Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

I got thinking about how it was like when prophets or great teachers had to move on with there journeys to go and teach other people, or in another place, and I also remember when Jesus Christ... well left the people after he was ressurected. The people of Jerusalem and the people pf the Americas. It makes me wonder how they felt, what they did. I sure know that they left impressions on some and maybe even many. I know that I am not at all like them, but what I do know is that I try to be like them. With this and the reason why i am thinking in this way is because i have been changed from villa union. I found out saturday night..... and ah it really made me well kind of down. I have been their for four months maybe a little bit more. I really grew close to all those people and all of our investigators the few that were : ) It was a really good experience and i will always remember that area. It is hard to leave something that you have a part in, especially in the most important work in the world, which is missionary work. They have called me back to Culiacan and the bus ride was very long this morning coming here, we are now here and i am even more excited to be able to start from scratch again and do it all again. I love being able to open areas, and i love being able to get to know new people, new members of the church and being able to help them with there struggles and there life challenges. It just strengthens my testimony even more that were are able to do that as missionaries. I am very excited though. I My new companion is named Elder Sumano, He is from the district of Mexico. La fabrica of Mexico. He is very outgoing and very nice, and he likes to talk and laugh a lot. haha we already got this change goin. He was in Mazatlan with me and i have basically grown up with him here in the mission. He has three months ahead of me. We have been called to be the zone leaders here in Villa Verde. Villa verde is our new area we will both be opening it together. The two missionaries that were here before us have been very good friends of mine for a long time. Elder Faamousili and elder miranda, they are both very good elders and they leave to go home wednesday, I am happy that we got there area becasue i know that they left it to us taken care of. They are both good examples to me. ahh opening is my favorite. It helps my memorization! We are in charge of 22 other missionaries, We dont even know who they all are... We are going to have a little zone meeting tomorrow so we can get to know all of them. I am excited to be a part of this new adventure. : ) it will be a good one. The good thing is, is that i kind of know the area that we are in. I did divisions a couple of times when I was here in Culiacan about 8 months ago. We have already met some of the members here, and they are very awesome. I am excited to be able to be in a bigger ward, they told me that there is about 115 people that go to our ward every sunday, I want to take a look at the roles of the ward to see how many people really should be going. I have a strong testimony in re-Activation... I have seen a lot of it during my mission. Some people have just lost the ideas or the visits and then they just stop going, and forget. But I am happy to be able to go and remind them who has the truth. I love it. I will definitly miss Elder Rasmussen, and Villa union. I already do miss everything, It was one of the sweetest places I have served on my mission, and the people their are really humble. Hard but humble.... I know thate. Rasmussen and his new companion will be able to make the difference, and like i said the last week they have just barely called to new missionaries their. An older couple that will be able to give everyone rides their in villa union. I am not worried a bit that they will be in good hands. We found lots of new people before we left so I know that the work will go on strong their. I heard that in these months we should have 70 new missionaries enter. We will have a little over 200 missionaries in the mission and lots of them will be Americanas. It will be an amazing sight to see if we all get together as a mission. I am glad to know that the work is being moved a long. These next months i am sure they will be pretty busy, i might have to write short some weeks because of how busy we are taking care of this zone, but I have such great disires to help the missionaries that we are setting an example for. There is definilty more responsability and i am excited to have this awesome experience to be able to grow and learn. I love you guys, i hope the fam is well. This is what has happened this past week, We also helped the older missionary couple a lot this past week get organized, and get settled in there new area in villa union. We worked and we also had really good numbers, but the majority was helping the new missionaries with everything, passports, photos taken, and other things around Mazatlan. I am soo happy that they are going to be their helping. I love all of you. Hope you are all well. I am doing well. Healthy, atleast i think i am. Im still living. : ) i hope you all have a good week, here is a scripture for the week that i would like to give you. Well cahnge of mind. I would actually like for everyone to go on the computer and look of the new videos of elder Bednar. They are about the Holy Ghost and they are very good. I really like them, There are three parts to them. Its with a picture of Jesus christ getting baptized and it says the function of the Holy Ghost. Watch it. Thats my homewrok for everyone. It is really good advice of how we can be more in tune with him. He helps us recognize the moments when we need to help other people. I love you guys. Have a good week.

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