Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hey everyone,!!!!!!! Hope you are all great! This past week was really amazing and good for us and for villa union, here are the things that happened. Th week just went by really fast for me because i did divisions twice with other missionaries in my district, and with our zone leaders. They both went really well, but the week just flies!!!!!!!! i need to do more so that i am more focused, It really helps me to focus more i dont know why, but i guess it is helping the other missionaries see what they are doing, and to lead by example. It is esier to contact when your not in your original area.... ha but when we did divisions we contacted a ton of people, and it raised all of our numbers a ton!!!! We received a lot of references, and we are finding families that are golden!!!!!!! When i was with elder hulsey, we found a family of 5 that are super awesome they will progress a lot. i just know it in my heart. im at the point in my mission where i can just haha i feel like i can see the future and be able to just say you are going to progress.... or you are not going to progress... No.. ha but it is true there is a feeling as missionaries that we receive when we know the family is ready for the gospel and they are just going to bloom into it. The holy Ghost does all the work and it is up to us if we are listening or not. Our zone meeting was really good also... the missionaries are learning how t take control of things because well our president is still new... The zone leaders said that when they went to the meeting hardly anything was talked about... they didnt receive a lot of instruction.. and so we kind of had to just find out what we are doing wrong ourselves, and figur out what we are going to do to make it better. This next week lots of my good good friends are going home....... My good buddy elder faamousili is going home.......: ( and elder nelson our zone leader.... it makes me so sad that they are leaving, it is hard for me to see people that have showed me things in the mission, that have helped me become who i am now leave.... i dont want them to leave but i got there address and i said il see you guys in 5 months: ) ha, but i hope my family has a chance to be able to meet elder faamousili one day, he is a really cool guy and we have a lot in common, he is the only brown person in the mission that is not mexican, hah he is samoan. He gave me one of his ties today because thats what we always do with companions when we leave eachother. I did a baptismal interview 2 days ago and it went really well, the zone leaders are going to baptize him, his name is martin, he washes windows of cars that pass by, but his attitude is sooo much different then what he looks like he is... He lives in a shack next to the railroads in Mazatlan, and lots of his friends that are areound him do drugs have bad habits and other things.... but martin no.. He is really awesome and he passed his interview and he is just amazing and has a smile on his face wherever he goes. When he saw us cme he ran into a market close to where he works and bought us apples and bananas with the money he just earnerçd from the windshield that he had just cleaned... ha is is sweet and he is going to progress in the church forever. This past week we received 14 references and we are still contacting them, we also like melanie found 7 new investigators, and some of them are really awesome, really prepared spiritual and all ears to listen to us. I am excited for the work here in villa union,,, last week i was telling myself..... i am sooooo ready to leave here,,, and this week i am saying i want to stay.,... ha it definitly has a lot to do with the work, if we have work i am happy but if no,,,, it just makes us sad and frustrated. but there is work, and there is always work, we just have to search for it. This past week we also received a phone call from the mission president, and he said you will be receiving to new missionaries in villa union to help you, little did we know what type of missionaries we would be receivng and it turns out it is an old couple. I cant remember their last name, it was hard for to say.... ha and I thought it was funny, because the majority of the people here cant even say our names, and... the missionaries got here, and i couldnt even say there last name.. but they are very nice, very friendly. They are form alpine Utah and started there mission this week. They live in a condo right next to the beach, its called estrella del mar, Dad you will probably want to look that up, It has a golf course, and a couple of the holes are right next to beach. We will have to come back and play : ) I think it is a resort, but i am not sure. It looks really pretty though, and the brother told me that he loves it. To be señior missionaries i didnt know you are still allowed to golf.... ha he had his clubs all in the back of his car. They are a very nice couple, i told them i hope i stay to be able to help them around, and that i can hlp them with there spanish. They bore their testimonies and told a little bit about themselves in church and a had to translate a little, but they both can speak pretty well. They just need a little bit more practice. These are the things that passed this week, It was a really good week, and it makes me happy to have the nattainers here. I think that is there last name it is something like that. I love you all and i hope you all have a good week. Tell danny that is is such a blessing to be able to teach that class : ) and i like being spritually uplifted by him and dad. I love you guys. Hope you have a good week, be safe Love you all. ! Elder Fellingham

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