Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 pictures

haha this is me and my companion, Elder Sumano, We had Pizza when he completed his 2 years!!!
This is almost everyone in our zone there are some that are not in it, just like 2, but thats our zone, and then a picture when i visited the members of libertad one night. : ) They all remembered me, and i remembered them. They are all awesome! I was really happy to see them all.
We found mustaches
I got bit by a cat on my birthday, and i had to go to the hospital and get a shot, it was right when we got home too.... ha stupid idea to grab the cat... it was pregnant, it hasnt died yet so it doesnt have rabies, but i got a shot in my butt just in case.... but hey it beats getting hit by a car any day... : )
us in the hospital after Elder Martinez got his operation... There was another elder that had something contagious in the other room, dengue.... and we went and visited him also... we had to put on masks.. ha
We went bowling today we asked the president and he said it was okay. It was my companions last p day and a lot of other missionaries also. All the ones that are leaving went and there companions.
This was my score, i was smok... : ) in total means smokey, another elder put that as my name.... haha i dont know why, but ya but yeah i smoked them, phew.... ; )

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