Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

The time just flies, we are almost in february.......... This past week family and friends was a very good one. We almost know all the active members in our ward, My companion remembers names very well. I have had a bit of a struggle memorizing some of the people here. I havent been in a big ward for sooooo long! Our ward has about 120 that assist every sunday. This past sunday, well yesterday there were lots of families and lots of people that came to church. It made me very happy to see sooo many people. My companion is also very pleased with the assistence. He hasnt been in a big ward either for about the whole time he has been on his mission. Also he has never been in Culiacan, I still remember parts and places of Culiacan when i was here in Libertad. We did divisions with elders last week and they were having a hard time, but we got a lot of work done and had a great day. When i was their, it was an area that was right next to my old area in Libertad and I saw people that remembered me and i remembered them. It made me happy to be able to see them again. We also had our first small zone meeting and that went well. We feel like our zone is a little bit down so we have to cheer them up somehow. We are going to start lots of new things as a zone to boost there happiness up. I really hope to see lots of big changes while we are in this change. We will have all of February together and i am excited. I hope we find lots of people to baptize as a zone. This past week was basically just getting to know the members. We dont have any investigators so we are basically just starting from scratch. We have received lots of incomplete families since we have been here that are most likely to be baptized so we are first going to start with them. The leaders in the ward are very awesome and very spiritual. They help us with anything that we ask... They are amazing. It is very organized and we are planning lots of activities for the youth and for the members. I hope we can excite them to join in the work with us. We hope to get them involved in doing more visits so that less actives start returning. Our are isnt very big. }this whole past week we explored all up and down and it is actually pretty small.. I am happy to see that it is small but very strong! We have been sooo busy lately... ahh i am exhousted. My body, i feel like physically and mentally and spiritually is just gone.... after this week i have just used everything up. Today we got some free time and we went to the zoo here in Culiacan, it was pretty fun. I havent felt soo good today or yesterday. Last night i woke up like 5 times. I got sick from the food yesterday and i dont know what it did to my body but i just feel really weak... i have been just waiting it out today trying to to the best i can, I feel like ti is going away but very slowly. . . I feel like i need something to clean my stomach. but anyway the mission goes on. I am not going to be able to write that long today.... sorry but everything is going well. There is lots of responsability, and more stress. . . ha but the first week has been really fun. We have already had soo many cool experiences and the days are just flying by. . Love you all and i hope you have a good week. Love elder fellingham Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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