Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey everyone!! Hope all is well, and everyone is doing well, and that everyone is healthy! Dadand Mom, im happy that BYU won! and im glad that you could eat at an authentic mexican restaraunt!!! haha Did you eat tortillas? Here where i serve there isnt a meal without tortillas,,,Its a must. : ) I am going to have a hard time not seeing tortillas on the table with my food. This last week was alright, It was kind of difficult, but we prepared two little girls to get baptized, they were baptized this last saturday, and they were confirmed that night also. It was a very spiritual moment, we also helped one of the dads prepare to baptize his daughter, I could tell that he was really nervous, but he showed up and we reminded him the words he had to say, and he did the ordenance. They were both very beautiful baptisms! Sunday i bore my testimony about the holy Ghost and about how i know that the way we baptize is the only way we can return with our heavenly Father through the priesthood! My companion also shared his testimony.... I cant beleive that it was his last testimony in church!!!!! It was kind of weird... He also thought it was weird... He doesnt want to leave, but he is also ready to go home. He wants to see his family : ) i am happy for him, Wednesday he will leave. I received a new companion today, his name is Elder Canul . Elder Canul is from Cancoon!!! He is a cool guy, We were born together is Escuinapa!!!! He came like two months after i did. He is a little bit younger in the mission, but in age no... ha he is 25 but he is really awesome, and he always has the spirit with him. Were good buddies!!! i have always seen him throughout my entire mission. We are both still serving in Villa Verde, we werent moved, but Our whole Zone was divided. Instead of having 22 missionaries, now we only have 12. There are lots of new missionaries in the mission now! In my zone there are 4 new missionaries, that are being trained. They just barely arrived today. 10 missionaries, and 2 hermanas! I am glad to have hermanas because they add a difference in the zone. I have been in both and it is a little boring with just missionaries. Tomorrow i told everyone that we are going to get together to get to know everyone!!! it will be a good experience for everyone. I will have a picture for everyone next week of the new zone! I am excited, i told the president that it will be a lot easier to focus on our area. Now that there arent as many missionaries In the zone. It was really hard the last change to keep a balance between all the missionaries, and our area... Now it should be a little bit easier. I am also excited because they put a lot of strong liders in my zone and companions that have more time in the mission, I have a really good feeling that these 4 news are going to be trained really well! They will be awesome missionaries. I am going to write really breif because today was crazy, i swear we received like a million calls today from missionaries. Luckily we are almost all the way organized, but changes are crazy when it comes to be a zone leader.. Its fun but it can get stress full. We cleaned our house a ton today, it gets dirty really fast and i dont know how.... our windows dont shut all the way and a lot of dirt gets in. Today the owner is puting in a huge fence in front of our house so it is more safe... we get a lot of cats in our house.... haha But this is just a short summery of whats happening here!!! I am excited to start a new companionship, and start helping more people and the people we need to focus on. Love you all, and here are some pictures for you all,! Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde
This is a convert from elder becker!!!! _I trained him, and he is in the area right next to me : ) it just makes me really happy to see the chain that he is having success baptizing people and making there lives happier!!!

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