Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy New Year, ha kind of late, but i sadi it in my last message. I hope everyone is doing okay, miss you all. Hope you all had fun, and i am glad that everyone is back safely. Back to school is always fun, I loved being able to see al my friends again after the break. Here in Mexico, in Mazatlan it is hotter than last winter, I think it is where i am. Last winter i was more north so figure its more colder, but here it is like summer.... We are sweating today,.. but it is not like horrible. Its not the full heat, but it is some. We are just grateful it isnt on full blast. There is a good breeze here always in Villa Union. We have changes in 2 weeks, im kind of excited... ha to tell the truth, i really hope there is a change. There was a change in our district that we found out yesterday, They took two elders out of my district and switched them with two hermanas. Now in our district there is 8 and we get sister missionaries now. Hermana Ballard, and hermana Tejeda. They are both very cool, especially hermana tejeda, she like the 2nd mom of the mission, she is a little bit older, but she has a pretty awesome story of how she joined the church. This past week i did divisions with Elder Orton, elder Orton is from American Fark, Utah. He is a fun guy, and when we did divisions new years.... ha i didnt even notice until someone else told me. and i was like whoops.... well we are still doing them, soooo... i wasnt with my real companion for New years, I was with Elder Orton, We ate really well that night, so i was glad we did divisions. A family invited us over for dinner, and gave us a present after, they were really nice. But the thing that was really cool about the divisions is that we had a really cool experience. This is the story that happened to us, Okay so All throughout the day we tought only about three families.... because lots of people told us we are busy for New Years and we cant attend you right now. but lets just say it wasnt a day of very much success.... It also started raining after our second lesson... at the end of the day after our last lesson and we were returning to go to dinner with this family and we walked past a man with three little children by his side, and they were waiting for someone on the corner of the street to pick them up, they had there suit cases all packed up and we thought hmmm well thats not usual on New years night... and we walked past him and continued going to our appointment to eat dinner. Elder Orton stopped about 20 more feet and he just stood there, and I kept walking, and I finally noticed that he stopped walking, and i said que paso? and he said were going to contact that guy, and I was like okay good idea, and so I followed behind him and right when we got up to him and we were going to start talking to him the car pulled up that they had been waiting for. and they were all ppiling in, and he was putting suitcases in, and when we got there it was like all awkward and elder orton just walked past him when he got to that point acting like he wasnt going to do anything..... haha and i ran begind him and i said No! and i gave him a card and said write your number on it and i will stop the car from leaving, and so I went and kind of waved them down from leaving,, and they slowed back down and I told them that we had something for them, and we gave it to them, and we started to leave, but the guy that was standing with his children he got out of the car, and he walked around the car and shook our hands and he said thank you! it was something very unusual that.... well i have never seen anything happen like that. Like we usually just give them a card and then they leave, but the man was very nice, and very happy and kind to receive our card with our number on it. While we walked away from him as he got back into the car and left i told elder Orton that the spirit told you for some reason that that man needed our help as missionaries, and he worked through you and you should never not contact someone when the sirit tells you too.... haha It was a very cool experience for the both of us and we walked away happy. We walked to the dinner, and we started eating and we were talking and laughing and having a good time, the cell phone rang a little and we had received a message, The message said ¨ hey this is the man that was on the street with my kids and i just want to thank you two very much fo what you did, It made me very happy, and also that in these months they have been hard on me and my family. Me and my wife just barely got seperated and in those moments you two ligthened my day up. and then he went on about other things, but that was basically what his message was saying. We told him that wherever he goes he will be able to find the missionaries, and that he should look for them because we have things that will be able to help and bless his life. ´These type of experiences help me to know that what I am doing is right, and that the gospel really does bless and bring joy to the family. I hope that that man in the future can go to church and he can help his family even more, and through his trials that he will be able to over come them through the true church. Just want you to know my family and friends that God gives us miracles every day and we need to be more alert during the day to be able to receive them. He loves us and he knows what we need in the moments that we need them. Love you guys and I know the church is true. Hope you have a good week. Love Elder Fellingham

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