just meat and like a broth. . . hah yummy!!! yeh. . But we have good lunches. I hope everyone who is travelling right now is safe and well. Danny and amanda im glad you guys got back safely, ha dint even know you left. anyways hope amanda s sister had a great wedding. I pray for david each night and his family, i keep in touch with him and his short messages to me. I hope he is doing well in texas. I hope jaxon feels more comfortable and i hope jackie is doing well. I cant wait to see the chart thing melanie made. ha 764 smiley faces?? something around their. anyways i already messaged angela and her family but from now on i will just be putting everything on one message to mom and that way she can just send it out to everyone and then everyone can see it. Haha seems like this African women is pretty interesting i hope she helps. And what happened with joy and her??? haha what the heck, Im sorry Joy. you guys kinda bumped heads?? : { Love you mom, im careful on my bike: )))) Dad love you i hope everything went well at your convention in boston?? i think thats where it was. but im happy to hear it went well. I love you and im grateful for you. I use you as an example in my teachings for investigators, and i tell them that you were a convert!!! I think it really helps sometimes. I love you and i am grateful for your decision to join this great church! I love evryone else and i am running out of time to type. . . I received a new companion and i am sooo happy. He is way cool and i can already tell we have a lot more in common than Elder Anderson. My new companions name is Elder Jenkins, and he is way chill. Way nice. He seems like he will be a good teacher, and i am excited to learn from him and be his companion. I will tell more about him next week.!!! All day today we have been doing changes, I have been on splits with elder baltich and were just waiting for his new companion now because he comes later in the night. It has been a good day today though and my writing will be cut a little short because we changed to and everything is a little messed up. I will write more next monday though. I love mi familia. Miss you guys. love you.

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