Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Well!!!!!!! I am very happy to say that its christmas time: ) I am very happy that it is almost Christmas day, I feel like this christmas will be a little bit more exciting than last years, i dont know why, but I am just excited for this one. Good News is that an old missionary returned here to Mazatlan, and christmas morning he invited all of the missionaries that are here in Mazatlan to go eat breakfast with him and his family. I am pretty suprised, I am sure we are all going to go. I still remember this missionary. His name is elder Snow. He left when my trainer left, and he is a cool guy. Im excited to see him. He told me when he was still in the mission that his family are really good friends with the montgommery family, Kathy and Greg, who has now passed away. But it was cool that we found that in common. Elder Snow is from Orem, Utah. I think he also told me that his parents know mom and dad, Gil and Paula. So i dont know if you guys know a fmaily with the last name by Snow. But i am happy that we get free breakfast Christmas morning. That is exciting for me. ha. It will be in a hotel. Then also the President of the branch here in Villa union invited us to be with him and his family for Christmas. We are going to cook carne asada and it is going to be delicious. It will be a very good last Christmas to remember here in the mission. btw cant beleive that its my second Christmas,............ This past month..... well in the past weeks lots of misisonaries left home. They got to go home early for Christmas..... But lots of them were my friends and it is soooo weird to me that they have left and they are not here anymore. I am veryy happy that they get to be with there families during Christmas though. It is something very special. Ha Yes Heidi showed me what mom and danny were talking about, Paula: Its our last Christmas without ben Danny: ill cherish it. Heidi: Somethings never change...... ha im looking forward when i get back to seeing the things that didnt change: ) haha especially my brother danny, This past week was not very productive with all the activities that we had, and the things we were doing. We moved houses, the knew house were in is very wonderful, it is brand new, and it is sickness free....... thank the heavens. It is very nice and we are both very grateful that we moved in in such short time. The new land lords are very awesome, very sweet and nice. It is a young couple that were going to move in, but they decided to keep living with on of there moms a little bit longer and they are letting the missionaries rent the house. The activity that we had was a multi zone conference, we had a spiritual session at first and then after we played lots of games and we broke three piƱatas and then we ate and received packages. Yes i received the packages from heidi, Thank you heidi for the cookies, they are almost gone already... hah they are very yummy! i also gave a bag to some of our investigators that are progressing. they enjoyed them as well. Mom I will get your package next zone meeting im sure. Thank you very much for sending them i love you guys very much! We hae very few investigators right now.... Villa union is one of my hardest areas. I have talked with the missionaries that have been here in the past changes, and they have also told me the same.... It is just a rough place.... Lots of the people here are very direct... or indirect with there lies. but it is also vvery obvious.... But it is sad to see that lots of people reject the gospel here.... I still hae hope here, and i know that we just need to work even harder... we have to give all we have to hae miracles. To see the blessings of the lord we have to do 110% and i really hope we find new investigators in these weeks that come. Were still working with the same people and the owners of the new house that we just started renting. They seem very ready for the gospel. I hope they listen and understand us. I hope everyone is well at home, im glad we have snow for christmas it means it will be a good summer. I hope everyone is remembering the real significance of christmas, even though we have some ¨grinch doors¨ like melanie explained haha it doesnt mean that we stop or get down. We keep going, and we teach the truth and bring light unto others. I love the gospel and there is no other place that i would rather spend Christmas in two days than here in villa union. Even though it is hard hear i am learning that you just gotta put your head own and keep goin... Even if we arent seeing the big miracles right now there are always the little miracles that get over looked.... We surely do receive sooo many blessing from our Heavenly Father and we should know better to not over look them, or let them surpass our view because we are soo loved. I just want you all to know that love is one of the greatest commandments and I want you all each one of my family members and friends to know that I love you. Thanks for always being there for me and supporting me in the things I am doing. It means a lot. Dont waste time this Christmas season to over look the little things that you can do for someone else. President eyring said something like this in the book ¨To draw closer to God¨ That you sent me mom and dad: The times when I feel like I am most in tune with the Holy Ghost, The spirit, The comfortor, is when I am simply asking my Heavenly Father, What can I do for someone else? or who is someone that is in need of me right now?. Those two questions are the questions that Henry B Eyring asks himself when he wants to have the Holy Ghost with him. I feel like it also has a lot to do with service, Mosiah 2:17 what does it say? My dear family and Friends look at the things that you can do for others in these moments of your lives, and I promise you as is the promise from our Heavenly Father, down to Henry B Eyring a member of the first presidency that The Holy Ghost....... a member of the trinity will be by our side as our companion if we do a simple act of love to ur fellow men. I love you all And i wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Buscan milagros. Love Elder Fellingham
Pic1 me with my district left to right, E. Esplin, his companion E.hammon, E. Rasmussen and me, E. Orton, and E. hulsey Pic2. me and my district going to this thing this morning. We were invited by a bunch of norte americanos to eat breakfast with them, and we were right next to the beach, they invited all of the missionaries in Mazatlan, and the president let us go. : ) Feliz navidad. This picture is a mirror in the little car that we were in when we were trying to get to the breakfast.
These are all the missionaries getting lined up to eat, it was like a big buffet. The People that invited all of us are all from Utah. They said they do it every year, and they have always invited the missionaries. It was really fun, and we sang for them after.
and this picture is me with the zone leaders, elder Nelson and Elder Rodriguez. It was a really pretty day.
This is the backraound of where we ate this morning it was right on the beach, super tempting............................
This is all of us eating together, me and some of our zone. Elder Merkley in the front right is from lindon, he said he lives about 8 houses from the allreds, im sure Jeff knows him, maybe even you guys know the merkleys? i dont know. when we used to live in lindon. Then Elder Roberts in the back right with his mouth open is from Layton, He says he thinks he knows the bairds, robby and carol. the baird family. you can ask them. but i think its cool that they are both in my zone and the know my cousins.: )
all the food i ate : ) it was a good reminder,
elder roberts wanted to be in my picture, , ) but it was a good morning. We were all very full after.
Hermana Tejeda, She is really cool, very strong convert missionary, she is older but she is awesome. elder merkley from lindon, Elder Snow haha who used to be in this mission, but came back for this week to vacation, he spent his christmas here with his family with all the Utah people that came, he is my buddy, we were good friends when he was here. but he finished his mission with my trainer. He came with his mom, and you wouldnt beleive who his mom is.
His mom was Joy´s old teacher when she went to Orem High School : ) memories, ha I dont know if you guys remember her, but yeah i got to meet her, and I served my mission with her son. Love you guys, hope you had a good christmas, and have a happy new year WHOOOOOOOOOOO 2014!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham

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