Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

We are almost in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay Black beans and cheese for thanksgiving dinner!!!!!!!!! One of my favorites, i will always remember it. : ) It was delicious. This thanksgiving nobody invited us to eat with them, but it was okay. Me and my companion had fun trying to cook, haha. I hope that everyone had a really good thanksgiving, i miss seeing the fall leaves, and being with family thanksgiving. But this thanksgiving was a really good one and i liked it, haha because i didnt even remember it was thankgiving. I read a talk from dietewr F uchtdorf that i would encourage you all to read. It made me more grateful for the things i have, and for te real things i have in my life, not the material things. Here in mexico the people always get really festive when it comes around these months, they are always having parties, and dancing, and drinking.... Anyways, im happy to be in the christmas month!!!!!!! lots of people are buying there christmas trees, and lots of people have there lights all lit up. ha i said this last time, but it is really weird for me to see christmas lights without snow.... it is weird. I am just sooooooooo happy that the sun instead of melting the snow isnt melting my skin.......... It is not hot anymore, the days are much cooler, and we have a nice summer breeze, there are more clouds. It doesnt rain, and my skind and my body temparature are both a lot happier. Okay this last week, here comes some sad news,,, the lady that we have prepared all this past month to be baptized told us the day before her baptism that she didnt want to get baptized,... She did it in another way though without using words.... Which made me and my companion really sad,,, and a little frustrated. My companion was more sad than me i think.... I felt really bad for him,, and i tried to cheer him up. We were sooo close to baptism with her... She will be baptised... just more in the future. We have changes next week, and i am expecting to leave this area.... This is the area of enfermedad ,,,,, as me and my companion call it, ha.. The house that we live in isnt very healthy. There is just a lot of dust in it... and there is spaces that we dont even use, like rooms and stuff. . . but one of us will be leaving, or the both of us maybe... i dont know, i hope my companion leaves, or the both of us.. 6 months down and counting... ahhh the time i ask it to please just stop for one minute... but it doesnt obey.. I have always told myself that i hope i go to all the areas in my mission... to be able to see everywhere before i leave, and i am almost there, Atleast all the main cities, I lack cruz de elota, and el dorado, and rosario, and the baja california( la paz, Los cabos) I really want too go their, i have always said also that thats where i will get sent last tio finish up... haha but who knows. I am really looking forward to a change... i have been here in Mazatlan for a really long time. . . Mazatlan is the area i know like inside and out, i know all the buses by name, which one i need to take to get to basically hwatever colony.... It makes me bad when new missionaries come in and they like cant even remember how to get back to there house or where the main street is.... : / I also know where all the missionaries houses are. It has been a long time here. Okay i hope that the laytons and webbs had fun in st george. Thats always a fun drive: ) i miss it. I hope you guys played well and hard, Im happy to hear that you all got second!!!!!!!!! Next year im sure you will be first!!!!!!! Mom dad, Im glad everything went well with your surgery. Its pretty amazing to me that you can play 18 holes of golf after your surgery. and that you are up and going so fast.!! mom really missied thanksgiving, but its okay, next year for sure. : ) and dont cry il be home soon.... : ) il set up the nativity set even when its not christmas... haha. I just want to say one thing. I hope everyone in the family remembers how blessed we are, we really are trully blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place, to have houses, clothes and food. There are lots of things that i have seen in my mission that you would never see in the united states, or in your communities, i feel like i have a little bit more sense of what danny has felt for the people in iraq, and the places he has been, but also when i have traveled with mom, we saw things and places that dont even compare.... Just want you to remember in this thanksgiving season and christmas season that we are trully blessed,, and we shouldt have full intentions of helping others and having just a slight concious of what is happening in other places in the world. Just know that we are all very blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be happy, Be giving, and know that our heavenly Father loves us all, Love you guys, miss you. See you in half a year!!! Love Elder Fellingham

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