Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

okay so i know i wrote only two days ago. i dont know what to say... ha only that we are still okay, and my companion hasnt gotten sick again : ) he is resting, the doctor said he needs to relax and not go out and work, so he has been here. Things are well, we just got done buyin a whole bunch of healthy food,. so that should help him out even more. we have hardly been in our area, sunday we had stake conference, and it went very well, in the priesthood session, i learned a lot, and it was really spiritual, It was all about the mission work, and how the leaders are really trying to put a transformation in the minds of the members, to help the missioanries more. Thats what it was focused on, that now is the time to be united as one, and our mission president talked, and he was saying that now is the time to start doing things together to work as one whole , instead of just missionaries, and members out of the picture... now it should be both, and we should have a different vision, of what we need to do as members. I feel lik it really motivated them to do even more to help us out. and little by little they will understand more and more that they are the ones that really help us receive investigators. I felt bad that they didnt give our president a lot of time to speak... i dont know why they didnt but everyone is different i guess.. but he had time to bear his testimony and that was about it , i feel like the main focus was the priesthood because he got to talk a long time there. I am so happy to be able to see the work move forward, and that the members are starting to see the importance of who they really are. Also what there role is in helping new people into the church. My testimony i feel like is even stronger than when i first started, every day it just grows and grows, every little thing that happens that our heavenly father gives us is a miracle whether they are small or big. I lied we have changes in two weeks. This area has been one of the harder ones for me, because its the area where i havent found people that want the gospel. Lots of the people,.. well the people in ranches live a different life style than others, and they are definitly more hard skinned.... and lots have not wanted anything to do with us while we have been here, but thats okay, there time will come, where some missionary will be able to touch there heart with the gospel. I am also kind of excited, because i think i might leave this area, and if i leave, i hope i get sent somewhere where i dont get sick... Mazatlan is just full of sicknesses..... and i dont like it. i hope everyone is doing well. The mission is doing well, we are really growing, this next month is the month known for lots of missionaries to get here, lots of people are saying that they are going to start sending girls from the united states here to serve, that should be interesting. It will be something new, and kind of weird. I dont know why,. but yeah we will see, we are almost about to finish this month, and then christmas is around the corner. The mexicans arealways sooo festive, i swear all they live for is to party. . . . haha, lots of them already have there christmas lights up, and it is weird to see christmas lights without snow.... but its all good. I want to wsh everyone a happy thanksgiving, just want you to all know that i am soo grateful for all of you, and everything that you have done for me. it really means a lot that you all support me on my mission, and that i always feel that i am loved. Everyone always makes me happy when they write me, ad when i get the chance to be able to see how everyone is doing. Thank you for being my brother and sisters, my nephews and nieces y grandma, cousins and my mom and dad, and my best friend. i wish all of you a happy thanksgiving. Love Elder Fellingham

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