Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

This past week was a success.!! We have found a lot more investigators, and also alot more people that are closer to baptism than we thought. We have found families that are inactive, and they have helped us find these people that need to be baptized. One of the families, is the family tapia. They are really cool. The mom has been inactive for a while.... and she has three children, cristian, noel, and there baby brother. They have baptismal dates, and they are a very sweet family. The mom is going through some tough times we are expecting, because she told us that she isnt living in her home anymore with her husband. She has been living with her mom who is a strong member that continues active. We went to her house to go eat, and after we ended up teaching the family of her daughter. I had printed of papers that has a design of a flower on it that is a graph like picture to read the book of mormon, it is really cool, and i need to print out more for everyone in the ward!!!! It is a good fun way to get the family to start reading the Book Of Mormon. We gave them the sheet and invited them to go to church and to start reading the book of mormon again. Another family that we have found is the family iglesias, They are all members basically except for some of the grandchildren and the doughter in law.... we are working with the daughter in law, and her name is lourdis. She is pretty cool, and her and her husband have some kids and they live in the house of there mom. We started teaching them last week, and we have another lesson with them tonight, we also gave her a baptismal date to be baptized. The only tough thing will be is that her husband that is a member has aother wife, and she goes to the same ward as them..... they are divorced and i imagine that it would be weird. -.... awkward, but we are trying to baptize the new wife.My companion put the date next month, i dont know why... but we might change the date. It depends on how fast they are progressing. But i for sure think that they will progress before the date we gave them. We are finding lots of people that are inactive and that is what is pushing us a long, There are about 400 that should be active in the church, but right now there is only half.... We are working to find the others, there are lots that are not on our map.... My goal is to find everyone before i ever get changed, haha i dont feel like i am going to be changed before i leave. Everyone in the ward is telling me that i wont be changed... ha. The majority of the missionaries that have been where we are have always been zone leaders, and have always left to go home from villa verde. I think its funny. but it is pretty true. The last two both left, and my companion leaves home in two weeks.... ahhhh i cant beleive it. It definilty does not make it any easier having him leaving and telling everyone, but i have always planned on finishing strong...Thats my goal, i dont want to be remembered as someone who didnt finish hard my work, and thats all i say, and thats my plan. We dont have that much time to write today, but i love you all, This past week we had soo many miracles and good things happen. It just adds to my testimony that i know that our Heavenly Father is on our side, and He loves us!! Everyone is well, healthy, Well.... mostly everyone, elder martinez in our zone is going to have surgery he has kydney stones..., and some other elders are sick, if you could just keep the zone in your prayers that would be awesome!!! Were healthy and strong, and we work even harder with three people We are in a trio, one of the elders in our zone had to go home to the united states to fix some things, but he should be back very shortly, so Elder Nordin is now living with us, he is from American Fork, and he is pretty funny, It keeps us more alive having three of us, : ) but he will be with us for twoo more weeks until the changes. He is a cool guy, and he just adds his testimony in with ours, and we are more powerfull and effective! : ) i would like it if you could all watch a video its a new one on the lds page, its called come unto Christ. Its on the Youth page. Its a cool video and a sweet song. This is your homework everyone : ) love you guys. new youth theme song? or something, but i like it. its a good oone. Have a great week!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!! Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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