Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

In these past weeks mom and dad i have been having serious impressions to know if i am supposed to come home or to not come home.... haha I know that sounds weird but here it comes. The missionaries from my generation have been given three weeks more to stay in the mission. I knew that we were given three weeks more before, and i would really like to know what your opinion is on this??? The mission president told me mom that you told him you have already gotten plane tickets for some of the family members to be there in the house when i get home ? did you really already get plane tickets for them to fly in??? I have prayed to ask heavenly Father if i should stay the 3 weeks more. and i have had serious impressions that i should stay, but also i have had serious impressions to just be home..... I want to be home, I miss my family, I miss everyone, but i have also asked myself if three weeks really makes the difference. If God has given me more time to be here in my mission should i still be here. I have talked to the president and he told me personally that i can leave on the day that i came in which is the 13 of June. But i just don't know i wanted to ask you both what you would do in this situation. I feel like it will be a burden for the mission if i leave early. The thing is here in the mission is that we have a set date for changes..... every second generation leaves a change after there due date, and every first generation leaves three weeks early to their houses..... The reason why is because when they opened the MTC in Mexico they opened late...... they opened three weeks late.... Everything in mexico is late haha its the culture..... but all the missionaries from my generation have decided to stay here one change more... and i feel like if i leave #1 my companion wont have a companion... they will have to put him in a three some, or find a summer missionary, #2 I have had feelings of regret if i leave or if i dont....#3. I miss my family and i dont want to waste the money that the family has already spent on plane tickets to come to my homecoming if you have already boughten them. ...... This is what i am thinking and i am hoping you can get this letter and read it in the next hour and a half.... : / Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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