Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

This last week was a great week. I did divisions with the assistants of the president, Elder Fonseca, and Elder Bell are the assistants and i went with Elder Bell. I went to his area, we walked a lot and they have a pretty big area. It was really fun and we had fun lessons. We were able to teach lots of lessons during the day and it gave me more energy and more thoughts of what i can bring back to my own area to put into practice. This past week we also met with our mission leader of our ward, and we made a calender. It is florescent green and it attracted a lot of the members sunday : ) ha just what we wanted. But when the sacrament meeting finished we were there outside waiting for everyone when they past by, and we told everyone about the calender and what we were going to be doing. Here in Mexico it is sooo hard to get everyone in one spot. but we were smart enough to just get them all right there. !!! The Calender is so that we can do family home evenings with all the families, after church was over the first week was filled with people, and i am looking forward to the next week also to see how many put there names. But i am really happy, We are really happy, and we have a lot of appointments put up for all the week for family home evenings. We told all the families that they need to invite a less active or a non member. Tonight is our first family home evening starting the calender and i am excited to see what comes out of it. We also this week have an elder that is interned in the hospital, we have been taking his companion food in these days because.... he cant leave. : ) His name is elder padilla, he is from LEHI Utah!!! i dont know he because he is a little younger than me, but he is a cool kid and he is pulling through, he has amoebas in his pancreas or something like that, but we just went to give his companion his dinner, and when we were their the president and his wife were there taking there lap top up so that they could write there parents. how nice of them: ) Everything is good though, our zone is doing pretty good, we should have 6 baptisms this next week, this saturday. We are hoping for six, but for sure 4. Our ward is really spiritual. We have more high priests than elders, ha... sad, but we are working on that. he youth is really strong, and this morning we woke up at 6:00am and we went to a field to play soccer with everyone, lots came, about 20 came to play, the young women, and young men, and some dads. It was really fun. Then after for breakfast we ordered Pizza haha, and then later we had a cook out, and we cooked carne asada, and we all ate again for lunch, It was a very good day, We have been running around all day.... it has been a little crazy,,, I found out today that i can wash a shirt take a shower, and then dry my shirt with three fans that we have in our house, and then walk to a members house to put in a load of laundry in 35 minutes........... yeah the mission life. It is like a new time record. but we did it, My companion also showered and was ready 35 minutes. The member live right behind us, but hey i thought it was pretty good, we were productive and still being productive today. In the church this past sunday we had a good experience, we went and bore our testimony with everyone, and after in one of the classes with the high priests we had a really good class, we talked about lots of good things that we can do, and we talked about how we need to take more action in doing things during the week, the spirit was really felt. The people here touch my heart especially when they are wards that are so much hmmmmm.... I will put still growing. They come up with good ideas, and lots of the members are willing to take action to be able to do the thing that was planned. They are very awesome. I am thinking, and well.... I basically know that i will be in this area for the rest of my mission, I will atleast have another change. And i have already decided in my heart that this is the ward and the place where i would ratyher be than any other. I really like it. I shared two scriptures with the high priests when we went to there class, I think it was elders and high priests mixed or something.... but the scriptures I shared were in first Moroni 6:5-6, and i told them that we always do this, and then i told them that during the weekend we cant afford to just be saints on sunday.... we have to be in tune with the spirit so that he gives them moments and oppurtunities during the week with the people that they revolve around. We are all missionaries, and we all have to be searching oppurtunities every day to bring people unto Christ. This is what we talked about, and then i shared a scripture in james1:22 which says que no podemos ser oidores de la palabra angaƱandonos nosotros mismos pero ser hacedores de la palabra. With action!!!!!! Then after me and my companion we gave them a challenge to look for one opportunity to contact someone during the week, and my companion showed them a very simple practice that they can do. So we are hoping that we will receive references from this. Everything is well, We are healthy, we are learning more about our area every day, We are very busy..... haha There are lots of more detailed things of what we do now, and i like it, It is fun, but sometimes it is hard when it comes to decisions that are both hard things to choose from of what we are going to do. and we also have to choose the best out of the two. We have received a couple new investigators and we have started working with them a little bit, There is a family of three that we are going to start see, its a mother with 2 kids, i dont know her name, my companion and i did divisions, and the thing is, is that her husband wouldnt let her go to the church, and do the things of the church but now they are divorced, so i am sure now that she will progress very well in the church. She has the desires. I am happy to hear that, It is what my companion said. also we are working with a 17 year old, his name is vladamir, and he wants to be baptized. We are trying to get his mom and his sister also to understand the gospel, they are a little more different. but well not different just they dont understand what we are really talking about i dont think, we have only tought them once, and yeah, we are progressing but slowly, We are getting there!!!!! This week we have 3 references to contact and i am sure hoping that some of them will be golden. I love the work, and time is just flying, and i just feel like i need to work hard and fast in these moments. I have to keep my work up with the time : ) I love you all and i miss you all, Hope all is well, family and friends, cousins : ) love you all!!!! have a good week. Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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