Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Okay sooooo this past week was alright, It wasnt one of our best weeks.... So this calender that we made for the ward was a failure........... haha Lots of people signed up, but when we went to their houses to have the family home evenings, they had forgotten, or they didnt invite anyone.... but thats okay, This week we are going to try it again. We have lots of activities coming up in our ward and we get to join in for some of them, I am excited, because I know that I am still going to be here. I feel like I am going to be here for a long time. I am excited though. This change we have struggled a little bit at first.... We know most of the active members now in this ward, and we are visiting them, Basically have the boundaries memorized also. There are still sooo many less actives to find, to see if they really still live here, and whats the deal with them : ) I am excited for that. It is one of my favorite things to do in the mission, is look for people that are lost, and help them again. Today we had our first capacitation of zone leaders. It was pretty awesome, that is why i am writing so late right now. We were in the capacitation all day long. Mom i got your package of cookies, and gum, and other things.... The sad news is that i dont know what you put in the box, and i got a note on the top saying that they had to take things out because they werent able to pass the border or something like that... hah i think it was the jerky... : / but its okay,. Dont worry about it., the only thing i feel bad about was the money that you spent. But i opened the box and we ate alot of them when i was with all the zone leaders : ) They are very yummy and taste like Christmas. haha. Thank you!! It turns out not that much happened this last week, It has been very hard to find people in this area.... We do lots of divisions with the 22 missionaries that we are in charge of, and i am rarely in my own area.... My companion literally finished his mission about four days ago, officially.... He came in February 6 and he has served his full two years and he will stay here for three more weeks and then he goes home.... He is alright with the work, I find it a little difficult... sometimes, because he has been showing all the people in the ward that he finished the 6th.... and i dont know, it just isnt helping that much i dont think. But he Is still a good worker, and he is a good guy, good missionary, very smart, and he wants to go to BYU Idaho. He and his sister are the only two in his family that are members, his parents are divorced, and none of them are members, he has a lot of Spirit and a lot of strength especially that he will be a returned missionary in 3 weeks. He is pretty awesome, and he builds my testimony for who he is and what he has done with his life. He doesnt get letters... only from his 17 year old sister sometimes.... that is a member, and he is just a good guy. I am proud of him, and we have a pretty good relationship. We teach well also. He has tought me a lot just from these 3 weeks that we have had together.... it has gone by super fast!!!!!!!!!! We continue finiding ways to find people to teach, we receive references form lots of the members, they are also a great help! I am talking a lot of english also because my companion is going to take an english test to see if he can enter into BYU Idaho, He asks me a lot of stuff in Enlgish and he can speak pretty well, he just needs to work on his grammar, and to not get things backwards like they are in spanish, or maybe we are the ones that are backwards.... but who knows,. I am helping him with that. This past week we had a lot of missionaries that went to the hospital... This past week was colder than any other week..... Lots of people got sick, and we were going up and down taking lunch to the missionaries that were in the hospital... Luckily it is pretty close to our house, and lots of the members were really nice about giving rides. We get rides like crazy here. Lots of the members give us rides, and ask us i we need rides to other places. They are like natzi ride givers. We found a man named ulyses, and he is very interested in the things we teach, he works in a little tienda, and he has four in his family. We have an appointment with him tomorrow. Tomorrow we will give our very first zone meeting, and i sometimes feel like it is difficult to get all the missionaries pumped to go out after and do the things that we teach them.... but we will see what happens tomorrow... haha we have some things planned, an we received a lot of teachings today in our zone meeting. Something spiritual that we received in the zone meeting was that Our president told us that he asked one of the 12 this past week Why was the age changed of the missionaries, and he said that the young men wee changed because at 18 years old now the young men have been proven worthy, and then they asked about the young women.... and they didnt know how to answer that.... and during the meeting it came to him through revelation that it was directly from Thomas S Monson that the age for the women should be lowered also... I thought it was really cool to hear that, and just to have the surety that we have as a church, to know that our prophet receives revelation today, and that when he receives it it is obeyed. I just want you all to know that I know the church is true, I know that Our prophet is a true prophet of God, I know that only through prohpets is the way that we can communicate with our Heavenly Father, I know also that obedience is key in receiving blessings from our Heavenly father! He loves us, and he wants the best for us, and when we obey him, he knows that he can give us the blessings and things that we need personally. I love the gospel, and I love my mission. I love you guys My family and My friends, and i hope that every day you are all feeling that the gospel is growing in your lives. Love you all and i hope you all have a good week. Love Elder Fellingham Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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