Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Hey everyone, Looks like were in Christmas season. I hope everyone is in the christmas spirit. I really loved the pictures heidi thank you!!!!! Im glad you guys all had a little visit by santa clause early. !!!!!! ha ha hazel did look a little bit suprised. Im happy you all had a good fun time. This past week went well, me and my companion are finding new people like always that want the gospel. This past week, we met someone on the street, her name is Vanessa. She asked us to go to her house so we could talk to her, and she is 18 years old. She is pregnant and she is living with someone. She has desires to get married and we are goin g to help them get married. She is very nice and so is her husband ( luis) They are bot very cool, She is a member of the church, but luis no. She told us that she will be having her baby in two weeks. It doesnt look like in two weeks... i mean her stomach still looks very small to be in two weeks, She is not really bulged, it looks like the baby is side ways in her stomach so she has really big hips.... its kind of weird. but atleast thats what they are telling us. We want them to get married before she has her baby... because if she does it will be that much easier to baptize her husband. He has a desire to be baptized. He studied with other missionaries a while ago, he still remembers how to pray and everything, he just needs to be taught a little bit more. But this is our plan for them. They werent soo sure about getting married before the baby, and we told them to think and pray about it. We know someone that can marry them also, We just need to ask about some paper things. But we are really hoping that they get married before the baby. Because if they dont we will have to wait another month so that they can get married becasue she will be in what they call reposo. Rest! the people here.. well lots of people have there babies naturally. and they dont get medication.... i dont know what she will do, but usually all of them rest after having the baby. and here i feel like they rest even longer, because some dont have the medical stuff they need... but i dont know. Im doing well, my companions doing well. Were not sick, we are going to have christmas with our president. He invited us over to eat with them in the night. Me and my companion decided that we are going to skype, we will call before so we can see what we will do but we are both going to skype. If the family can be ready around 5 6 or 7 thats when we will be skyping. We will be more specific next week when we get on. but i cant wait to see all your fces, and whats new, and how everyone is doing. This is going to be a short letter this week, but maybe we will get on later on today and write more. We have a meeting in Mazatlan with all the missionaries today so we have to leave right now to be on time. But i love you all, and i love the work. Love Elder Fellingham

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