Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Listos!!!!!!!!!! This past week was really fun. The fun that we had was that we gathered our whole zone and we went to NAvolato!!!!!!!!!!!!! We contacted the camione on the way their and we received lots of references, and then when we got their we all divided up and went and contacted as many people as we could, we did 168 contacts as a zone in just 2 hours, There are 12 people in the zone. I was really proud for what we did and all of the references went to ¨Navolato. All the missionaries did really well and they were able to get out and practice speaking with the people. Lots of the people were really nice and accepting, and some were not so nice.... ha We were walking back to finish up the last contacts and we turned the corner and the hermanas were talking with two older men, and they hinted to us for help hah so we went and joined in the conversation.... Turns out they were talking with someone that claimed to be a mason.... ahh there are lots of masons here in mexico and well when we got there he started talking to us and the hermanas left to go be with the other missionaries and we stood there talking to him and he was really racist to me : / and we tried to give him a card but he didnt want it, and he kept talking to my companion and i finally said hermano we need to go but thank you,,,, and then we left. But it was kind of funny because the zone of missionaries were all watching us and we were looking at them smiling and wanting to leave. but It was a very good day of contacting. Our goal to contact was 85 and we went way over our goal so it made us all happy and we were all satisfied. The day before we had two birthdays in our zone Elder Tanner and hermana campos. Luckily they have dairy queen here!!!!! and i bought them a ice cream cake. It was very yummy. and it helped us stay cool because it is hottt here. It is starting to get hot! Yesterday i was sweating a lot. It was bad. : / This past week we found a guy named fousto and he is really cool, but he has an interesting story. The missionaries have tought him before and he told us. He married in california and now he doesnt have a visa so he cant go back and his family and his first wife are still living their. He is with another wif now but they are not married.... : / this is the problem, but he has gone through all the lessons with the missionaries and he knows a lot. He wants to be baptized really bad, but he needs to get divorced first with his first wife. During my mission there have been sooo many cases like this, that the people marry in the united states..... and then they get stuck and they get sent back to mexico. I dont understand the whole process. I dont understand how they can get married by the law and then they get stuck and get sent back and they cant get back into the united states to be able to divorce.... but its a super long process and its really hard for the people that want to get baptized. There is a story similar from the missionaries in Navolato. He was married in the united states with someone and then they seperated. He came back to mexico his first wife moved to costa rica the island and he has no contact at all with this women..... doesnt know anything, and he has started a new life, living with a new wife they have two kids and they found the gospel and they want to be baptized in the church....... It is a very difficult situation and i feel bad for the situations like these... But I know that our heavenly Father always has a way!!!! I know that these type of people will be able to receive the help that they need. I am excited to be able to see everyone and my mommi the10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday!!!!!We are getting everything prepared!!!! We already have a member that has skype and we are going to use there computer. We can skype for an hour. Sunday we have church from 8 til 11 and we eat at 2:00pm with a member so i was thinking more in the afternoon. At 7:00pm Sunday i will be calling home to set up skype!!!!!!!! okay. This past sunday we had a good class. We joined in with the high priests, and one of the high priests named moroni shared the message with us. He read in section 21 of DyC and i really liked how he related the scriptures. He told us a story about the big red oaks in California, and what they do with the big red oaks is they have big machines that grab the tree trunks without doing any damage, and they machine shakes the tree. It makes it vibrate and when it gets to a certain point the nuts start to fall from the tree, and then after they collect the nuts the work is finished. But he compared with verse 6 and 9 i think it was. But it says in six the gates of hell shall not prevail against you, and god will disperse the powers of darkness from before you, and cause the heavens to shake for your good and his names glory. If we see the two verses in 6 first it says that the gates of hell will not prevail against us and god will help us and he will cause the heavens to shake for our good. But i like to ask If we do what???? how can we receive this big blessing that god will help us with. In 9 it tells us If we labor in his vinyard with a mighty blessing. If we read it going backwards it gives the blessing in 9. Those that labor in the vinyard of the lord, Will receive a mighty blessing. That the heavens will shake with the blessings that we need and god will not let the powers of darkness disperse upon us from satan. It is a little bit more confusing in english i think than spanish... haha but at the end it is clear. He realated these two verses with the story about the machines that shake the trees. I know that god really does bless us with blessings, and i know he blesses us even more when we are in his work. It helps us remember that we need to be constantly working in the vinyard of God and we will be blessed, not just blessed but blessed mightily by our Heavenly Father I love everyone and i hope you are all well. Casi Feliz dia de madres!!!!!!! happy mothers day for the moms i dont see : ) love you family and friends. Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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