Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Okay this past week went well. We are finally starting to find more people to teach, we now know basically everyone in villa uñion that is a member or has been a member. There are lots of funny stories from this past week, with peopl that we have found that used to be a member of the church. . . Some are for little reasons and some are for big, but what matters is that usually the incedents, or the things that happened are from arguments, or little things that people just get bugged or offended and then they stop coming to church. but in all... in the end really, they should not take it out on the church, The church hs nothing to do with the incedent or the problem they had with another person or something silly that happened. Ha we met one lady that she came walking out to the door when we got their with a big smile and she sayed the other elders came like amonth ago and is there anyway that you can erase my name from your church and take away like the thing that keeps making the missionaries come, and we were like hah we kind of laughed well i did, i dont know if my companion understood, but i was like yes, but what happened, why dont you go to church anymore, and she said well i was the girlfriend of one of the missionaries when he was here, but 20 years have passed now, and he left, ??? but its like why were you baptized in the church then, she was baptized and everything when this missionary was here, but what a horrible story. ha? i thought it was kind of funny. But yes the rules have now changed, but i asked so hermana you dont like the church? and she said well no i am really strong in the catholic church right now, and she basically doesnt want anything to do with the church now, but we received a lot of bizarre stories this week, some touched my heart and some not sooo much. But the good thing about finding all of these people who dont want the church ever again in there lives is that we found new people on the way that do want to hear about the church, and this past week we found like 10 new people to start teaching. Some of them are really cool . but i am excited, We have changes in a week, and i am excited to see what happenes. I am sure we are just going to stay the same. but i really hope we dont, i like it here, I havent really seen that much progress with the people here.... lots have very interesting stories, but we are helping them. I am feeling very healthy, back on top f things, the only thing is my skin,,, i put the cream on and everything and the red dots still come back, im going to go to the doctors again, Its not like they hurt me or anything, it is just something that i see, that probably shouldnt be on the skin,,,, but im fine. I had a cold for the last two weeks, even though it is like 99 degrees here. It is starting to get really cold at night, I bought a blanket, its green and blue and very warm, I am happy to be working again with full health. I can definitly feel the difference. Mom im eating well, dont worry about that, the ranchitos are always full of yummy healthy food. Very rich food. Thats why i love the ranchitos sooo much, its delicious. I finally started getting in the habit of taking missys vitamins again haha its a habit, they are nice and i really do feel a difference when i take them. but mom and dad.... no they dont change the mission address... and if it changes i will tell you guys. glad the traveling is going well, and golf, and school, and fall. . . . Thats one thing i miss so dont mention it, hah I miss all the fall leaves and the different colors, the red cheeks joy told me that, and the cold nip... i miss it alll very very much, its too hott here I swear there is a trail of water wherever we go. anybody could track us for just how much we sweat. . . . I am super happy though that it is coming winter. It helps me and i feel like it helps me more with sicknesses and diseases that infet skin.... so i will be far away from those things. We are still teaching the same people, blanca and fransisco, They are progressing slowly, but we found new people so we will be focusing on them also. The first week of nevember we will be doing an activity for dia de los muertos. Day of the dead. We will hand out plan of salvation foyetos to all the people that go and visit their loved ones that have died and we are hoping to get more references and investigators. we did it last year also . and all of the youth in our ward is excited to do it again. My companion is doing well, he is speaking a lot more spanish than he did when he first came, he is growing up.... as mom would say ha, but he is actually doing a really good job, i hope he keeps is excitement up, he gets discouraged sometimes, but i get it out of him when he does, he is a good guy. Dont worry about our new ward it grows like crack cocaine whenever we split. It will be exciting to watch it again, I am excited to be able to see everyone in lil bit, WHAT? ......... ha but no it makes me happy to here that the church is also growing where we live, Thats amazing. It is growing sooooo fast in all the world. We get closer and closer to the time, and it is coming, so for sure we better be prepared. I love you all my family and friends, and i hope everything is going well in your lives. keep on doing the things that you know are true, I love you all, Thanks for your support, and love that you give to me, just remember that it is equal from me to you. Love you guys have a great week.

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