Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Lucas 2:10-11 10. Pero el ángel les dijo: No temáis, porque he aquí os doy nuevas de gran gozo, que serán para todo el pueblo: 11. que os ha nacido hoy, en la ciudad de David, un aSalvador, que es CRISTO el Señor. Happy New Year Everyone. Day Before New Years Eve. :) I hope everyone had a happy Christmas!!!!!!!!! It will definitly be a Christmas to remember for me. It was very awesome. Im sorry we couldnt get the Skype to work............. but mothers day for sure, I was happy I could see all of you and the house! I miss seeing all of your faces everyday. I cant beleive that tomorrow night is New Years Eve!!!!!!!!!! We dont really have anything exciting planned, i think we will just be chillin in the house in the night, haha. obvious. Last year i was with Elder Casimiro, He is now in his house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this new year i will be with elder Rasmussen!!!!!! yeah, We are going to crack glow sticks.... in the night, whooooooooooooooo Missionary Fireworks. haha. Anyways, This past week was really good, we got to do divisions with the Zone leaders, and I spent the day with elder Rodriquez, He was sick the whole day though, so we went to the hospital and got him a receipt for medicine. Then he left and he got me sick, i think......... This morning i woke up with thee worst sore throat i have ever had in my whole entire life....... i felt like i couldnt swallow,. My mouth was really dry and could hardly speak. This morning we told some youth that we were going into Mazatlan to play basketball, and one of them came to our house and waited for us to get ready to leave, and so i kind of felt like we had to go, but i really wanted to go play basketball also. because i havent played it in sooo long. I took some medicine and then we left to play basketball, it was a really good day. We all had fun plying basketball, but my throat still hurt, and it still hurts right now, while im typing. It is less swollen, but i am afriad in the night... because it just stng like crazy in the morning. I am drinking lots of water, and the medicine helps me a little bit. I think it will go away in a couple of days. I hope it does, we also did a fast for one of our investigators this past week, for blanca and we are really hoping that she will understand. She pays her tithing, Goes to church, always listens to the missionaries.... Ha she is amazing... we just dont know what her doubts are,... and we fasted with her and her family so that she could receive an answer. We are hopingthat this did the trick. She is very shy with us and it is sometimes awkward to talk with her. but I know she knows that this is true.... She just needs to say yes. We are hopng for an answer to everyones prayers. please pray for blanca so that she will get baptized. This past week we also met an 89 year old women that can still do push ups, she showed us. Ha ha i am going to go back and take a video of it. She is a member, but inactive. I told her that if she can still be doing ups, she can still be going to church,She does live pretty far away though. But we are teaching her. ha she Always gives us hugs...... ? .... She is very sweet. ITs against the rules to hug a missionary... but for 89 year old women that can still do push ups there is an acception. My companion is healthy : ) Im happy that he doesnt have anything serious. but we are just chuggin along Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and a HAPPY NEW YEAR Love ELDER Fellingham

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