Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Saturday was a special day, all the leaders were invited to the presidents house, and we did an activity of contacting people in the street, and we had a meeting to see how everyone is! It was very fun, and the spirit was felt for sure. The assistents gave a great lesson to us all and the whole time they focused on the sons of mosiah! The focus was on missionary work and how ammon and his rothers were such great examples for missionary work. If we read the story of them There is preparing, having a desire to serve and then serving, Contacting in the street, winning the confidence of the people we teach, Diligence, Asking references, and baptism, all for just one conversion (Rey Lamoni) a kingdom of people were baptized. I encourage you all to read in alma 17 and 18. Think of ideas of how you can share the gospel with people. Just because we live in Utah it does not mean that everyone is in the gospel. : ) the majority, but there are still souls to be saved.! This week was really good, we did divisions with the new missionaries that are in our zone and i was with elder Myers! He is from San Diego California. I have a lot of respect for him because he is a very spiritual person. The whole time we were together we had a blast of fun, and we ended up contacting a lot of people on the day of divisions. We ended p contacting 5 buses of people.... and we received a lot of contacts haha. Elder myers at the end of the week with his companion had 51 contacts in the street, and we had 25.... haha Elder myers is a beast at contacting. He really suprised me that day. The reason why we had the zone meeting was because we are not contacting enough people in our mission. but now everyone has started to contact a lot more people, I feel like we have taken the fear out of us, and we have contacted a a ton more people. I remember the first time i contacted a bus and i was sooooo nervous, me and another elder did it, and it was interesting and fun, the day of divisions we found a lot of new people to teach and lots of new references to give to other missionaries. There was one point where we missed where we were going to get off the bus, and we took it all the way into the city and we just continued to contact people, when we got into the city, we had to take another bus to get to our area, and we contacted that bus also, then in the morning three more buses to get to navolato where elder myers works, and it was a good time. It really helps us practice our speaking skills. I am going to do more divisions this week because i see that some of the newer missionaries need help of finding things to say to the people that they talk too. It is super fun though I love it. Thanks everyone for the pictures that you have sent me!!!!!!!!! Danny and heidi, Gracias!!!!! cant wait to drive your jeep danny. , ) hehe Everyone here had a great break!!!! We had a lot of opportunities to talk with the people about easter, Here they call it semana santa, and they all go out and party, and we tough a lot of families and people about easter and what it really represents... It is very sad to hear some of the questions here because really the truth is lots of people here dont really know what happened in these past two weeks. These past weeks we have found lots of families!!!!!!!!! we are now teachingthree families, Family sanchez, Family Muñoz, Family Armenta. Family sanchez has 6, Munoz 7, armenta is a family inactive but we just went with them yesterday and they had famil their in their house, and we started teaching them and we talked about baptism and power and authority of christ and the trinity and so far they know that everything is true. One of the sons whos name is saul asked sooo many good questions. These moments are really exciting for me in my mission. Answering questions is one of my favorite things to do. I am looking forward being able to skype!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my companion are looking for a way to skype, this last time i really hope you can all see my face... haha We have various people in the ward that have computers with cameras!!!!!!! we are going to skype, and you are going to see mee whooooo!!!!!! We will have a conference this next week and they will tell us the day when we can make the call or skype and i will tell everyone the 5th next monday what is going to happen. I went to an appointment with the doctor about my back, and while we were in the office we heard what sounded like fire crackers, and the doctor ran into the other room, and we went to see why he left. and there was a shooting in front of the offices of the doctor..... : / we looked out the window and there was a car that had stopped in the street with bullet holes in the front windshield, then the police came, and there was a bunch of traffic, we decided to go back in the office and finish my appointment, and when we finished and went outside everything was cleaned up and it was as if nothing had happened.... It is another interesting story to add to my mission. :) It was cool. It did not come out in the news the next day sadly to say : ( But all in all this past week was a good week. !!!!!!!!!! For those that worry... please dont! God protects us, and if you worry it comes from satan and you need to repent. I love you all!!!!!!!!! and i hope you have a good week : ) Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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